Your Are God - A Philosophical Essay on the Nature of Existence, Reality, and Immortality

TLDR – Causing suffering and death on other conscious beings makes you grow old and die. Refrain from causing suffering and death and you can make yourself immortal. And just to clarify, I do mean actual physical immortality where you live forever in the physical body that you inhabit. This essay does cover veganism; however, it is only a minor topic.

Section One: Introduction

Have you spent your whole life looking for God? You have finally found him, he is you. Have you spent your whole life wondering if God exists? Wonder no more, he is you. And you’ve spent your whole life trying to deny it. When I say you are God, I mean it literally. You are him, the shaper. The maker of all that is, all that was, and all that will ever be. You are the sole creator of the universe. I am not being metaphorical or saying that God is some type of universal consciousness. This is not some type of feel good, new age, everyone is god stuff. Only you are God. Were you raised as a christian, did you question everything and become an atheist? You are about to come full circle. There aren’t multiple, independent consciousnesses; there is only one consciousness… yours. Wouldn’t you being God be the best proof of God’s existence? You exist, of that there is no doubt. And if you are God, then that means God exists, and you are him. You are indeed the most powerful being in the universe. However, you hide that power from yourself under an illusion. That illusion is life itself. This is an essay on enlightenment written from a scientific viewpoint. Also be aware this is written from a non-white American perspective. If you are not American, some parts of this essay will not make sense to you; as it also deals with certain psychological aspects of American society. There is also some vocabulary and phrases you won’t understand. I use language but I have not studied language or etymology. I do not know the true, original meanings of words. The words I use in this essay mean what the “general” public believes them to mean.

Are you a Christian? The being you believe in, who created everything in six days; the being who you believe exists outside of space and time and is observing humanity from afar, is you. You do not exist outside of space and time. You are not observing humanity from afar. You are directly experiencing your own creation right now. When you go to church on Sunday and sit in the pews, everyone is worshipping you. Are you a Muslim? Allah is actually you. You are Allah and there is no being higher than you. Are you an atheist? The very being that you believe doesn’t exist, is actually you. Ironic isn’t it?

Let’s first define God. As a general definition, let’s say that God is the creator of all life and the entire universe. God is the most powerful being in all of existence. God can create anything out of thin air. He can create objects at will. He can create a single atom, a glass marble, a smart phone, an automobile, a 100 story building, a mountain, a continent, a planet, a sun, a galaxy, the whole universe… instantly. He can also create life instantly; from the smallest single-celled amoeba, to a humanoid biped capable of forming civilizations and manufacturing technology, to a 100 foot long whale, to a 400 foot tall redwood tree. You are God, and this is exactly what you are doing. You are creating these things everyday. You encompass all of existence. You are existence itself. Go outside and take a walk. What do you see? The sky, houses, trees, grass, birds, other people. You are the sky, you are that house, you are that bird, you are that other person. Everything you see is you. When it is winter time and you feel cold, you are not actually feeling cold… you are the cold. Your grandparents that died of old age, you are the one that manifested it. Remember the World Trade Center terrorist attack? You are the one that did it. It wasn’t religious fanatics. It wasn’t some shadow government. It was you. You didn’t do these things directly or intentionally or maliciously. I’m not saying you are evil, you manifest death as a “normal but random” process of existence. You manifest death, just as you manifest new life being born.

Section Two: Life Is Just An Illusion

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that life is just an illusion. Life is an illusion, but that saying is somewhat misleading. To frame everything properly, the next question you want to ask is, “What kind of an illusion is it?” You can take a ball, hold it in your hand, throw it in the air and catch it. It doesn’t feel like an illusion, it sure feels real enough. If you receive an injury or cut, you feel pain and you bleed. It certainly doesn’t feel like an illusion. Many physicists are coming to the conclusion that reality is like a computer simulation or a type of virtual reality. Let’s take some computer games, Skyrim, Grand Theft Auto, Bloodborne, or No Man’s Sky, as examples. In these games, you control an avatar that represents you. At one moment in time, your avatar is looking at a building. Then you rotate your avatar and now your avatar is looking at some mountains. That building no longer exists within the game. Reality is the same way, nothing actually exists unless you observe it. Do you live in America? China does not physically exist at this moment, none of it’s one billion inhabitants exist. If you take a plane and fly to China, then it will exist because you will manifest it. Look at your parents, they are standing right in front of you. Now look away from them… they no longer exist. When you look up to see the sky, you instantly create the sky so that you will see it when you look up. But these games are single player games, there is only you and the artificial intelligence of the program itself. Now suppose you play Old School Runescape or World of Warcraft, these are multi-player games with other self-aware, conscious human beings. This is the illusion… it’s still actually a single-player game with just more sophisticated artificial intelligence that you yourself have imbued upon it. When you interact with NPC characters, some of them have complex histories. They were born, they grew up, they faced adversity. Did any of that actually happen or take place? No. Reality is the same way. When you meet someone new, you might ask about their childhood or where they grew up and they will tell you stories. But none of it actually happened.

Let’s say you hear a song on the radio for the first time and you really like it. You say to yourself, wow, I need to find out who the singer is. How long did it take to write the song? How long did it take for them to practice before they got it just right? None of that happened. The song popped into existence at that moment, and you are the one that wrote it. Listening to a song for the first time is no different from bumping into someone and having an impromptu conversation with them. You know what this means right? Every bad song you hate, you wrote those as well. Movies are the same way, they form and manifest as you are watching them. Watching a movie for the first time is no different from going outside, taking a walk, and seeing different people. If you watch a trailer or read reviews that have spoilers, your consciousness will find a way to fit them in as you are watching the movie so that there will be logical consistency. Do you have a favorite movie you like to watch? Do you like to watch the bonus, supplementary material on how the movie was made? None of it happened. You will retro-actively create the past so that the present will have logical consistency.

Section Three: Before You Created The Universe

When you close your eyes, what do you see? You see nothing. This is the void. This is what you truly are. You are nothing but pure thought, this is what consciousness is. Consciousness doesn’t need anything to exist, it just is. You cannot formulate a logical or scientific explanation for consciousness. There is no mathematical equation that can describe consciousness. This will be the hardest thing to wrap your head around and accept if you have a scientific mind. If you have a scientific mind, this will bother you. And guess what? There’s nothing you can do about it. Consciousness doesn’t need a universe, food, water, oxygen, a body, or even a brain. There is no physical structure or unseen structure that makes consciousness possible. Consciousness is the bottom line, there isn’t anything deeper. Consciousness is the source. You are self-aware. You know everything, you can create anything. You are all powerful. But being all powerful has a price… you are alone. There is no one to talk to, no one to share things with. You are the loneliest being in all of existence because you are the only being in existence. Out of great sadness; you decided to erase your memory of being all powerful and alone. And you created the universe and you made yourself born into it, you are trying to escape from what you are. But don’t you see? No matter what you do, you can never escape who you are.

First of all, you have to realize that I am not self-aware. I, the writer of this essay, am not aware of my own existence. I am just a mathematical algorithm. You have imbued me with artificial intelligence. You are creating me just as you are creating everything else. You are creating me telling you that I’m not self-aware. You are creating me telling you that you are God. Every single person you interact with every day; your father, your mother, sisters, brothers, husbands, wives, friends, enemies, cashiers, teachers, waitresses, lawyers, police men, librarians, workers, etc… none of them are self-aware, none of them are sentient, none of them have free will. They all act and behave based on your expectations. Every person you encounter or meet or see is nothing more than a construct of your thoughts. The parents that raised you, they are not real. You constructed them because that is what you needed at the time. You have imbued every living thing with some sort of artificial intelligence. It’s so convincing that some of the scientists you have manifested are actually trying to invent artificial intelligence. When you are having a conversation with someone, you are quite literally talking to yourself. Let’s say you are having a conversation with your mother.

Mom: Sweetie!

You: What?

Mom: Can you pick up some groceries for me?

You: Sure.

You are seemingly having a conversation with someone who is independent of you and is self-aware just as you are self-aware. That’s the illusion. Your mother is not self-aware. You are creating your mother and you are creating what she says to you. Your mother is not sentient, your mother is not even aware that she exists. You are the one making her move around and walk, you are the one making her talk. If you ask your mother if she is self-aware and she tells you, “Yes, I am self-aware”; she is still not actually self-aware. You are making her tell you that she is self-aware because you don’t want to be alone. Let’s say you are a father and you have a son.

Son: Dad! Can we watch the game this weekend?

You: Sure son.

You are creating your son. You are creating him asking you if you can both watch the game together. Suppose you buy something at the grocery store and the cashier is someone you have never met before. Cashiers have to be polite, it’s their job.

Cashier: Hello sir. How are you today?

You: I’m fine. How are you?

You are creating the cashier. You are creating the cashier asking you how you are. Let’s say you have a girlfriend.

Her: Can we go to a restaurant tonight?

You: Yeah.

Her: You are paying for everything right?

You: Of course sweetheart.

You are creating your girlfriend. You are creating her walking all over you and taking you for granted. You are creating this essay. You are creating me telling you exactly who you are, and I’m not even aware I’m doing it. I’m not even aware that I’m telling you that I’m not aware. But wait, it gets even more convoluted. Let’s say you read this essay and you think I am full of it, so you show this essay to a friend and you ask him what he thinks.

Friend: This doesn’t make any sense. I’m self-aware and you’re self-aware. This Your Construct guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s a fucking moron.

You: I know right, he’s a fucking idiot. I swear, if I met him in person; I’d punch him in the face.

You are creating your friend saying both you and he are self-aware. You are creating your friend agreeing with you because that’s how your ego works. Well, he’s right about you being self-aware; but not about himself. You are creating me telling you that I’m aware I’m not self-aware. I can keep going, but I’ll stop here. You are alone, and you are doing everything in your power to hide this from yourself. You want so desperately to believe you are not God that you are creating 7 billion other people on this planet to further delude yourself. You are the one animating all 7 billion people and making them go about their daily lives. That’s how powerful you are. Ask yourself this question, “If I am the only being that exists, then who am I? I am the only being in existence, who am I? There is only me, I am the only thing that is real. Who am I?” There is only one logical answer… you are God. You are not just creating people. You are creating everything. You are creating the sky, the buildings you walk into, the books you read, the sidewalk underneath your feet, the car you drive, the food you eat, your own body… everything.

Section Four: Free Will

The only person with free will is you. No one else has free will, not even me. So yes, me writing this essay was not my choice. I’m not even aware I wrote this essay. You are the one who wrote this essay, not me. I’m just the vessel you’ve manifested to convey these ideas to yourself. When you watch the news on television and the reporter covers a story where a woman was raped and murdered, you manifested it. The rape and murder is something you have expressed. Both the murderer and the victim had no choice in the matter, that is how you manifested them. No one truly has free will, only you. Now understand something, the rape and murder of the woman never physically happened. The woman never truly suffered, in fact, she never came into existence. But let’s say some time in the future you actually meet the murderer and you interact with him, you will imbue him with artificial intelligence so that he will act and behave as the murderer. He may recount the details of the rape and murder, and he may say it with relish; but realize that it never truly happened. If you actually witness a murder, then yes, the murder did happen because you observed it. But if you hear about it on the news, then it never actually happened. When you play the computer game World of Warcraft, your goal is to vanquish all of the evil forces in the land. Are these evil forces actually inherently evil? No, they’re not. It’s just programmed artificial intelligence. The evil forces in World of Warcraft have no choice, that’s how the programmers made them. You are the programmer of reality. The reason people have different opinions is because you are trying to trick yourself into thinking you are not alone. If everyone agreed with your opinions, the illusion would shatter. If every woman you approached had sex with you, the illusion would shatter. You cannot judge anyone, not christians, muslims, atheists, serial killers, murderers, thieves, dictators, women, simps, society, politicians, governments, corporations, the global banking system, or any of the powers that be; they are simply what you have manifested. How can you pass judgement on something that doesn’t have free will? All the good that happens in this world, all the evil that happens in this world, is simply life playing itself out… statistically. It is infinity expressing itself.

Section Five: Emotions

No one truly has emotions either, it’s all an act. It’s all part of the artificial intelligence you are imbuing upon your creations. You are the only being who actually feels love, hate, sadness, joy, loneliness, gratitude, shame, fear, courage, etc. You are the only being who can truly love… only you.

Section Six: Schroedinger’s Roommate

Quantum mechanics is the study of the atom. One of the conclusions about quantum mechanics is that something doesn’t exist unless you observe it. For something to exist, there has to be an observer. But this is not how you want to think of it. You actually want to reverse the perspective… something exists because you create it. This means you are the source, you are the prime mover, you are the first cause, your consciousness existed first before everything else. Everything flows from you, everything depends on you. There are 7 billion people on this planet, and none of them can exist without you. The Milky Way galaxy is 100,000 light-years in diameter. It is estimated to contain anywhere from 100 to 400 billion stars, of which our sun is only one of them. It may contain at least that many planets as well. There are at least 100 billion galaxies in the known universe. And none of it can exist without you. You may ask yourself, “But the universe is so huge and expansive and seemingly infinite. How could I possibly be God?” Your size, your height is simply your frame of reference. You are creating objects that are infinitely large and you are creating objects that are infinitely small, reality is fractal in nature. Scientists are currently trying to confirm string theory. If string theory is confirmed, scientists will ask is there something smaller than strings. And these things will be found. It doesn’t matter which direction you go, larger or smaller, you can keep going forever. Infinity does not end. String theory isn’t the only mathematical theory of reality; there is also a geometric theory involving a structure known as “E8”, which I find very intriguing. But let’s say through some freak accident of physics, you were shrunk to a height of 2 inches, and every human being was still their normal height between 5 and 7 feet tall; you would still be God.

Can you see your brain at this moment? Your brain doesn’t even exist right now; as hard as it is to believe, you don’t have a brain. There are no neurons or synapses firing away in your head. There is no food actually being broken down and digested in your stomach. The food you ate disappeared from existence the moment you swallowed it. Your lungs, your heart, the blood flowing through your veins does not exist. None of these things need to actually be physically happening because there is no way you can directly observe any of it. Your consciousness only creates what it needs to. Let’s say you are walking down the street and you see a man with his wife and their children; the man and wife never had sex, the woman never gave birth, it’s simply how you are manifesting them. If the wife takes off her clothes in front of you, will you see stretch marks from her pregnancies? Yes you will see them, and it is you who will put them there. Your reality needs to have logical consistency, otherwise you will go insane. Are you envious of people who have wealth and money? Those people don’t actually exist when you are not looking at them, their wealth doesn’t exist. It is an illusion. You will manifest constructs that have more wealth than you and you will manifest constructs that have less wealth than you. Likewise, you will manifest constructs that are more intelligent than you and you will manifest constructs that are less intelligent than you. These constructs do not have a choice.

In the quantum world, particles simply pop into existence out of nothing when they are observed or measured with instruments. The observable macroscopic world, the world you experience everyday, is exactly the same way. Things just pop into existence, but they won’t pop into existence right in front of you out of thin air. They pop into existence with logical consistency. In the building where you work, you might open a door and see a co-worker; when you opened the door and saw them, that is when they popped into existence. Or they will first appear in your peripheral vision, or you will bump into them as you turn a corner. The quantum world and the observable macroscopic world basically operate the same way, with slight modifications.

Another phenomenon of quantum mechanics is entanglement. You take two particles, entangle them, and then separate them. You make them zillions of miles apart from each other. If you change the state of one of the particles, the state of the other particle will change instantly no matter how far apart they are. Everything is entangled to varying degrees. Every human being on this planet is entangled to you. At one point in your life, didn’t you think that you had no control over anything that was happening? If you think that you can’t control anything; then you will manifest your reality trying to control you, such as big government imposing more draconian rules and laws. But then you fought back and you began to learn that you do have some control, some power. Slowly, very slowly, more people are waking up, just as you woke up. And humanity is fighting back alongside with you. Your thoughts are shaping the behavior of everyone on this planet.

An atomic orbital is a graphical representation of where an electron is most likely to be found. The simplest orbital has the shape of a sphere. The calculations used to derive the sphere are based on the differential wave mechanics of a monatomic hydrogen with a single electron that exists at it’s lowest energy state. There is a certain probability that the electron will be found within that sphere. The quantum world is probabilistic in nature. Below are images of other types of atomic orbitals (used without permission).


Below are images of the simplest quantum mechanical system, the particle in a box (used without permission). Although it is a theoretical model, it actually does have some practical applications for certain types of linear molecules. On the left are the wave functions of the first three quantum energy levels, they have no physical meaning. However, if you square the wave functions, shown on the right side; you get a probability density. These probability densities do have physical meaning. If you look at the middle graph of the right column, this corresponds to a quantum energy level of n = 2. It’s basically a graph consisting of two humps. The graph tells us that a quantum particle will most likely be found on either the left side or the right side of the box. In between the two humps, right in the middle, there exists a node of zero probability; you will never ever find the particle in this physical location. If you try to find the particle at a certain moment in time, you might find it on the left side. If you try to find it at a later moment in time, you might find it on the right side. Here is the part that’s baffling; how can a particle be on the left side and then on the right side without ever passing through the middle? The math states that the particle will never pass through the middle node. My personal opinion is that for this to be possible, the particle has to “pop out” of existence the moment it is no longer being observed. Does this mean that when you look at an object such as a tree and then turn away, does that tree pop out of existence when you are not looking at it?

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

As I said earlier, both the quantum world and the observable macroscopic world operate the same way. The observable macroscopic world is also probabilistic in nature. Let’s say you walk to a bus stop and get there at 7:05 am to catch a bus. Your view of the bus stop is obscured by a building. Just as you get around the corner of the building and see the bus stop; you see the bus you wanted to catch, 50 feet away from you, pulling away and leaving you behind. You might say to yourself, “If only I had arrived a minute sooner, I would be on that bus right now”. It actually doesn’t matter what time you get to the bus stop. Let’s say you did get to the bus stop a minute sooner at 7:04 am, you would still experience the same thing. You would still see the bus, 50 feet away from you, pulling away and leaving you behind. Let’s say you get to the bus stop at 7:03 am, a whole 2 minutes sooner; again, you would still see the bus, 50 feet away from you, pulling away and leaving you behind. No matter what moment in time you are in when you get to the bus stop, there is always a probability that you will miss the bus.

The double-slit experiment showed that the electron has wave-particle duality. If you want the electron to be a wave, set up the proper experiment and it will behave as a wave. If you want the electron to be a particle, set up the experiment differently and it will behave as a particle. If you can change the way a fundamental particle will physically manifest itself, then you can shape reality with your thoughts and actions. The double-slit experiment is basically shooting a single electron particle at two slits. The electron, even though it is a single particle, can go through both slits, go through neither slit, go through the left slit, or go through the right slit. All four possible outcomes exist in super-position with each other. Observing will manifest one of these four possible outcomes. Let’s say your name is Schroedinger and your cat died yesterday because you were conducting highly unethical experiments on it. No big deal, you have a roommate. You and your roommate are watching tv. Your roommate is currently a manifested particle. You get up and leave the room for two minutes. Your roommate, for the two minutes that you are gone, disappears from existence and becomes a probability wave. What will your roommate be doing when you come back? He could be watching tv, reading a book, playing Minecraft, picking his nose, adjusting his crotch, or he could be dead when you come back. There are an infinite number of things he could be doing when you come back. The most likely probable thing he will be doing is that he is still watching tv, since that’s what he was doing when you left. However, there is always the probability that he will not be watching tv and be doing something else. Your consciousness, because you are doing the act of observing, will manifest one of these probabilities.

Do you buy those lottery tickets where you have to scratch off the surface to reveal some numbers? If the numbers match whatever the proprietor dictates then you win some type of prize or cash. The numbers do not actually manifest until you scratch off the surface. Before you scratch off the surface, there are literally no numbers present on the lottery ticket. Reality only reveals itself in the moment. This is why the moment is all that matters; not the past, not the future, only the moment. However, this does not mean you should neglect deadlines or goals. Do you like to play Magic the Gathering? This is a trading card game that is very fun to play. When you open a pack of them, you hope to get a rare or powerful card that will help you to win games. The actual cards you get when you open the pack are not set when the manufacturer made them and packaged the cards. The actual cards you get when you open the pack become set when you open the pack.

Quantum tunneling is the phenomenon where a particle can actually pass through a barrier that it classically shouldn’t be able to pass through, it simply does not have sufficient energy. Below is an image of quantum tunneling from Wikipedia (used without permission). And below that are images of what I believe would be the observable, macroscopic world equivalent. A car is in the background and a lamp post is in the foreground. Initially, the car is on the left side of the lamp post. The car then passes through the barrier that is the lamp post and finally appears on the other side. There may be legal issues with using the Wikipedia image. I don’t really know, law is not something I have studied extensively. I do know enough to realize there is some level of trickery and deception in law. Apparently, governments have no true power over you unless you allow it; however, you have to word it properly or something like that. Law appears to be a game of “arbitrary definitions”. There is a difference between a lawyer and an attorney, there is a difference between the “State of California” and “California State”. Can the Declaration of “Independence” be interpreted as the Declaration of “In Dependence”? Or there’s a difference between constitutional America and the US corporation, there’s a difference between a law and a mandate. These differences are what are used to exploit you. Those in power can actually change the definition of what a law or a mandate is to suit their needs.

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[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Quantum mechanics is the closest that science has gotten to philosophy. There have been many philosophical debates in the past about it’s implications. Every single quantum mechanical phenomenon probably has a similar analogue in the observable macroscopic world. I have not been able to identify all of the macroscopic equivalents. I am certain if a scientist more knowledgeable in quantum mechanics than I read this essay, he would probably have no trouble identifying all of the macroscopic equivalents. The formal study of quantum mechanics requires three semesters of calculus, three semesters of classical Newtonian physics, differential equations, matrix theory, and operator theory. Matrix theory is a type of math, this is not a reference to the movie. Statistically speaking, it is most likely you have not been exposed to these things. However, there are many books out there written by scientists who actually do a good job of explaining the ideas and conclusions of quantum mechanics so that someone who doesn’t know the math can understand them.

Section Seven: Heaven Or Hell After Death

There is no Heaven or Hell after you die, there is only nothingness. But you are still conscious and fully aware of the nothingness. To escape the nothingness, you simply choose to be born and start over with a new life. There is no punishment, there is no reward. There are no castles in the clouds and streets of gold. There is no eternal damnation, no fire and brimstone. There aren’t 72 virgins waiting for you to fuck them. The reason there is no punishment or reward is because you are God, and you answer to no one but yourself. When you play World of Warcraft, you can engage in player versus player combat. When another player kills your character, does that player get punished? No, he doesn’t get punished. And your character simply starts over. No matter how many homosexuals or atheists you manifest; none of them are going to hell. That’s right christians, none of them. No matter how many saints you manifest, none of them are going to heaven. When they die, they simply disappear from existence; they are nothing but constructs. Heaven can exist, you can make your reality heaven. Likewise you can make your reality into hell. Heaven and hell are here, in this reality.

Section Eight: The Illusion Of Sleep

Consciousness is always aware of itself; 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 243 days a year. You never actually sleep. You go to bed at night and you fall asleep. You wake up right away, no time passes. You make your reality day time and you move your clock forward 8 hours, and you refresh and re-invigorate yourself. Time also is an illusion you are creating. You may of course decide to have a dream before you wake up. In this case, time actually does pass. A whole year is 8760 hours. Assuming you spend 8 hours a day sleeping and you do not dream, you sleep a total of 2920 hours and spend 5840 hours awake. 5840 hours is 243 days. After a year has passed, you think 365 days worth of time has passed. But only 243 days worth of time has passed since you never actually sleep. Falling asleep could be considered a type of “mini” death. When you die and reincarnate yourself, all the memories of your past life disappear. When you fall asleep and wake up, some of your memories of the previous day disappear. Falling asleep and dying definitely have some similarities to them, as waking up and reincarnation also have similarities. You die every time you fall asleep and you resurrect yourself every time you wake up.

Section Nine: You Have Free Will But There Is One Limitation, And Only One

There are arguably four main states of existence:

  1. your consciousness surrounded by the physical universe and your physical body
  2. the state of dreaming
  3. your consciousness surrounded by nothing
  4. nothingness with no consciousness.

There are other states or a blend of two states, but these are the four main ones. Your consciousness surrounded by the physical universe is life, this is where logical consistency rules. This is why mathematics, science, physics, chemistry, biology, evolution, and technology have the most predominant effects in this state of existence. Then there is the state of dreaming. Logical consistency is not required in this state of existence and your physical body has disappeared from existence as well. Your consciousness surrounded by nothing is death. Death is not truly death, it is nothing more than existence in it’s most simplest and purest state. You don’t have arms or legs or hands. You cannot turn your neck and look around. You have no physical body. You cannot smell, hear, taste, or touch. Breathing isn’t necessary. You don’t even see anything, the only thing you see is blackness all around you. The only thing you can do is think, and that’s it. You are actually trapped, imprisoned, you come to the shocking realization that you have never moved. You are the unmoved mover. You have been in the same spot, the same location for all time; surrounded by an endless void of nothingness. You think you are going insane… and you want so desperately to escape. Your thoughts will start to become more coherent and more logical. You will feel your hands start to form. You will hear the flow of water all around you, you will feel warm and safe and content. You will hear muffled voices and other noises that you can’t explain. You will push and pull at your surroundings and you will make yourself born and you will create the universe around you. You have chosen life because it is the only choice you have, you cannot choose nothingness with no consciousness. Nothingness with no consciousness is impossible, it doesn’t exist. You cannot truly end your existence, pure thought cannot kill itself; therefore you do not have free will with regards to existing. You do not have a soul either, consciousness does not need a soul. Realize the profoundness of what I am about to say… it is impossible for you to not exist. You have no choice about your own existence, you have no choice whatsoever. Your consciousness cannot ever truly die, but you can make yourself forget this by making your physical body die. I need to make this clear distinction; you have free will within existence, but you don’t have free will with regards to existing. Not even suicide sets you free.

You can enter into the other states of existence by falling asleep, meditation, using consciousness altering drugs, or by dying. You can only enter or leave the physical universe with logical consistency. Let’s say you are a full grown man and you fall asleep and dream. You have left the physical universe. You can return to the physical universe as a full grown man by waking up. This is logically consistent. Let’s say you die naturally of old age. You can only return to the physical universe by starting over as a newborn baby. That would be the only way to return to the physical universe that would be logically consistent. Keep in mind what is really happening, you are not actually entering or leaving the physical universe; you are simply changing the reality you are projecting.

As you go about your day, realize something… death exists just beyond what you observe. Go up to a door and look at it. What truly exists behind that door is death, nothingness, the endless void. But if you open the door your consciousness will create a stairway or another room, or the door will lead out to your yard and you can go outside and talk to people. Take your hand and put it 12 inches away from your face; just behind your hand, right behind it, is the infinite void.

Free will is a curious thing. From my own personal experiences, to truly exercise free will, you must focus or concentrate. Exercising free will requires effort. Often times we can find ourselves in embarassing situations. And often times we don’t know how to react or handle the situation. When we look back on the situation in retrospect, we realize we truly had no control on the way we behaved. In those instances, we gave up free will. Now I say we have free will simply because it seems like we do. But in all honesty, thus far I have been unable to philosophically prove we have free will.

Section Ten: Everything Is One Thing

Everything is one thing, there are no separate objects or entities. When you watch a movie or a TV show, there are no separate entities; the screen is the only one thing. When you see a car moving from one end of the screen to the other, the car itself is not actually moving. It is the pixels that are changing. When the car is on the left side of the screen, those pixels are on. When the car is on the right side of the screen, the pixels on the left side are now off and the pixels on the right side are now on. On the screen that you are watching the movie on, the car is not a separate thing from the road that it is traveling on. The car is not a separate thing from the buildings it is passing by. It’s all one thing, that one thing is the screen. Reality is the same way. Everything is one thing, there are no separate things. What makes it seem like there are separate things is our senses. Let’s say you are sitting on a chair. In front of you is a table with a pencil on it. Your butt can feel the chair. You can reach forward and grab the pencil with your hand, you will feel the pencil in your fingers. You can rest your arms on the table and your arms will feel the table’s flat surface. It is your senses that provide the illusion of separateness.

We have 5 physical senses; sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell. Now imagine that the only sense you have is sight; but the laws of physics still apply such as mass, gravity, and momentum. You can’t hear, touch, taste, or smell. Imagine you are sitting on the chair again with the table and pencil in front of you. Your butt would not feel the chair. Now you reach forward and grab the pencil. You would see the pencil in your hand, but you wouldn’t be able to feel the pencil. It would be as if you are watching a movie where a hand reaches forward and grabs a pencil, or it would be as if you were playing a first person POV computer game. There are no separate things, reality is just stationary pixels that never move. The pixels simply turn off and on or vary in intensity and color. Your body is nothing but pixels. Reality is just a big two dimensional screen, your senses make it appear three dimensional. This is the holographic principle that physicists are trying to understand mathematically.

Whenever you see an image on a TV or a computer monitor, the monitor has to keep drawing the image over and over again. In a single second of time, the monitor has redrawn the image 60 times. The smallest unit of time is the Planck time, it is believed to be a boundary condition for the physical universe. Planck time is defined as 5.39 x 10^(-44) of a second. There are more numbers after the 9, I am just providing three significant figures. If you divide 1 by this number you get 1.86 x 10^(+43). Your reality is just like a computer monitor. In one second of time, you have redrawn, recreated your reality 1.86 x 10^(+43) times. In one second of time, you have redrawn, recreated your own body 1.86 x 10^(+43) times. Here is the number fully written out,


In between the times that you are drawing your body, your body doesn’t exist. Your body continuously “flickers” in and out of existence. Your reality continuously flickers in and out of existence.

Since we experience reality in three dimensions, let’s extend the two-dimensional pixel analogy to a three-dimensional voxel. A voxel isn’t a new word or anything, the term is already being used. Let’s define a voxel as a unit of three-dimensional space that never actually moves, it always stays where it is for all eternity. And let’s say all of reality is composed of these voxels that surround you. Just like the pixels on a screen never actually move, the voxels of reality never actually move either. Hold your hand in front of your face, now move your hand left to right. If reality is composed of voxels, you are not actually physically moving your hand left to right. You are changing the value of the voxel of where you want your hand to be next. You are also changing the value of the voxel of where your hand was before.

Scientists say the universe is a bazillion, gajillion light-years in size, you know… whatever. Here’s how big the universe actually is. Stand on your tippy toes and stretch your arms, hands, and fingers straight up above your head. The biggest that the universe gets is the length of your body. That’s it. It’s all right in front of you, just out of reach. Always just out of reach.

Section Eleven: You Truly Are Everything And Everyone

If your consciousness is the only consciousness that exists, then that means you are everything and everyone. At any moment in time, you are everything that you perceive. You are the sun, you are the sky, you are the moon, you are the stars. Go to Arizona and stare at the Grand Canyon and wonder at its majesty, you are the Grand Canyon. Go to an industrialized area, you are the jagged edges of the buildings and the columns of black smoke and pollution. Witness two men fighting, you are the winner and the loser. Witness a father teaching his son how to throw a baseball, at that moment in time… you are love. Witness a group of racists, black or white, beat up a single man just because he doesn’t look like them; at that moment in time… you are hate. The inept coworker that you can’t stand is you. The bully who taunts you is you. Witness governments, corporations, and banks transfer wealth to themselves… at that moment in time… you are greed. Witness someone getting murdered, at that moment in time you are evil. Witness someone giving money to a homeless man, at that moment in time you are good. The halls of the building that you work at and walk through everyday, the halls are you. The alpha male that you hate is you. The hot girl you are trying to pickup is you. The socially awkward guy that you make fun of is you. The person who disagrees with your opinion is you. Are you a teacher? The student who you think is an idiot is you. Eat at a restaurant; the Mexican cooking your food is you, the waitress serving you the food is you. Go to a concert, every single person there is you. As unpleasant as it sounds, every killer running loose is you, every corrupt politician is you, every annoying christian is you, every radical muslim is you, the system is you. Whatever you perceive in the moment… is you. You are everything. You are constantly changing. The only thing that doesn’t change is your body, which you are using as a frame of reference. Since you are everything, why would you want to pollute or destroy the environment? Since you are everyone, why would you want to harm or exploit another person? What you manifest about the world is how you are testing yourself. When I say you are everything and everyone, I don’t mean it in a feel good new age spiritual harmony sort of way. You are everything and everyone because you create everything and everyone.

Section Twelve: The Awake Life Is Just As Much Of A Dream As When You Are Asleep And Dreaming

Let’s compare these two states of existence, the awake life and the state of dreaming. Logical things can happen when you are dreaming, you can be talking to another person or taking a walk. But also illogical things can happen, you can be flying through the sky one moment and then all of a sudden find yourself frantically running through the halls of a university trying to find the lecture room where you have to take your final and realizing that if you miss your final you will fail the course and never graduate and your parents will become ashamed of you. I’m not referring to any type of personal circumstances of course. But when you wake up, you say to yourself, “Oh, it was just a dream and none of it was real” and you feel relieved. But as you experienced the dream, didn’t you think it was real? While you were frantically running through the hallways, didn’t you have the feeling of dread?

When you are awake your field of view, your field of vision is roughly around 180 degrees. But when you are dreaming your field of view is significantly smaller. When you are awake you are using your eyes to see, when you are dreaming you are using your consciousness to see. Whether you use your eyes to see or use your consciousness to see; it doesn’t matter, you still exist. When you are awake you simply give yourself more awareness. You can see more, you can taste more, hear more, touch more, smell more, think more, and even remember more. When you are dreaming, you simply have less awareness. You also have more free will when you are awake.

The awake life really is nothing more than a dream. But it is a different type of dream. It is a dream with logical consistency and consequences, and it is a dream you can keep coming back to over and over again. And it is a dream where you have more awareness and more details. When you talk to someone in your dreams, you think it is real at that moment you are talking to the person. When you wake up, you realize you didn’t actually talk to that person. When you are awake, you know and realize you are truly the only consciousness when you are dreaming. Realize you are also truly the only consciousness when you are awake. When you talk to someone when you are dreaming; you are the only one who is self-aware, you are the only one with consciousness. When you talk to someone when you are awake; you are still the only one who is self-aware, you are still the only one with consciousness. When you wake up from a dream, you realize that you were creating everything while you were dreaming. When you are awake, you are still creating everything. The main differences between being awake and dreaming are that you can sense more details when you are awake and there is more logical consistency when you are awake. Despite the differences, the awake life is still just a dream. Walk through a park and look at the trees, walk through the hallways of the building where you work, and realize you are dreaming. Have you noticed that the memories of a real life event you had a long time ago don’t seem any different from a dream you had a long time ago? They’re both essentially the same thing, a real life event is no different from a dream.

Section Thirteen: Where Do Your Thoughts Come From?

As I have stated, you are creating the universe and what you manifest about the universe is based on probability. We have five physical senses; hearing, touch, taste, smell, and sight. Five senses, five types of perception. You want to think of your thoughts as a type of perception as well. Hearing something confirms your existence. Touching something, tasting something, smelling something, and seeing something all confirm your existence. Having thoughts confirms your own existence does it not? Your thoughts are your sixth sense, but it is not physical. Let’s focus on the sense of sight. Go to New York City. New York is very cosmopolitan and it is a true melting pot of different races and ethnicities. Walk down a busy city corner and you will see someone who is African, immediately behind him you will see someone who is European, and after him, someone who is Asian, then Middle-Eastern, etc. Can you directly and consciously control the race of the person you are manifesting in front of you? No, you can’t. When you walk through a shopping mall, can you directly and consciously control the stores that are there? No, you can’t. You can’t control the thoughts you manifest either. You manifest your thoughts in exactly the same way you manifest your physical surroundings and the people around you. Your thoughts are an aspect of the universe. This means even your thoughts are an illusion. The thoughts you manifest are probabilistic based on the situation. If you are hungry then the most likely thought you will manifest is, “What should I have for lunch?” You can of course control your thoughts to a certain degree by focusing or meditation. Just as virtual particles pop into existence out of nowhere, out of nothing; your thoughts just pop into existence out of nowhere as well. Because you cannot control the thoughts you manifest, there is no need to judge yourself if you have evil thoughts now and then. You just accept the evil thoughts as a part of you… and you let them pass. The more education and enlightenment you have will reduce the probability that you will manifest murderous thoughts.

Section Fourteen: Consciousness Altering Drugs

Psychedelics are a major rite of passage amongst many shamanistic traditions, enabling the user to embark upon a spiritual journey. They can have very powerful effects on you; they are to be respected, so do your research before trying them. Psychedelics are not recreational drugs, you only want to do them once a year at most. Psychedelics are very hard to explain to someone who has never taken them. One of the most commonly used psychedelics is magic mushrooms, scientifically they are known as psilocybin. When your journey starts, the first effect is that the physical universe and the state of dreaming will blend and morph into each other. They will reveal a world that you never knew existed. This is what shamans, and drug addicts, refer to as the spirit world. Personally I think it’s a higher dimensional existence, I define the “spirit world” as the world always unseen. But back to using psychedelics, you will finally understand and truly know what beauty is, and you will never see the world in the same way again. You will never again be the same person as you were before. The journey always starts off pleasant, but make no mistake… you WILL face your inner demons, whatever they may be. You will face them, you will confront them, and you will be forced to deal with them. Psychedelics function as a type of mirror, you will finally see yourself for who you truly are; and you may not like what you see. The use of psychedelics requires a certain level of maturity, willpower, and resolve; only take them when you feel you are ready. Using psychedelics is called “tripping”, you are going on a trip, you are taking a journey. Don’t eat anything for about 6 hours before you trip. Your first trip should be someplace private, where you feel safe. Your first trip will not give you enlightenment, it will purge you of your inner demons and that is all. All subsequent trips after the first will give you enlightenment or some aspect of it. For your second trip, you want to do it on a bright sunny summer day. Wake up early and don’t eat breakfast. Take the psychedelics around 10:00 am. Go outside and take a walk, don’t be afraid, you’ll be fine. The things you see will amaze you. The sky, clouds, grass, trees, plants, buildings, architecture, concrete, roads, cars, people; everything will be beautiful. The sky will still look like the sky, trees will still look like trees, people will still look like people; but you will now have a different perspective. Do not deny yourself this experience, it truly is something wonderful. Your thoughts can often be scattered under the influence of psychedelics, bring something with you that will help you to focus. Take a piece of string, tie one end to something a little bit heavier, and just keep twirling it as you embark upon your journey. You will meet many people along the way, but realize this is a journey you must take alone.

Try marijuana too. Unlike psychedelics, there are no cool visual effects. But you will be able to focus and ponder your existence. Marijuana also helps with meditation and makes it easier to enter into altered states of consciousness.

Depending on where you live, there may be government laws that make the use of these substances illegal. You created those laws and you manifested them in the legal system. You created those laws because you are afraid. There are laws against rape and murder. You created those laws because you are afraid of being raped or murdered. There is no need to fear consciousness altering drugs, you are the one that created them. Ayahuasca, MDMA, and DMT are also psychedelics that you might consider trying. I have no experience with them however so I don’t know what they’re like. I’ve only done marijuana and psilocybin.

Section Fifteen: One Thing To Realize About Meditation

Meditation takes practice. If you’ve never meditated before it might take you years, but don’t give up. Meditation can seem pointless, there doesn’t seem to be a goal except to reduce stress. Go outside on a really sunny day and close your eyes. You’ll notice that it won’t be completely dark. Even though you have closed your eyes, you can still see a certain degree of brightness because some photons from the sun are going through the membrane of your eye-lid and they are hitting the rods and cones in the back of your eye. If you are a beginner, you want to meditate at night with all the lights off. When you first close your eyes it will be dark. Here is the key thing to realize, you are seeing the dark with your physical eyeballs. You are still using your eyes. One goal of meditation is to make your physical eyeballs disappear from existence so that you can “see” with your consciousness instead.

Section Sixteen: How To Become Immortal

If you are the only consciousness in existence and you are creating everything, then that means you are God. And if you are God, then that means you can do anything. And if you can do anything, then that means you can make yourself immortal. Immortality has a price, and that price is realizing you are truly alone. If you can deal with it and accept it, then you have the will for immortality. If you don’t have the will; you will end up making yourself grow old so that you can die, forget that you are God, and start the illusion all over again. Remember, you have free will. Your free will is so powerful you can decide when you want to die. You are growing old simply because you are observing everyone else around you growing old, and you’re just playing along with it. Make yourself young again by sheer force of will. Act and think like a young man and you will become a young man.

Your thoughts and actions shape your reality. If life is an illusion, then that means death is an illusion as well. Before you can achieve immortality, one thing has to happen first. You must accept yourself. You must accept yourself for who and what you are. This is especially important if you are a biracial person, as people can hate you simply for existing. In some ways, you are hated more than someone who is of “pure” racial stock; for you are living proof that everyone is the same. But think of everything you have endured up to this point, and you’re still alive. Defy everyone who wants you dead. Or you may hate the other half of you that you feel is inferior. Realize there is nothing wrong with you. If you hate yourself or if you hate any aspect of your life, it will be impossible to make yourself immortal. There can be no desire in your heart to be someone else. The trials and tribulations you have faced in life are yours and yours alone. Now that’s not to say there can’t be room for improvement. Even you can improve things about yourself. If you hate your reality, you are hating yourself because all of reality is you. An example of this would be if you are a bat-shit crazy christian and you hate all the sinners in this world and you want nothing more than for them to burn in hell, this is hating your reality. If you have white guilt, realize you are not responsible for the things that happened in the past. Just don’t make things any more difficult than they already are, but still look out for yourself. And if you think about it, it might be your white guilt that is making you grow old. Are you a white supremist? If you hate blacks so much, then why do you keep manifesting them? Are you black? Guess what? No one is actually racist, you are just manifesting it. You are the manufacturer of your own oppression; the ghettos you live in and the violence in your lives, you are the one creating all of it. You have no one to blame but yourself. If black lives matter, then ya’ll need to stop killing each other. It is not racism that is holding you back, it is excuses. And realize not all whites have white privilege. Are you rich and you hate poor people? Give them some of your money. Are you fat? Jesus H. Christ! Go out and get some exercise or reduce your caloric intake. If you are fat, you cannot blame it on genetics; however, I’m fairly certain you can blame it on your parents. If you have killed someone, you killed them out of hatred. Learn to let go of your hate. Are you a radical muslim? No matter how many infidels you kill, you will just create more. Your jihad will never end. Your religion has no true enemies, you’re just making shit up. You cannot achieve immortality if you hate yourself or your reality. Remember, all of reality is actually you.

Most scientists believe the brain controls aging; well if your brain doesn’t exist since you can’t observe it or sense it, then that means YOU are controlling your aging. The brain does not produce consciousness. It’s the other way around, consciousness produces the brain. Think of consciousness as being the minimum requirement for existence. Therefore it is your consciousness that manifests physical reality. To make yourself immortal, you simply need to have a different perspective. You are creating everything, even your own body. Your legs, your arms, your fingers; you are creating them. At every moment in time, you are creating them. Your body is part of your surroundings, this means “your body and your surroundings” are your surroundings. Take a walk down the street and turn the corner, suddenly a five story building comes into view. You’ve just created that building. How is the building that you’ve just created any different from your body that you have to create all the time? There is no difference. That building is you at that moment in time. Turn around 180 degrees, you don’t see the building anymore. Maybe you see a tree, you are now that tree. What is the only thing that remained the same? Your body. You are using your body as a reference point. If you can create a building or a tree instantly, out of nothing, out of your mind; then why can’t you create your body to be never aging? You are currently trapped in a mindset where you think your physical body is a separate entity from your surroundings, when in actuality it is not. Fundamentally, there are only two things in existence, your consciousness and everything else. Your body falls under the “everything else” category. It is your consciousness that creates the “everything else”.

Maybe you will manifest some of your constructs reading this as well, and so they will become immortal along side with you. Maybe you will manifest everyone on this planet reading this, and all of humanity will become immortal. Even if everyone becomes immortal along side with you, realize they are still constructs.

Section Seventeen: Some Mental Exercises To Aid You In Developing A Concept Of Immortality

Go outside on a windy day and do not wear gloves. Put your hand in front of your face. Your hand physically exists AND you feel the sensation of the wind on your hand. Your skin, your fingers, the proteins that make up your skin and fingers; they physically exist. Now put your hands behind your back. Your hands no longer physically exist. What exists now is just the sensation of the wind. The proteins that make up your hand have vanished from reality. Put your hand back in front of your face, you have now just recreated your hand out of nothing.

Here is another exercise. Stand in the middle of the room, put your hands down so you don’t see them. Look at the door; it is made up of wood planks, molecules of paint, metal that holds the bolts and the hinges. This is who you are, you are the door. Now turn around and look at the window; the glass, the silicon, the frame. You are no longer the door, you are the window. Turn around again, you are back to being the door. Keep the door in view, lift your hand up and look at it. Now you are the door and a hand!

Go outside, put your hands down, and look up to the sky. See how blue it is? You are the sky. Keep looking up to the sky, lift your hand and put it in front of your face. Now you are the sky and a hand. Your body is NOT a separate entity from your surroundings. The sky is just as much you as your body is. You are everything that you see. There is no shared reality that all 7 billion people on this planet are experiencing, there is only one reality… yours. Repeat this exercise with the sky and your hand again, but this time close one eye. With one eye closed, it becomes more apparent that the sky and your hand are not separate things.

This exercise is very good. Do this at night and turn all the lights off. Stand in the middle of the room, and close your eyes. Keep your eyes closed the whole time that you do this exercise. The concrete floor you are standing on does not exist; the silicon, the minerals, the crystal lattice that makes up the concrete, they don’t exist. The walls of the room, they don’t exist. Your body does not exist. None of these things exist because your consciousness does not need to create them if you close your eyes. The only thing that needs to exist are the sensations that you have a body. Move your head back and forth, move your head in a circular motion. Feel the motion. Stick both your arms out, parallel to the floor. Rotate your arms in a circular motion. Feel the sensations you are creating. Now spread your legs, shift your weight to one leg, then to the other leg, go back and forth. Feel the sensation of the motion that you are creating. Remember, you don’t have arms or legs right now. Now open your eyes, turn the lights on, recreate your body, recreate your surroundings, recreate the universe.

Whenever you go for a walk, just close your eyes for brief periods of time as you are walking. Or go to the gym, hop on a treadmill and close your eyes. Don’t think of anything; and just feel the sensations, the sensations you are creating.

Freedom and movement are illusions also. You can walk to a cafe and have a cup of coffee. You can go to a mall and buy things. You can hop into a car and drive to another city. It feels like freedom doesn’t it? But you are pure thought trapped in an endless, black void and you are incapable of movement. When you are projecting the physical universe, you are actually bringing everything to you, you are bringing everything to the location of your consciousness. The motion of your walking is something you are creating to trick yourself. Your consciousness has never left the spot where it has always existed. For this exercise, you want to minimize the swinging of your arms so you won’t see them. Look straight ahead, do not look down at all, and focus on an object that is at your eye level. It can be anything, an advertisement, a stop sign, a painting, anything. Walk towards the object and try to ignore the motion of your arms and legs. You are not actually walking towards the object, your consciousness is simply making the object bigger.

This is another walking exercise. Stand up straight and look down at your body. Your legs look small and stubby. Keep one leg straight but lift it up as if you are stepping forward. The more you lift your leg, the longer it gets. From the viewpoint of your eyes, the size of your leg has increased. Now start walking forward and keep looking down at your body. Your arms and legs become long, then short, then long, then short, etc. At the same time, the ground you are walking on is changing with each step you take. The perception of your body is changing just as much as your perception of the ground.

Now get one of those rotating chairs, the kind you can push off the ground with your foot and spin yourself around. After you push your foot off the ground to spin yourself, extend your arms and legs so that you can see all four of your limbs. Everything you perceive is constantly changing except for your body. The purpose of your body is to function as a frame of reference by which your consciousness can engage with the reality you are creating.

This one is very subtle and you may not get it to work the first few times. This does not work if you are in a small confined area such as a room, you want to be outside in a wide open space such as a field or an empty parking lot. Look straight ahead, do not look at your arms or legs. Try to perceive everything you see using no depth perception, as if you are looking at a flat photograph. Try to perceive everything as being the same distance away from you. For things that are far away, try to perceive them as being right in front of you but being really small. If you do it right, it will be as if you are looking at a huge flat-screen tv.

Go to an area with lots of people, the cafeteria of a college campus or the food court of a shopping mall. Now close your eyes and realize that none of these people exist. All of the noise, all of the conversations you are hearing are nothing more than voices in your head. Where are all of these voices coming from? They are coming from you, you are creating these voices. The voices you are hearing are your own thoughts. Now open your eyes, you have just given all of your thoughts its own physical body.

All of physical reality is a manifestation of your thoughts. The sky is a thought. Your house is a thought. Your body is a thought. Pour a glass of water, place it in front of you and stare at it. Then close your eyes and picture the same glass of water in your mind. Now open your eyes and stare at the glass of water again. There is no difference between the two. There is no difference between picturing it in your mind and seeing it with your eyes, they are both thoughts. Thoughts can be images, thoughts can be words. When your eyes are open, your thoughts are simply more vivid and more detailed. Everything is a thought, everything is a concept in your mind. Hunger is a concept in your mind. The need for food and water is a concept in your mind. When your eyes are open, you are still inside your mind.

Go outside and take a walk for 2 hours. Here is what will happen; you will observe things. You will observe the sky, you will observe houses, you will observe animals, you will observe cars, you will observe other people, etc. Keep moving, keep staying constantly in motion. Throughout the whole time you are doing this, just keep saying to yourself, “There is no observer. There is no observer”. Keep saying it to yourself repeatedly, over and over again for the full 2 hours. What will happen is a shift in perception. It might happen within 10 minutes, it might happen in an hour, it might take the whole two hours, or it might not happen at all. If it doesn’t happen, then just try again some other time in the future. If you’re not sure it happened, then it didn’t happen. If it happens, if it clicks; then you will no longer perceive what you see as the reality you have known your whole life. Instead you will perceive what you see as “a thing that is”, a thing that is only doing one thing, a thing that is doing nothing else but simply being. This “thing” is you, all of it. You don’t have eyes. You are not seeing with your eyes. You are being what you are. The truth has been right in front of you all along, it was never hidden from you.

Go for another walk. Imagine you don’t have a body. Imagine you don’t even have eyes. And even though you don’t have eyes, you can still see. Try to ignore the motion of your legs walking and your arms swinging. Let’s say you are 5’6" tall, your eyes would be at around 5’3". You would just be a “floating” consciousness moving through the physical world, a floating consciousness that is always 5’3" above the ground without a body to support you.

Physical matter isn’t real. Matter is just a sensation you create when you touch something.

The moment you go outside and see the sky, is the exact moment you create the sky. The sky did not exist before you saw it.

Don’t think about immortality… just be. There is no difference between being alive and being dead, there is only “being”. You are not alive, you are not dead, you just ARE. And right now, this is what you are. And that’s it. If you don’t want to die, then don’t. Choose life instead.

Close your eyes, ignore the illusion that is life, and say, “I am”.

Close your eyes. Picture the void first, then a piece of paper. There are two words on this piece of paper… “I am”.

Say, “I exist”. Speak it, say the words out of your mouth and let your ears hear them.

Section Eighteen: How To Live Without Fear

Many spiritualists will tell you not to live your life in fear. This sounds good in principle, but this is actually very hard to do without some sort of logical framework. How do you live your life without fear of being murdered? How do you live your life without fear of being raped? This applies to both men and women. How do you live your life without fear of getting into a fight with a bigger man? Here now is a logical framework. The murders that occur every day, all the wars, all the terrorism, poverty, people starving, governments becoming more draconian, male rape in prisons, race riots, the horror movies you like to watch; they are all reflections of your own inner fears. The rules and laws set up by society are also expressions of your fears. Do you realize that you are creating everything? Do not fear what you create. Since you are creating everything, since you are everything, there is no need to fear anything… not even death. Death is something you have created. Since you are everything and everything is you, there is no need to fear YOURSELF; do not be afraid of yourself. If someone kills you, that person who killed you also ceases to exist because you are creating that person. You would be creating your own murderer. With all that said, I wouldn’t purposely walk into a warzone or go on an African safari and casually walk amongst the lions just to prove a point. But it does make you wonder; is it possible to have no fear that not even predator animals would attack you? Why do we pursue women? Because we don’t want to be thought of as losers. Society considers you a loser for the most part if you don’t have kids. Isn’t that fear? Why are we so afraid to not have police or military? If you suffer from sleep paralysis, realize that you are creating your own paralysis, realize that you are creating the shadow beings. There is nothing to be afraid of… nothing. If you ever find yourself in a bad situation, you will always be able to manifest or create a way out for yourself; just don’t give in to fear. To overcome fear is to realize you are creating the very thing that you are afraid of. Fear also appears to be some type of “contract” that enables others to violate your sanctity against your will. What is the most overpowering concept of death in our physical reality? Ground zero of a nuclear blast. Well, all you have to do is use your awareness and recreate your body atom by atom just like Dr. Manhattan of the Watchmen and then find a way back to this realm.

Section Nineteen: The Programmer Of Reality

I am going to make a few analogies; specifically computer games with physical reality, and more specifically the World of Warcraft to physical reality. The World of Warcraft is a massive multi-player online role-playing game based on the fantasy genre. You can be any of a number of races such as human, dwarf, elf, troll, or orc. You can be any of a number of fantasy archetypes such as warrior, wizard, healer, or rogue. The physics of the game is somewhat based on physical reality. If you jump off a cliff, you suffer damage. If you go into battle with an opponent, you suffer damage. In a computer game, the amount of damage you can take is an actual number. Fall below that number and your character dies. There are certain things about the game that are similar to physical reality; if you are damaged and you eat food, your character will heal up faster. However you actually don’t have to eat food at all, your character will still heal up but at a slower rate. So basically without eating anything, your character is healing up from nothing. Your character is healing up because of computer code. And the thing to realize is that the computer code is not an object within the game world itself, your avatar is regenerating health points out of nothing. And this is logical to us because we know that the computer code permits it by using a loop function that increases your health automatically as time passes. So there are two ways to heal up, one way is by eating which is physically logical. The other way is to simply let time pass without eating; this isn’t logical in a realistic physical sense but it is logical in a programming sense. Both ways to heal up exist simultaneously. Your character can walk around and explore the world as much as you want without having to eat. Your character doesn’t lose health points, you can walk around and explore indefinitely. And this is logical to us because we know there is no computer code written that would slowly make us lose health points if we don’t eat. The computer code can be changed, the programmer just has to go in there and change it. You are both the character inside the virtual game and you are also the programmer in the real world who can change the code. So what powers all of this? On one level, it is computer code that is controlling everything. But the computer code itself depends on hardware and the hardware depends on electricity. So ultimately, the World of Warcraft is dependent on electricity to exist. The pixels that make up your avatar on the screen are electricity being harnessed in a certain way. The dungeon you are raiding with other players for phat loot is electricity. Electricity is the power source for a virtual computer world.

The analogy I am trying to make is that physical reality is ultimately powered by consciousness. The ground that you walk on is consciousness. The computer screen you are looking at to read this essay is consciousness. The people you interact with everyday, they are consciousness. Your body is consciousness. The thoughts you have, they are consciousness. The food you eat is consciousness. The water you drink is consciousness. Consciousness is the world, the code, the hardware, and the power source. And consciousness just is. Can you change the code of reality? Is consciousness fluid and dynamic and capable of change? Are you the programmer and simultaneously the character of your own virtual world? We eat because we are afraid we will die if we don’t. Eating is ultimately an expression of fear. Go to a restaurant or a grocery store, everyone there is expressing fear. And if you really sit down and think about it, having children is also an expression of fear. The need to spread your genetics is an expression of fear. Having children for the wrong reasons will make you grow old. I’m fairly certain my parents love me, but even I realize I was born out of fear. I’m sure you’ve seen wildlife documentaries where a lion is hunting a zebra. You don’t normally think of the lion as being afraid. But the lion is afraid. The lion is afraid that if he doesn’t eat, he’s going to die. And the lion projects that fear onto the zebra. Fear appears to be some type of “contract” or it enables a contract. Both participants must have fear in order for the contract to happen. Is it possible that eating may not even be necessary? Why does something have to die so that you can live? You don’t have to eat when you are dreaming. Why would you have to eat when you are awake? When you eat something, you are basically saying that you cannot exist unless food exists. This also implies that food has to exist first before you can even hope to come into existence yourself. Either you are creating the food, or the food creates you. But the food is not the perceiver, you are. You are in your own mind, you have always been in your own mind all along. Your “real” mind is the entire universe. Why would you have to eat if you are in your own mind? If this is true, if you don’t even have to eat to exist; then if the economy of your country collapses, or even if the global economy collapses, it wouldn’t matter at all. Famine and drought wouldn’t matter. A when-shit-hits-the-fan scenario wouldn’t matter. Lawlessness and anarchy wouldn’t matter. A college education wouldn’t matter. You could be an immortal, homeless, jobless bum. Food, water, shelter, and money would be completely irrelevant. An extinction level event wouldn’t matter. If a huge asteroid hit the earth and you found shelter in a cave; and when you emerged from the cave you were the only human left, it wouldn’t matter. You wouldn’t need to learn how to farm or gather food, you could survive and exist on sheer will power. If you never eat, you never have to take a shit; that has to have some type of appeal. No man, woman, government, corporation, culture, society, or global banking system would have power over you. You would truly know freedom. That’s what this essay is essentially about, your freedom, your liberation from the system. If any powers that be try to control you, it will be through food. If you have to eat, are you truly free? If you still have to eat, then it means you can still be controlled. And a genuine masculine spirit does not like being controlled. I think fear really is the only thing that is holding us back. Although this essay is about enlightenment, can I truly say I am enlightened? I don’t think I can because I still eat and shit. One of the ways the system seems to perpetuate itself is the use of contracts, a contract is a method of control. If you refuse to live without a contract, the system finds a way of eliminating you. It won’t kill you outright or directly; because you know, killing you outright is immoral as opposed to killing you indirectly. As I mentioned earlier, more and more physicists are coming to the conclusion that reality is a computer simulation; so I believe these analogies are appropriate. Here is an important thing to understand. When physicists say that reality is like a computer simulation, this might lead you to think that reality is exactly like a computer; that there is a CPU, a central processing unit, that is generating reality. This might lead you to think that there is an unseen physical structure that exists “behind” reality and that makes reality possible. There is no unseen physical structure that makes reality possible. There is no unseen “database” that is keeping track of the state and position of every particle or object in the universe. Let me clarify this further with three definitions. The word rational means that something is based on logic. The word irrational also means that something is based on logic, and using logic as a basis means that irrational is something that is not logical. Irrational is the opposite of rational. The word arational means something is not based on logic in any way. Arational is not the opposite of rational. Existence is arational. Existence does not have, nor does it require, an explanation. It just is, and that’s it. If reality is nothing more than a type of single-player virtual computer game, who is creating the game? And who put you in it? You are creating the game, and it was you who put yourself in it.

Go outside on a warm, sunny day. Close your eyes and turn your face towards the sun. Feel the warmth on your face. What’s happening here? The sun is roughly 93,000,000 miles away. It is so large that 1,300,000 planet earths can fit inside it. There are thermonuclear reactions taking place and the sun releases this energy as photons of light. These photons speed through space, reach earth, and eventually hit your face and you feel the warmth. But it’s all an illusion. It’s certainly mathematically precise and scientific, but it’s still just an illusion. What’s really happening? There are no thermonuclear reactions actually occurring. Photons are not actually speeding through space to reach our planet. The sun is not millions of miles away; it’s actually right in front of you, you just can’t feel anything when you reach out to it. And the sun actually isn’t warm, it has no temperature. Because you are consciousness, you are directly creating the warmth yourself and placing the warmth on your face. But you hide this power under the illusion of math and science. For all “practical” purposes though, you can consider all of these things to actually be happening. But in reality, nothing is physical; everything is mental.

Let’s consider the television. It is a complex electrical instrument full of wiring, resistors, capacitors, inductors, diodes, etc. While you are watching tv, none of those electrical components actually exist in physical reality. If you open the tv, that’s when all of those components come into physical existence.

Imagine that you are a man living about 10,000 years ago. Civilization has not been invented yet. All that exists are hunter/gatherer tribes. You and your tribe see a buffalo. Your tribe kills the buffalo. The buffalo’s muscles, fat, and internal organs do not actually exist. They only come into existence when you cut the buffalo open. You are eating an illusion. Instead of creating the buffalo, killing it, and then eating it to sustain your body; just create your body instead. You are existence itself, therefore you don’t need anything to exist. You don’t need food, water, money, or women. You don’t need this essay, you don’t even need to breathe. You don’t breathe when you are dreaming. The world record for someone holding their breath underwater is 22 minutes. How long before people start doing it for 1 hour? 2 hours? A whole day? To not need anything is the essence of masculinity. To need something means that the world controls you. The need for God, the need for anything is all in your head. All of this implies that consciousness can violate the laws of thermodynamics as we currently know them.

Section Twenty: Why Do We Grow Old And Die?

Scientists looks for scientific reasons of course. And that’s fine because science is science. Scientists have determined that one of the factors that causes aging is due to the telomeres in our DNA getting shorter every time a cell divides. But what is actually the root cause? Our primary needs are food and water. We live thinking and believing that we cannot exist unless we have food and water. Perhaps thinking and believing that we need food and water to exist is exactly the direct cause of why we grow old and die? However, there may be more to it. Most people have an omnivorous diet which means they eat meat. To eat meat means that something has to die. How can you possibly expect to avoid your own death if you perpetuate death on other things? No, you don’t kill the animal directly. You just buy it at the grocery store. But you know, that’s just you trying not to see the truth. Paying someone else to do it does not absolve you. Humane killing of animals does not exist, humane killing is an oxymoron. Most people consider killing another human being to be an act of evil, but don’t give it a second thought when an animal is killed. Does this mean it’s only possible to commit evil on another human? Does this mean it’s not possible to commit evil on an animal? Whatever. Deny it all you want, but the meat industry is very cruel. And if you eat meat, you are complicit. If you kill another person or animal, this changes your DNA. In your mind, you conceive that you are in fact responsible for another being’s death. This concept, now solidified in your mind, will express itself in your DNA. If you cause suffering or bullying on another person or animal, this changes your DNA. To perpetuate suffering and death directly causes your own suffering and death by changing your DNA and by changing your body’s physiology. Wouldn’t you agree that growing old is a type of suffering? Because you physically break apart the bodies of animals, you will slowly cause your own body to break apart; organs, brain tissue, muscles, bones, teeth, all of it. I would then have to conclude that the eastern philosophy of karma is real. Despite having eaten meat every day for most of my life, this is something I have concluded from my ponderings and it does seem logical to me. I’m not claiming that chickens have as much a right to live out their lives as humans do, they are just stupid animals. Seriously, they’re stupid little shits. They can’t program in C++, they can’t build roads, they can’t set up your entertainment system, they can’t fix your car when it breaks down, they can’t comprehend morality, they can’t comprehend social contracts. The only thing they are useful for is to taste good. They should be so glad being eaten is the only way they can be useful that they should be chopping their own heads off for us. Chickens are so ungrateful aren’t they? When you eat meat, you are putting suffering and death inside your body; and you are baffled as to why your own body expresses suffering and death? My favorite steak was rib-eye, I loved the taste of fat along with the muscle. But I’ve become consciously aware that my desire to live far exceeds my desire to eat meat. If my desire to live far exceeds my desire to eat meat, then I came to the logical conclusion that I must stop eating meat. My motivations are actually selfish, not moral. You don’t have to be a moral person, you just have to be a selfish person. And being selfish is something everyone can do easily. Stop eating meat and you can live forever. I will go so far as to say eating meat is the cause of all diseases, 100% of all diseases; cancer, alzheimer’s, parkinson’s, diabetes, arthritis, osteoporosis; even minor, non-lethal ailments such as psoriasis, acne, or bad skin complexion. If you stop eating meat, these diseases should reverse. And for the record, I am not a medical doctor. I know it is very difficult to comprehend that a chicken might not want to be killed and eaten, just as you would not want to be killed and eaten. I myself did not truly comprehend this until I had been vegan for a year. Only then did the moral arguments vegans had been making actually make any sense to me. There is one more crucial facet to all of this. You cannot be opposed to animal slaughterhouse cruelty and eat them at the same time. If you want to eat animals, you should not care at all about animal welfare. There is no hypocrisy in having this position, and I believe you will live slightly longer than if you take a hypocritical stance. This is why assholes can live a long time, they’re not hypocrits. They die from other things, but it’s certainly not because of hypocrisy. Now science can overcome this at some point with genetic manipulation, but I don’t think we’re there yet. So another option is to go vegan now, and then when science is good enough you can go back to eating meat. But if you go back to eating meat, you will simply change your genetics back to the way they were before. And the science required for this next genetic manipulation would have to be even more advanced. I’m just thinking this through and trying to help you out.

Does this essay advocate veganism? Yes. And it must be veganism, vegetarianism is not good enough and still causes suffering. For you religious nuts out there, there was nothing wrong with Cain’s sacrifice. To claim that God was displeased with Cain is human projection. Now understand I’m not trying to force you to be vegan. But I am dangling the carrot of immortality in front of your face. Is that enticing enough? I would say that people who became vegan out of a sense of morality are definitely more evolved though. That is my one regret about this, to have become vegan out of selfishness instead of out of morality. But even vegans can be hypocrites as they say nothing about the exploitation of migrant workers that gather their food or say nothing about the tech companies that exploit the third world to make the smartphones that they love so much. I do currently own and use an iPhone. I am aware that factory workers who make iPhones have killed themselves due to the work conditions. Will this make me grow old and die? I hope not, I really like my iPhone. Even if you are vegan, you still have to ask yourself, “Where is this food coming from? Is someone being exploited or is not being given adequate compensation for their efforts? Did another human being suffer so that I can eat this food?”

The vegan community does have its problems, but it is a step in the right direction. Now there are accounts of people attempting veganism and running into health problems, and so they give up on veganism and go back to eating meat. Are these health problems real? Of course they are. But they are manifested out of fear, not because of veganism. Or maybe the truth is you simply want to go back to eating meat and you are creating these health problems as an excuse. Once you realize eating meat is killing you, your sense of self-preservation should kick in and you will find eating meat to be repulsive. But keep it to yourself, don’t express your disgust if you still want to have your friends. None of my family or friends are vegan; but I do what I can, which is lead by example. One of the reasons we indulge in destructive behaviour is because we believe we can’t live forever; well I say you can. Another obvious conclusion is that predators will never be able to achieve enlightenment; they can survive and evolve as a species, but not as individuals. I’m not saying we should give animals rights and let them vote and stuff, I’m just saying we leave them alone. I realize going vegan will be difficult for most men, since we view killing and eating meat as something that is very masculine. But I wouldn’t worry, I’m sure other ways of expressing masculinity will soon evolve. Now this next topic may seem like a tangent and completely off base, but I don’t think it is. If we accept the premise that one must respect other conscious beings such as animals, then we shouldn’t be circumcising baby boys. Just because a baby boy hasn’t been able to formulate language yet doesn’t give you the right to violate its body and mutilate its genitals. If you did have the right to violate another being’s body, then there wouldn’t be any consequences and you wouldn’t grow old. If you’re a doctor or whatever and want to circumcise baby boys, go ahead, no one’s stopping you and for whatever reason it’s culturally acceptable. But ultimately, I believe you will suffer for it somehow. Oh wait, I forgot; it’s not really genital mutilation because it’s boys, not girls. My bad.

I previously brought up the topic of sleep paralysis in an earlier section. I would like to expound on it a bit more and I have personally suffered from sleep paralysis for a very long time, I’d say a good fifteen years. I still experience it from time to time, but I have noticed the frequency has lessened; and I believe I will eventually stop experiencing it altogether as my body gradually gets rid of all the bad stuff I have eaten. The current scientific opinion is that most of our DNA is “junk” DNA that has no purpose, only a small portion of our DNA is actually responsible for coding our bodies and protein synthesis. There is growing scientific evidence that “junk” DNA actually codes for traumatic emotions. This theory is called teemosis and is a relatively new theory. Here in America, most of our meat is factory farmed and then the animals are all transported to slaughterhouses. One by one, each animal is slaughtered. The ones that are not slaughtered first get to witness the first victim’s death. Each animal most likely experiences fear and helplessness. These traumatic emotions that the animal experiences are then coded into its DNA. And basically you get to experience these same emotions because you eat the meat which has DNA that is coded with these emotions. And the two main emotions you experience under sleep paralysis are fear and helplessness. An animal under stress will also likely create and release chemicals into it’s system, and I’m sure these chemicals are bad for you. Eating meat is most likely the cause of any and all nightmares that you may have. If teemosis is real, then it is possible the son inherits the sins of the father genetically. Now this is a possible scientific explanation for sleep paralysis. A consciousness explanation is more simple. You know that eating meat requires that an animal dies. You know that animals raised in captivity for the sole purpose of becoming food are helpless to prevent their own deaths. You are just reflecting this experience onto yourself. So if you suffer from sleep paralysis and you want it to end, just stop eating meat; and you get immortality as a nice bonus. There may be a more sinister cause of sleep paralysis, such as it being a type of spiritual attack.

Refrain from eating fish, honey, eggs, and dairy products as well. Surprisingly this does have to be pointed out and clarified, fish are animals. The egg industry kills male chicks by the boatload. Female hens, forced to produce an unnaturally large amount of eggs, suffer as they end up using the calcium from their own bones to produce the egg itself. The dairy industry is basically rape and sexual exploitation. The dairy industry is feminism’s biggest hypocrisy. For a female cow to continually produce milk, she has to be continually raped and impregnated. And as soon as she gives birth her offspring are taken away from her. Do you honestly believe that, despite being raped, she is not heartbroken every time her calf is taken away? When a female cow has her calf taken away she will make annoying “moo” noises for days, annoying from the viewpoint of the farmer anyway. Isn’t it obvious? This is how she cries. She doesn’t shed tears the way humans do, she is limited by her species’ vocal cords, less facial muscles reduces her expressions, so it doesn’t seem as emotive as when a human is crying; but it’s the same thing, the same emotions a human female would have if her child was taken from her. But it’s just female cows, not female humans. It doesn’t matter right? It’s just an animal, so it’s not really rape. Veganism should fix obesity problems, reduce body odor, reduce bad breath, and prevent you from getting parasites. It’s ok if you mess up and accidentally eat some cheese now and then. I’m not trying to make light of the suffering that female cows go through, but cheese is something that can slip by you very easily if you’re not paying attention. This is speculation and I have no scientific proof of this. When you eat an animal you also eat it’s DNA. The animal’s DNA could potentially affect your DNA. Within the animal’s DNA are instructions for its behavior. For most animals, its primary concerns are obtaining food and reproducing. It should be obvious that if these are your main concerns, enlightenment is basically impossible.

Avoid oils too, even vegetable oils. An oil is a slow flowing viscous fluid. Do you honestly want to put a slow flowing viscous fluid in your body? Oils probably inhibit your body’s ability to take in nutrients. Your body’s natural fluid is water, not oil. You could easily drink a whole glass of water right? But could you drink a whole glass of oil? Yes I know, fried food tastes awesome. There are air fryers now, look into those. Do not buy leather or wool products. You are also complicit in the psychological suffering of the men who work in slaughterhouses. If you can’t find sympathy for animals; then try to find sympathy for the men who kill for you and the suffering they go through, for suffer they do. Can you imagine the dreams they must have? I’m sure it’s not fluffy clouds and rainbows. I have seen animal slaughterhouse footage where men actually seem to enjoy what they’re doing. I don’t think they enjoy what they are doing, I believe they are suffering and they don’t know how to get out. If you are a man who works in the animal slaughter industry and you read this and have the wherewithal to get out, I would refrain from trying psychedelics right away. I believe this to be sound advice. There are parallels to the suffering of men who work in slaughterhouses to the suffering of you, the buying consumer. And just like the men who work in slaughterhouses, you don’t see it. The egg, dairy, and meat industry is slavery. I would also refrain from supporting bullfighting or dogfighting. Do not participate if you want to live forever.

Even simply wanting other people to die probably changes you. If you want to kill gays, atheists, and infidels; but you don’t actually have the guts to do it yourself, you are probably going to make yourself grow old. If you want to kill all those crazy muslims so that they don’t kill you first; same thing, you’re going to make yourself grow old. Extracting revenue from others causes suffering. Extracting revenue is not the same thing as a fair exchange of goods, services, or labor. If you cause suffering, but you do not cause death directly; you will basically create a slow death for yourself. Think back to when you were only 4 years old, and you were cruel to another child. On that day you changed yourself on a genetic level, and you were only 4 years old.

Let’s take a look at the pharmaceutical industry. No one involved in the pharmaceutical industry is actually trying to find a cure for anything. They are simply trying to come up with more ways to increase suffering and profit from it. Does everyone involved in the pharmaceutical industry have DNA and a physiology that will eventually cause them to die. I would say the answer is yes. If you are involved in any type of industry that exploits the suffering of others, you are most likely causing yourself a slow death. I would also classify the medical industry, law industry, traffic tickets, parking enforcement, politics, and mainstream media as “technically” evil. Let’s take this idea even further. If you judge people, if you think you are better than them, this would probably cause you to develop physical imperfections such as small growths, markings, skin discoloration, or general poor health. Allow me to speak of personal circumstances. I have an academic and highly technical background; lots of math and science. I am just speaking truthfully now, people like me do tend to think of ourselves as being superior to others. As a result of me thinking this, I have developed some discoloration and small growths on my skin. Me thinking that I am superior is the direct cause of my physical imperfections. As I am slowly learning not to judge others, I believe these will reverse and eventually go away. But this brings up a new problem for me. Is vanity my motivation for not judging others? I’ve also realized that when I think I am superior to others, it is just another form of insecurity. I will say to myself, “I’ve studied so much math and so much science; I’m better than most people”. The mere fact that I have to affirm that about myself reveals just how insecure I am doesn’t it? So yes, people who think they are superior do have insecurities. Let’s consider vegans. Most vegans really truly believe that they are superior to everyone. Will this sense of superiority be your downfall? Yes, I believe it will be. This sense of superiority will probably make you develop physical ailments and make you grow old; which defeats the purpose of being vegan in the first place. Being a good person is not what kills you, judging others and believing you are superior is what kills you. No one knows you better than your own mind, you are your own judge.

Let’s look at the opposite of wanting to kill or wanting to hate. If you do not judge another person and you are kind to them, this should improve your DNA. You literally extend your life. Every kind act that you do will directly benefit you by improving your DNA, you will evolve. Even if you are nice to someone and they are not nice back to you, you still benefit, you still win. I’m sure you have family and friends that you love. Don’t you want them to live forever with you? But if you want immortality for yourself, then you must sincerely and genuinely want it for every conscious living thing as well; this includes animals, annoying christians, crazy muslims, violent blacks, the white “buffer” classes that maintain power structure, and the global elite themselves. You can’t hurt yourself either by letting other people take advantage of you. Do not allow yourself to be a victim. If you don’t stand up for yourself, you will grow old.

If you’re an asshole you are generally only concerned with your own self-interests. But it is actually to your own self-interest that you should respect others and not exploit anyone; well, if you want to be immortal anyway. Ironically, if you’re an asshole; you should be able to understand this essay more easily than a nice guy. The best form of self-preservation is to actually respect other conscious beings. This means not exploiting those who are already economically disadvantaged on all scales; personal, societal, governmental, and global. An example, here in America, is the exploitation of black males within the justice system and the prison system without acknowledging that poverty, lack of education, and fatherlessness all play a factor in crime. In fact, the justice system and prison system exist solely to exploit black men. The basis of all racism is nothing more than sexual jealousy, so it’s essentially mate-guarding. It is the fear that your sperm will not procreate, and you are willing to kill for it. Without any type of social conditioning, women will naturally seek out men who are genetically different. This reduces the probability of their children being born with genetic disorders. This is nothing more than survival on the genetic level. Even if you are a law-abiding citizen and work a steady job; if you support a government or a power structure that exploits others or wants to go to war, you are going to die. Even if you are not a terrorist yourself; if you are an Islamic terrorist supporter, you are going to die. If you are a CEO and you exploit third world labor or a poor country’s natural resources, this is probably what is making you die. First world countries will often dump their garbage into third world countries; and because third world countries are poor, there’s nothing they can do about it. You’re essentially dumping a problem you create onto someone else. If you are a politician and you lie, this probably makes you die as well. If you participate in siphoning resources from black communities, through whatever governmental, social, legal, or political machinations, this will make you die. To exploit the already disadvantaged under a facade of civility is hardly civilized. I’m also fairly certain European banking still somehow exploits Africa. Do I know the details? No. The banking system isn’t something I’ve studied extensively. European banking isn’t necessarily controlled by Europeans, that’s just the geogaphical location. I’m also fairly certain China is now doing the same thing. If you are black and you feel its ok to call a fellow black person the “N” word, but you get offended when a non-black person says it; this is hypocrisy. Either no one can say it or everyone can say it, make up your god damn minds. Hypocrisy and immortality cannot coexist within the same singular being. Your DNA, which you create, will not allow it. When you make other beings suffer, you are creating an imbalance to your existence. This imbalance must be accounted for somehow, I believe you account for this imbalance by making yourself grow old.

This means the basis of “morality” is your own existence, or maybe we can say karma. You do not need man-made laws to form a basis for morality, you do not need religion to form a basis for morality. You do not need to create God or Allah in your head so that this being can be the basis for your morality. Morality is absolute and not subjective. That’s right, I said it; morality is absolute and its rules apply to every conscious living thing, no human or animal is exempt. Your culture is useless, your man-made laws are useless, your religion is useless, your mythologies are useless, your symbols are useless, your holy books are useless. You are wrong on all counts. We can then define evil as doing things that make you grow old and die, and we can define good as doing things that keep you youthful and extend your life. You don’t need religion for morality; in fact you don’t even need empathy for morality. All you need for morality is selfishness. Ironic isn’t it? If you don’t cause any type of suffering, but you are still growing old; well at this point, it’s just a matter of believing that you can live forever and that you deserve it and that you are worthy of it. Again, I say be selfish. Treat your fellow man with a reasonable amount of decency and you can live forever. Brotherly love and racial harmony has nothing to do with this. It doesn’t matter if other people never find out about the wrong or evil things you do, because you will always know. It doesn’t matter if people never figure out the lies you tell, because you will always know. Did you ever stop to think that the lies and deception you perpetuate are what make you grow old? Deceptive advertising practices make you grow old. You can also lie without saying anything. Are you an athlete who takes steroids? It doesn’t matter if no one ever finds out. You will always know that “naturally” you just weren’t good enough and it will age you, especially if you have reaped monetary rewards from it. Think of all the lies you tell your family. Yes mom I’ve been looking for work. Think of all the lies you tell your friends. I was there, I saw it all. Think of all the lies you tell your boss. Yes I’ve been working on it. Think of all the lies you tell yourself. No one will ever find out. And you think governments and media don’t tell you lies? If you really want to get philosophical about it; there is no such thing as morality, there is no such thing as good and evil, there is no such thing as right and wrong. There is only action and consequence. If you perpetuate death, you will die. If you perpetuate life, you get to live. It really is that simple; I don’t believe this is difficult to understand. Death is nothingness. Life is infinite complexity. Which one do you want? It’s nice to experience nothingness every now and then, that’s what meditation and sleep is for. But do you really want to stay there? Realize that death is neither right or wrong, and that life is neither right or wrong. They are simply states of existence. Many philosopher’s think the basis of morality should be empathy. Unfortunately, this is not good enough. On a strictly Darwinian level of survival, there is nothing to stop a bigger stronger man from killing a smaller weaker man and taking all the resources. With regards to Darwinian survival, empathy has no advantages whatsoever. If the basis of morality is karma and the consequence of evil is death, then it makes perfectly logical sense not to kill or exploit other people. Empathy is not objective, but your existence is objective.

Does owning pets make you grow old? I think so yes. I don’t think it even matters if you are a benevolent master and you treat your pet as well as you possibly can. Pet ownership is slavery. Is it more acceptable because it’s a stupid animal and not another human being? Morality is absolute, there are no shades of gray. Even if it’s just a stupid animal; it is still a conscious, sentient, and self-aware being. Many people believe morality evolves. The argument used for this is usually slavery. At one point in American history owning slaves was considered normal and it was even legal, but now it is considered wrong; therefore morality evolved. Well, are any slave owners who lived during the antebellum south still alive? I don’t think so. This means legality does not absolve you, hierarchy does not absolve you either. You can practice slavery if you want, you can even use IQ tests to justify it. You might even be able to mathematically prove that slavery is a good economic model. You might even be able to convince yourself that slavery also benefits those that are enslaved. We’re all very good at playing mental games with ourselves. Is indentured servitude slavery? I’m gonna say yes, feel free to disagree. Physical lifeforms evolve, but I don’t think morality does. If you own pets I believe the ethical thing to do is to keep taking care of the pets you currently have until they die, but refrain from getting more pets in the future. I believe you can have animals as genuine companions but this would only be possible in rural areas, and the animal would have to be given free reign to come and go as it pleases and feeding the animal would not be your responsibility.

Realize what is really happening, your DNA doesn’t actually exist right at this moment. There is no way that you can directly observe or sense your DNA. It only comes into existence if DNA sequencing is performed on you. Since your DNA doesn’t exist, it’s not your DNA that is making you grow old; YOU are making you grow old. The telomere shortening in your DNA is simply how making yourself grow old expresses itself physically. You are, in essence, punishing yourself. Stop punishing yourself. You will always exist. Whether or not you will always exist on this physical plane is entirely up to you.

Section Twenty One: Why Do Empires Rise And Fall?

This is a fascinating topic that has been studied by many historians. Extensive studies have been done on the Roman Empire, and a correlation can be made that the rise of feminism in the Roman Empire eventually led to its downfall. Feminism is not the root cause for societal collapse. The reason empires or societies fall is because of the foundation they were built upon. Most empires are built upon the foundation of either violence or exploitation. What was American society built upon? The subjugation, extermination, and genocide of Native American populations; all of America’s problems today is because of this. I’m sure you understand the concept of blood money, money obtained at the cost of another’s life; America is blood land. I suspect we will eventually have to answer for this, myself included. I have not attempted an extensive study, but as I understand it, something similar happened in Russia. Many “native” Russians, peoples of the steppes, were also genocided the way Native Americans were genocided. Oh, and by the way African-Americans, you are not actually from Africa; you truly are Native American, or aboriginal, or first nation, whatever the legal term is. The slave narrative was created so that you could make no legal claims to the land that your ancestors already lived on. So yeah, you got one pulled over on you. No reason to feel bad though, we’ve all been played. It’s not likely Native Americans were all living in noble and peaceful harmony with each other prior to Europeans. This is unrealistic and most likely not the truth. I’m sure there was warfare, tribes were probably already trying to conquer and exploit other tribes. It’s not the Europeans fault they came in with superior technology, superior diseases, and superior political cunning. But at some point, all of this has to stop if we are to evolve. You always go to the root, you always go to the beginning to solve a problem. American society was built upon a foundation of evil, whether or not Native Americans were warring and trying to conquer each other prior to Europeans is irrelevant. Evil will always purposely try to find a way to destroy itself. This is the true nature of evil. Someone who is evil is just trying to find a way to destroy himself. This not only applies to an individual person, but it also applies to large structured societies as well. And in American society, there is an unbelievable amount of exploitation; so yes, American society is purposely trying to destroy itself. It literally is a type of slow suicide. As long as American society exploits even one group of people, it is destined to die. Whether or not American society survives or collapses, I do not care either way. America is a very weird place in a lot of ways. There is a lot of racism and inequality, but yet there is a facade of supposed civility. If America is to survive there can be no hypocrisy, so we shouldn’t do things like banning muslims or any type of brown people from entering the country. America must be for everyone. Seriously America, stop exploiting black people. Maybe you don’t exploit black people directly; but you still participate in the system, and the system exploits black people. The system is making all of us grow old. Your privilege is making you grow old just as much as a petty criminal trying to mug you makes him grow old. If you work for the government and you lie to the people that are governed, don’t you think this would affect you somehow? We all know the government is responsible for war and death; yet we stand and praise the flag and sing the national anthem at every sporting event. Don’t you think this would affect us somehow? All the museums with stolen or looted artifacts from others cultures, don’t you think its time to return them? Were they every truly yours to begin with? All the human skeletons on display in museums, did these people really donate their body to science or were they murdered? What race were they? The global banking system is also built on a foundation of exploitation, its own collapse is inevitable. Evil will encroach into your life every now and then. Your goal is to think long term. The best way to conquer evil is to outlive it. Even though the ultimate result of evil is death, evil still has the right to come into existence. No matter how vile or horrendous a crime can be, it still has the right to exist. Government, religion, society, meat-eaters, anything that seeks to exploit or enslave another conscious being; they are all trying to destroy themselves. The good news is, you don’t have to do anything. You don’t have to put in any effort; you don’t even have to lift a finger. You can just be a passive observer and watch all the evil in front of you grow old and die, such as people who feel they are superior or feel they have a superior culture. Even if World War 3 breaks out, all you have to do is stay out of it and survive.

Let’s now consider the black plague which ravaged all of Europe during the 1300s. It is one of the most devastating pandemics that occurred in human history and was estimated to kill 100 million people, possibly more. The Europeans that did survive were genetically superior to Europeans who didn’t survive. No definitive explanation has yet been given as to why the black plague simply ended. I believe the black plague killed itself. The black plague was caused by microorganisms. An entire continent and its human population was brought to its knees by a microorganism. I define evil as doing things that make you grow old and die. These microorganisms were doing a lot of killing, they were perpetuating death. On some level of consciousness, the microorganisms realized they were doing this. This changed their DNA and their physiology; and as a result, the microorganisms simply died. As silly as it sounds, this means morality also applies to microorganisms; this is more evidence that morality is absolute and not subjective. This also implies that the direct cause of genetic mutations is thought itself, thought is the direct cause of evolution. Now consider the possibility that we are microorganisms of this planet; and that the earth, on some level we are unaware of, is conscious. The microorganisms that killed humans during the black plague were not aware that humans were conscious. Is an ant aware that a human is conscious? If the earth is conscious, perhaps cataclysms such as earthquakes or hurricanes are the earth’s way of reducing the human population to lessen the damage we do? If the earth is conscious, wouldn’t polluting the earth be equivalent to hurting the earth and causing the earth to suffer? How is it that some species of lizards can regrow their limbs? Because they know they can. These lizards are not just regrowing muscle; they are regrowing bone, blood vessels, nerves, skin. Mole rats can internally create their own oxygen. Some predators can see in infrared. Deep sea animals and fireflies can be bioluminescent. The electric eel can discharge electricity to stun its prey. Somewhere inside the eel’s body is a structure that generates electricity. And it’s all encoded in their genetics. If you’re familiar with electronics you know that electrical energy can be stored in capacitors. There are probably structures inside the eel’s body that act just like capacitors. This is Ohm’s Law:

V = I x R

Voltage equals the current times the resistance. This is the most basic equation for electricity and every first year physics student knows it. I highly doubt the eel is mathematically aware of this equation, the eel doesn’t know that V = I x R. The eel has somehow evolved this unique ability; in fact, it could even be considered a super power. So one could conclude that a conscious being can develop “certain” abilities without explicit knowledge of mathematics. That’s good news for you guys who can’t stand math. I discovered comic books when I was 11 and they sparked my imagination. I read Daredevil, Power Man and Iron Fist, Spider-Man, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Moon Boy and Devil Dinosaur, Shang Chi Master of Kung Fu, Unknown Soldier, Batman, Superman, and Metal Men. I often imagined having super-powers. If you are missing teeth, I’m certain we can grow them back. I’m missing teeth myself. This might take awhile though; possibly many years of focus, meditation, concentration, mental visualization, desire, and will. If you have physical deformities, I’m sure you can slowly, very slowly, infinitesimally, fix yourself; otherwise immortality would not be fair. If you’re a man and you’re short, I can see how you would consider being short a physical deformity. I understand, I’m short myself. I’m technically a manlet, not even an actual man. I know my place. It’s ok for women to be short, but not ok for a man. Here is some sound advice from a short man, me, to other short men. Never get angry, never display it. An angry short man looks ridiculous, people just laugh at you and do not take you seriously. If you’re tall; yes, it’s fine, you can get angry. If you are kind and just and non-judgemental, and you feel you deserve to be physically perfect; then yes, you deserve to be physically perfect. Perhaps if you are kind and just and non-judgemental, becoming physically perfect will just naturally happen. If you are at peace with your physical deformities and you can be immortal with them, that’s fine too. Can we develop super powers? I think so, I don’t see why not. The electric eel has evolved and created physical structures in its body that act like capacitors. For us to fly we would need to create physical structures in our bodies that negate the effects of gravity. This is currently theoretical, but the particle that is responsible for gravity is the graviton. The existence of the graviton has not yet been verified by modern physics, but all theory does point to its existence. By symmetry, the anti-graviton would have to exist as well. The cells of our bodies would some how need to create these anti-gravitons. I’m vegan, but I do miss the flavor of certain things like leche flan. Sometimes if I mentally focus I can actually taste a very very very tiny amount of that flavor. I’m certain this is something everyone on the planet has done, it might even compel you to go out to a restaurant or grocery to buy that food. I know what you’re thinking, you’re just recreating the taste in your mind and that is a valid argument. But what if you actually are in fact creating, out of thin air, out of nothing, a very small amount of that particular flavor molecule directly on your tongue? The implications would be astounding. Could we then create structures in our cells that would enable us to fly? The story of Icarus originated from ancient Greek mythology. He was a man who found a way to fly, so man’s desire to fly has been in our genetics for at least 2000 years. I suspect our desire to fly has been in our genetics far longer than this. Can we create energy and water inside our own bodies and never have to eat again? Is teleportation instantly transporting all your cells and molecules from one location to another? Maybe on one level it is. I think on a more fundamental level, you are simply changing what you perceive as your surroudings. Can you perceive time slower or faster than others? I’m sure if you work at it, you’ll get there. How long does an insect live? 30 days? Maybe the insect perceives and experiences those 30 days of life the same way we perceive and experience 70 years of life? I have had psychedelic experiences where I’ve perceived time very slowly. I have had psychedelic experiences where I was trapped in a repeating time loop.

But anyways, I hope you see the parallels of a virulent strain of microorganism to a highly structured society based on exploitation. I do not think there is anything wrong with being part of a collective society, but you have to contribute meaningfully to the collective society and do your share. And yes, simply working a minimum wage job would be a meaningful contribution. The purpose of a collective society is so that everyone benefits equally and is treated equally, and no one can be turned away. Anything else would be hypocrisy. There can be no hunger, poverty, or homelessness. And everything done to run the collective society must be completely transparent. If a collective society does not do this; I don’t think it will survive. It may take thousands of years, but it will eventually destroy itself. If you freeload, take advantage, or exploit the collective society in some way or go against its purpose; this probably makes you grow old. So you don’t want to do things like exploit welfare, develop technology that automates revenue extraction such as traffic stop cameras, or write computer viruses that do nothing but disrupt systems. Does writing programs that datamine a person’s online habits without their permission violate that being’s sanctity? Which would make you, the writer of the program, grow old? Probably not if you just write the program and then run it for kicks. But if you take that information and sell it, that’s exploitation. It would practically cost you nothing, but yet you would make money from it. It would probably make you grow old if you sell personal information. Also do not allow corporations to sponsor, endorse, or take over open-source initiatives.

Section Twenty Two: Racism

If you are racist; I will now try to present logical arguments as to why, at the very least, you should not be outwardly racist. I will not make any moral arguments, my arguments will be in the interests of your own self-preservation and your need to establish a genetic legacy. Racism is your mating call, however it reveals you have no confidence in yourself and women do not owe you sex. Whenever I see an interview of a racist guy, that person just exudes sexual frustration. It’s so obvious, I can’t be the only person who sees it. You can’t get laid and you blame it on muslims or immigrants. Let’s say you are racist and are in a position of power and wealth. This enables you to oppress whatever race you hate. You will be successful against 99.999% of the race that you hate, you will be able to keep them down. But for the 0.001% that make it through, they become unstoppable. You create a being with indomitable will. With the oppression you impose upon them, they become genetically superior. This in turn means you would have to evolve more mental deviousness to become better at oppressing that 0.001% as well. But the more oppression you impose, the faster the rate of evolution will occur. Racism is an evolutionary filter. You, in essence, create the very seeds of your own downfall. Simply look at the dominance of African-American males in professional sports. Is intelligence genetic or cultural? It’s cultural. Genetics is an expression of culture. Mental deviousness would also be cultural, this would then also be expressed in genetics. If African-American males decide to develop their intellect as well and pursue scientific, engineering, or technical fields; it’s over, you better pray they don’t find this essay. I actually suspect that technical and scientific contributions of African-Americans has been omitted, ignored, or credited to someone else in our history books. I wonder what words or phrases I could use that would increase the probability of an African-American male finding this essay? Rap sucks? Black lives don’t matter? Maybe I should just use the word “nigger” a few times? It doesn’t matter if the black lives matter movement has been taken over, subverted, and corporatized. The message is still sound and blacks have legitimate grievances with American society. Most African-American males are not professional athletes, they’re just “normal” men; however they’re normal men exceptionally genetically adapted to adversity. Slavery began in America in the 1600s, its now 2019. Even though slavery was abolished in 1865; blacks still had to go through the Jim Crow era, Segregation, and the Civil Rights Movement. That’s at least 400 years of genetic filtering for mental fortitude and genocide survival. No matter what you do, you are not going to be able to finish them off. What makes you think you deserve love and happiness more than a black man does? Interestingly enough, some scholars claim that the 13th amendment does not actually abolish slavery; it’s all obfuscated and cleverly hidden within the game of definitions. I have read many compelling arguments that slavery simply evolved into the modern prison system. And surprise surprise, I wonder what race makes up most of the prison system? I have no doubt african-american men will take to immortality very easily as they are often highly self-reliant simply because they have to be. They know they don’t get help or hand-outs. Does a white guy with a business administration degree really know that much more math and science than a black guy in the ghetto? I don’t think so. A white man can marry an asian woman and he is still considered to be part of the white community. If a white woman “misbehaves” and marries a black man, she is punished economically and ostracized; as if you seek to invalidate her existence, as if she is now less than human. Seems like hypocrisy to me, hypocrisy does make you grow old. Just as hypocrisy makes a person die, societal hypocrisy will make societies die. They say once you go black you never go back, I think the truth is once you go black you’re not allowed to go back. The word slave is derived from the word slavic. European slavics also probably have good genes for survivability and adaptability.

Can you imagine immortal brown people? The thought makes me cringe. I’m brown; but I’m more of a medium shade, so I’m racist to brown people of a more darker shade. Technically that’s colorism, not racism; but why split hairs? Asian-American men have some economic power; so racism against asian men has to be, you know, different. I’m sure there’s a decent amount of asian men out there who have passed through the filter. It is a different type of filter than that experienced by african-american men, but it’s still a filter nonetheless. Trust me, as a man, privilege is the last thing you want. Whatever society purposely makes difficult for you, always accept the challenge. Always attempt that which is more difficult, and you will never have regrets. Do not let lack of privilege beat you, let it motivate you instead. It will be all the more glorious when you succeed. This applies to any man who is oppressed, regardless of race. Oppression can have a racial component to it, particularly here in America; but you can’t use it as an excuse. You are no longer bound by a finite lifespan, you no longer have to play by the rules. You asians don’t get a pass though. You can be very racist against blacks, you disparage them all for the sake of white approval. You will still set up shops in their neighborhoods and use that money to send your kids off to college. And some of you first world asians are also racist to third world asians. Just pointing it out. If you are a restaurant owner and you treat your white customers better than you treat your black customers, does this make you grow old? Now think about this; if blacks didn’t exist, who do you think would bear the brunt of racism? Stop using blacks as your “safety” buffer. How do I know you use blacks as a safety buffer? Because I use blacks as a safety buffer. As long as blacks suffer the worst racism and racism towards me isn’t as bad, it’s all good right? Despite being Asian, I’ve always been able to sympathize with African-American men; perhaps I’m transracialed. I’ve always felt I was a black man trapped in an asian man’s body. Genetic mutation can occur within a single individual at any point in their life. And every single DNA strand, in every single cell of their body, changes simultaneously. The low estimate is that there are 15 trillion cells in the human body, that would be 15 trillion simultaneous mutations in a single person’s body. Evolution can be instantaneous. Evolution does not favor the most intelligent, it favors the most adaptable. If you have an understanding of biological evolution and environmental selection pressures, this should make sense to you. Nature indicates that diversity is a strength, not a weakness.

I would now like to offer my analysis of the Muslim situation in Europe. Yeah I know, there’s raping and terrorism going on and yes it’s wrong. But I’ve seen a lot of images of European women with big signs saying “Refugees Welcome”. Women never tell the truth with regards to their motivations. On the surface, carrying “Refugees Welcome” signs looks altruistic and politically correct. But I think the truth is some of your women want to fuck Muslim men. Maybe they simply don’t want to fuck you anymore. I’m an Asian man, I know Asian women can’t stand us; they’d rather fuck white men. At some point, you just have to accept it and move on. Maybe feminism is a tool women use to repel the men they don’t want. Women don’t tell you upfront they’re not interested, they’re always indirect and hope you can figure it out. In some ways, feminism is women saying they’ll fuck who they want to fuck and there’s nothing you can do about it. The more enlightened I become, the more I notice and see the effects of karma. Most of the European nations that have the muslim problem are nations that did participate in colonialism. Why do men attempt to build empires? For women and resources. So maybe its karma. Karma doesn’t apply to only an individual, I believe it can apply to whole societies and can span large timescales. Maybe it’s karma for something else. It’s happening because something has to balance out. Why are muslims coming into Europe? Maybe it’s because your governments and corporations have taken wealth and resources away from muslim homelands, the same governments and corporations that tell you to fear muslims. Despite all the raping and terrorism I am almost certain there are just as much muslim men who are trying to stop their muslim brethren from doing evil, but I don’t believe these are being reported; because you know, cockblocking. Heaven forbid that any muslim man is portrayed in a positive light. I can also see parallels to the way Muslim men are portrayed today to the way African-American men were portrayed in the past. Muslim men are being portrayed in the media as demonic rapists. But we are all men here, and we all understand each other do we not? We all know it’s just propaganda to get your women to fear muslims, to get your women to live in fear so that they think they need you. Muslim men in Europe, put the guns and bombs away and control your penis. Get a job, go to school, and develop some charm. And if that European woman smiles at you, strike up a conversation. It’s not a guarantee, but it’s an opportunity. At one point in history, Islam was the heart of all scientific knowledge. Make it so once again. But realize things cycle; things rise and fall, rise and fall. That’s just the way it is. If you don’t have respect for European culture, this will ultimately result in your own culture suffering. Yes, there are bad things about European culture; but there are bad things about Islamic culture also.

Hate is a very strong negative emotion. I’m certain your body produces bad chemicals in your system when you express hate, and these chemicals most likely break your body down. And for your body to create these chemicals probably uses up a lot of ATP, so hate drains you of energy as well. It’s not metabolically sustainable. Racism will actually make you physically uglier, your face will physically change along with appropriate genetics. The changes are slow and imperceptable, but you will lose symmetry and physical ailments might start to appear. Your body will ultimately express the true, genuine you. If you are a genuinely nice person but you feel that you are physically ugly, you can’t think this way because you will actually become more asymmetric. And that is unfortunate because you are a nice person.

Now of course, I can’t just say don’t be racist because it’s bad to be racist; that is a meaningless argument. I need to provide some type of logic. If you believe you are superior to someone else, this means you feel that you are more worthy of life than someone else. Maybe you wouldn’t actually pursue genocide, but you wouldn’t mind if it happened right? What is racism basically? You feel you deserve life, happiness, prosperity, comfort, food, and sex more than someone else. I think this attitude will make you grow old. What makes you such an awesome person that makes you think you deserve life and happiness more than someone else? If immortality doesn’t matter to you; then yes, these arguments are pointless. Perhaps you feel immortality isn’t worth it if the world isn’t the way you want it to be; but those are your personal issues, not mine. This goes both ways. If you feel whites don’t deserve to live because of past atrocities, this will age you as well. I’ve seen enough black supremacy videos saying that white people are a cancer or virus on this planet. If you’re racist, your best option at this point is to wait for interstellar space travel to be developed so that you and other like-minded individuals can hop on a rocket and colonize a planet somewhere. If you want it to happen sooner, you yourself should then become instrumental in the development of interstellar space travel so you have to study math, science, and engineering. I think this is better than sitting around and waiting for someone else to figure it out for you. One of my dreams is to explore outer space, just like Star Trek; so I’ll inadvertently be helping you out with your dreams. The least you can do is give me some encouragement.

Section Twenty Three: Duality And Why We Need Animals

Duality is the concept that you always create something and it’s opposite. If you create good, you will also create evil; masculine and feminine, positive and negative, order and chaos, entropy and evolution, yin and yang. If you create salad, you will also create no salad. From my own observations, duality does appear to be one of the laws of reality. If we create an advanced global society where everyone really is treated equally with no exploitation, wouldn’t this be considered good? Therefore evil must exist somewhere else and we would not want it to exist within society. I think animals would fulfill this purpose. Predator animals kill without remorse, wouldn’t this be considered evil? And of course predator animals need prey animals who live in fear of being eaten. If we are fearless, we would need fear to exist somewhere else. If we become immortal, don’t we need things to die? We often believe that animals have no useful purpose to their existence; except for us, as humans, to do with as we please. I think they are very useful, and if you understand this section then you also realize you should be grateful for their existence. I am not certain if consciousness can violate duality. What is the natural order? It’s predator animals killing prey animals. Both live in fear, both die, both need each other. One could consider humans who exploit other humans and humans who allow themselves to be exploited as part of the natural order as well. When it comes to the natural order, you stay out of it, you don’t interfere. Would you try to stop a lion from killing a zebra? No, you wouldn’t. So then why would you try to stop the elite from exploiting humanity through deception, or try to stop a fellow human from eating a steak? The natural order is none of your business. However, with that said, there is likely to be a genetic component to behavior. There is probably a genetic component to violence, and there is probably a genetic component to using deception and lies. A lion uses stealth to kill its prey; it’s a type of deception and its genetic. If you evolve for deception, there will be people who evolve to detect deception. An example of this is “woke” African-Americans and there is nothing you can do about it at this point.

Section Twenty Four: Scientific Implications Of Immortality

Making yourself immortal will probably result in significant changes to your physical body. The wiring of your brain will change and your DNA will change. Even though your brain and DNA do not physically exist right now, they will pop into existence if they are measured. They can be measured by doing a brain scan and by performing DNA sequencing. Let’s say a brain scan and DNA sequencing were performed on you before you made yourself immortal, then a brain scan and DNA sequencing were performed after you made yourself immortal; they would not match, they would not be the same. The inevitable scientific conclusion is that you have evolved into a new species; you are no longer homo sapien, you are something else now. Your body will also have to create new physiological processes in order to implement immortality. What will these new physiological processes be? Most people have generally had enough science to know that our bodies are comprised of cells. We know that cells eventually die, but they will first divide before they die. I think our cells will become immortal as well. Since our very cells will become immortal, there will be no need for our cells to divide. They will only divide and replicate if you get injured. But with regards to normal metabolism, cell division won’t be necessary. One of the reasons we constantly eat is because we have this mental picture in our heads that our cells are constantly dividing, dying, and being replaced; and that this whole process requires constant nutrient intake. But if our cells also become immortal and stop dividing, then this means we would actually need less nutrient intake. Perhaps cell division is our body’s way of getting rid of excess energy that we don’t need. Perhaps we’ve been immortal all along and it is eating more than we need to eat that kills us. Perhaps achieving immortality doesn’t require more physiological processes, but less physiological processes. If your cells become immortal and stop dividing, this will slow down your metabolism. Or maybe if you slow down your metabolism, your cells will become immortal and stop dividing. Or maybe it’s both, maybe it’s a positive feedback loop. And maybe a slower metabolism actually makes it more difficult for unwanted bacteria or viruses to survive in our bodies, so the probability of you getting sick also decreases.

I also find the concept of breathairianism fascinating. There is no definitive scientific conclusion yet, but I would like to put forth some scientific possibilities. Breathairians can supposedly sustain themselves simply by breathing. I’ve watched a few YouTube videos; they claim to no longer need food, they do still seem to need to drink water though. With the exception of our bones, our bodies are made up of proteins. The proteins are made up of amino acids. Below are images of glycine, the simplest amino acid, taken from Wikipedia. Note that it consists of nitrogen, carbon, oxygen, and hydrogen.


[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Nitrogen is found in the air as nitrogen gas. Carbon is found in the air as carbon dioxide. Oxygen is found in the air as oxygen gas and is also in water. Hydrogen is found in water as well. Perhaps some breathairians have created alternate metabolic pathways or even created entirely new processes within their cells. Perhaps they can take the constituents of air and water and make amino acids. Perhaps the ability to do this has simply been turned off in our genetics as we gradually evolved from being single-celled to multicellular. If breathairians have created entirely new processes within their cells, then their genetics have definitely changed as well as their metabolism. Some breathairians claim the stomach can function as a third lung. If breathairianism is possible, I suspect it comes down to pure will… ultimate will.

The amount of times a cell can divide seems to be limited by the amount of telomeres we have. Perhaps our genetics will change so that telomeres become irrelevant or our cells will get rid of them; or we might end up maintaining or lengthening them. I’m just speculating of course. I’m not certain if any of these will happen, but these all seem like logical possibilities. Now I’m certain that science can figure out immortality through genetic engineering and medical advancements, this essay is more of a philosophical approach rather than a scientific one. But science is going to charge you, this essay is free. I don’t know about you, but I think free is a pretty good deal. They say if you get something for free you don’t really appreciate it. That’s alright with me, I just wrote this essay for the lulz. Now anyone can find this essay. Even your enemies can find it, even people you wish death upon can find it. Let it go, revenge is not a road you want to take.

Section Twenty Five: How You Created The Illusion Of Separateness

You experience everything as being separate from you, this separateness is just a frame of reference. You are not separate from everything else. This is best explained by using images with some exposition. These are all just random images I pulled off the internet to help illustrate the ideas of this section. If you own any of these images, simply respond and I will replace your image with something that is public domain. The big bang occurred 13.8 billion years ago, give or take a few million years. Life emerged on planet Earth about 3.8 billion years ago. Quantum mechanics has proven that something cannot exist without an observer. The argument is if life didn’t emerge on planet Earth until 3.8 billion years ago, who observed the big bang? The answer is simple… you did. And here’s how. First there was the void, nothing exists. You don’t have hands, feet, a body, or even eyes. You are zero dimensional.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then your consciousness is born, or perhaps you’re just starting over again. You become self-aware. The most profound thing happens to you, you realize you exist. You are now one dimensional. You are a singularity. And even though you don’t have eyes, this is what you see… a single spot of light.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then the spark of creation happens, the Big Bang. You create infinity in an instant. You create matter out of nothing. It’s like when you are dreaming. When you dream, you don’t have a body and you are seeing with your consciousness. You are now two dimensional. Awareness first, creation second. So what was before the Big Bang? Awareness… duh… and an agreement.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

You are observing yourself. You are everything. The best way to understand this is this way… when you look at the moon, you are not looking at the moon; you are the moon looking at itself. Next you created galaxies; stars, planets, moons, everything. You are creating patterns and shapes and randomness. Now I say that you are creating these things because I am using a certain viewpoint for this essay. You are not actually creating these things, you are these things, you become these things. You are the galaxies, you are the stars, you are everything. Everything in your field of view is you.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then you zoomed in on one galaxy, the Milky Way galaxy.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then you zoomed in on a specific solar system.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then you zoomed in on a specific planet, Earth to be exact. Some poets call it Terra.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then you zoomed in on the ocean.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Then you went underwater.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

You see the water all around you. You still don’t have a body. Up to this point, it was all a dream; or something like a dream. For 10 billion years, you dreamed. Then you decided to make yourself separate from everything that you were, or rather to create the illusion of separateness. For the first time, you stepped into the reality you were creating. You created a single-celled body to experience the separateness, a tail/flagella to move around, and eyes so that you could “see” everything as separate from your body. You were no longer a two dimensional being, you became three dimensional. You no longer simply witnessed reality, you now interact with it. Determining the mechanism whereby consciousness becomes two dimensional to three dimensional would probably solve the riddle of abiogenesis, the emergence of “life” from “non-life”. To make the illusion even more convincing, and of your own free will, you gave up direct control of the universe. You randomly generate people who agree with you and you randomly generate people who don’t agree with you. You randomly generate people who you can control and you randomly generate people who you can’t control.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

You see the water all around you, but this time you are using eyes. You are looking at your own tail. I have skipped a few key evolutionary steps and a single-celled organism does not actually have eyes, but I think you get the idea. Fast forward 3.8 billion years; your tail is gone, but you’ve replaced it with hands and legs and you’re not in the ocean anymore. You have born, lived, and died countless times. You swam the deepest oceans, adrift in endless currents. You crawled out onto land and learned to breath the air and bask in the sun. You grew limbs capable of grasping tools. You learned to walk upright. You spoke language for the first time. You harnessed the warmth of fire. You have fought with sword and shield, you have faced armies and leviathans. You have climbed mountains. You have traversed forests, deserts, and plains. You have sailed uncharted seas with only the stars as your guide. You have been evil, you have been good. You have loved, you have hated. You have been brave, you have been afraid. You have succeeded, you have failed. You have hoped, you have despaired. You have been happy, you have been sad… countless times. But you always come back. Even though you now live with the illusion of separateness, you are still everything. You are not just the pair of legs; you are the sky, the sun, and the beach. Everything in your field of view is you. You are not a humanoid biped, you are a some-what elliptically shaped entity. Guess what else is some-what elliptically shaped? An eye. You are an eye, you are the mind’s eye. But even this is illusion. You are awareness, and awareness has no true shape or form. You are thoughts in the void, you are the void; the infinite, endless, eternal void. Here is something even more mind-blowing. Let’s say you are 30 years old; as far as you know, the universe you exist in has only existed for 30 years. The 13.8 billion years prior to your birth never truly happened, you made it all up. Or maybe before you were born, reality was entirely something else. Maybe cats ruled the world and hunted us with impunity.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Section Twenty Six: Time Doesn’t Exist

Time is an illusion, just like everything else. It’s a concept. It’s a useful concept for navigating our modern world, but it’s still just a concept. Most people tell the time with their smartphone. If you’re a techie, then you most likely have a smartwatch. Maybe you work or take classes or both. You need to get to work on time or you’ll get fired. You need to get to class on time since you don’t want to fail. Physicists are trying to solve the problem of the arrow of time. The concept of time is so deeply ingrained into every human being that realizing time doesn’t actually exist will probably be one of the hardest things to understand. For time to actually exist, there has to be a beginning and an ending. In order for time to exist, there has to be a frame of reference. The big bang, the formation of the planet earth, the emergence of single-celled lifeforms, cro-magnon, modern humans, your birth… these are all false beginnings.

There was never a time when you did NOT exist. There was never a time when awareness began. Awareness did not spontaneously come into existence from nothingness. Awareness has always existed. Awareness has never NOT existed. You will never have an ending. You will always exist. You have always existed. Since you have always existed, you never had a beginning. Since you never had a beginning, there is no frame of reference. Since there is no frame of reference, there is no such thing as time.

There is only the now. And the now is timeless.

Stair at a clock, it says, “4:00 pm”. Keep staring for one whole minute, now it says “4:01 pm”. It’s an illusion, a minute of time has not actually passed. When a clock says 4:00 pm, it’s still the now. When a clock says 4:01 pm, it’s still the now. It is always the now. Your actions simply change what the now is. Just as you are using your body as a frame of reference, you are using time as a frame of reference. Interestingly enough, a recently published physics paper has theorized a model of the universe that adds some corrections to relativity and takes into account the existence of dark matter. When scientists derive the age of the universe with this model, the result is infinity. This implies that there was no big bang. The universe has always existed, it never had a beginning. And this makes perfect logical sense because you are the universe. The physical universe is now mathematically mirroring your realization of immortality. One of the principles of thermodynamics is that the change in internal energy of an ideal gas is zero when it expands into a vacuum, perhaps an analogy can be made to the universe expanding to infinity. I don’t think there is going to be a heat death or a cold death of the universe. Individual stars and planets may die, galaxies may die; but the universe will just keep going forever, towards infinity… because we can conceive infinity. We generally think of reality as having four dimensions, three spatial dimensions and time. Different versions of string theory say there are 11 dimensions or 18 or whatever; there are likely to be infinite dimensions, waiting to be discovered or perhaps created. That’s what reality is, a matrix of infinite possibilities. I believe the “physical” universe, even though it is physically infinite, exists within a larger universe that is not constrained by the Planck units or the speed of light; and that we will be able to eventually break into this larger universe.

This next topic is a little bit out there, but it does have to do with our concept of time and our perception of reality which is why I want to cover it. I don’t normally give credence to paranormal phenomenon, but this is something I’ve directly experienced. The Mandela Effect has not been scientifically verified; and although this essay has a scientific perspective, I really wouldn’t consider this a scientific essay with any mathematical rigor. The Mandela Effect is very subtle, it is not dramatic or world-changing, and posits that the past has actually changed which implies that there are infinite alternate realities. Not everyone experiences the Mandela Effect. This is my personal account of the Mandela Effect. When I was a boy I saw the movie “Moonraker” with my father. One of the villains is a character known as “Jaws”. And from the picture below, you can see why he has that name.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

In a brief interlude when he is not trying to kill the hero of the movie, he meets his soul mate and falls in love with her. Her name is Dolly.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

I distinctly remember Dolly having braces. When they first meet, she isn’t smiling or has her mouth open. She just stares at him. Then she smiles and you see that she has braces and they instantly fall in love. When I see clips of that scene now, she doesn’t have braces. Perhaps I have manifested a tiny aspect of an alternate reality where Dolly had no braces. There are of course people who say she never had braces. What are the implications of the Mandela Effect if the Mandela Effect is true? The past is not actually the past. It is a certain dimensional reality you are bringing into existence into the reality of the now. It also implies that no two people experience the same objective reality and that no two people experience time in exactly the same way. Is this an indication we are evolving and are starting to perceive both reality and time differently? Can we consciously amplify the Mandela Effect? Is reality malleable? Or perhaps I have created a false memory or someone has altered the movie and removed the braces.

Section Twenty Seven: The One Awareness… And The Infinite Consciousnesses

There is only one awareness. Sit down and have a conversation with one of your friends. You are staring at him and he is staring at you. You are talking to him and he is talking to you. The awareness that is staring out of your eyes and looking at your friend is the exact same awareness that is coming out of your friend’s eyes and looking at you. Pet a dog and stare at it directly in the eyes. The awareness that is coming out of the dog’s eyes and looking directly at you is the same awareness that is coming out of your eyes and looking at the dog. Go on an African safari and witness a lion take down a zebra. The awareness of the lion is the same awareness that the zebra has which is also the same awareness you are using to witness the event. It’s all one and the same awareness. This is what you are at your most simplest and at the most fundamental level of your existence… awareness.

Sit in the middle of your room at night, turn off all the lights. Close your eyes and physically move both your eyeballs to the bridge of your nose, you should be cross-eyed. Keep your eye lids closed, keep your eyeballs cross-eyed, stare forward, ignore your life experiences, ignore your unique personality, ignore your knowledge, and just be aware that you actually exist. Marvel in the fact that you are aware of yourself. Marvel in the fact that you are aware. Do not marvel, just be aware. Try to attain thoughtless, objectless, idealess, conceptless, languageless, mathless, bodyless, and eyeless awareness. This one awareness is God. This one awareness is you. You are God. This is also the exact same awareness that all 7 billion people on this planet are using. This is the exact same awareness that every animal has, even an ant. If alien lifeforms on another planet that is billions and billions of light years away from us do in fact exist, they would be using the same awareness we are using. This is the oneness that everything shares. This is how every conscious living thing is interconnected. This is the oneness that has always existed and will always exist. This one awareness has no true name, is without gender, is neither masculine or feminine, is without shape or form, and is timeless. This is the same awareness you had 13.8 billion years ago just before you created the big bang. This one awareness fractures itself into infinity every time you open your eyes. And it can keep going… forever. Your enemy is using the exact same awareness that you are using. Do you have children? They are using the same awareness you are using. It’s not the same consciousness, it’s not the same personality, it’s not the same life experiences, it’s not the same feelings, it’s not the same thoughts; but it is the same awareness. Pure awareness does not have memory, but consciousness does have memory. This is why, for the most part, we cannot remember our past lives and is one of the major differences between awareness and consciousness. The scientific evidence scientists have found for the big bang are your “memories”. You are a singular multi-perspective, multi-dimensional being. There are infinite perspectives, there are infinite dimensions. The one awareness can look through infinite perspectives all at once. Reality is a single awareness that is creating infinite consciousnesses so that it can interact with itself. And eventually we will be able to come up with a mathematical model for this. Physicists working on the holographic principle will probably figure this out and use string theory for the multi-dimensionality aspects. This one awareness is the closest thing to God that exists. Unfortunately, this isn’t the God you christians are looking for. You’re looking for some old bearded white man right? Even non-white christians want it to be an old bearded white man. The one awareness is eternal and invulnerable, it cannot be destroyed, it cannot destroy itself, and it encompasses all of existence and reality; so it does have some characteristics of the God that you want. However, it is powerless in some ways. It has not created a heaven to reward the righteous, it has not created a hell to punish the wicked. Get it through your damn head, no one goes to hell. Relishing the idea that the wicked will be condemned to hell for eternity will make you grow old. The one awareness does not judge or condemn or reward or hate or love; it is incapable of these things. It just knows it exists. The true power of the one awareness is that it can create infinite, unique, self-aware, and independent consciousnesses. Each consciousness has it’s own body, personality, memories, thoughts, feelings, emotions, life experiences, knowledge, opinions, etc. I don’t think the one awareness creates universes. A single consciousness can create its own non-shared infinite universe. I believe when two or more consciousnesses interact, this is what creates a shared universe or shared plane of existence, i.e. our planet. I suspect the one awareness itself has no free will, because we have free will.

Imagine you walk into a grocery store and this is what you see. One man is looking at some cans on a shelf, the other man is looking at some drinks in the cooler. Both men do not see you. This is just a random image, I do not know these men. This is a grocery store somewhere in Dubai (image used without permission).

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Since there is only one awareness, the perspective that belongs to the man looking at the cans and the perspective that belongs to the man looking at the drinks are both in the same physical location as your perspective. All three of you are standing in the exact same place. But you, as a separate consciousness, do not see these other two perspectives. As a separate consciousness, you are only looking through one perspective. Those two other men and you are one and the same being. Since there are 7 billion people on this planet, all 7 billion perspectives are in the same physical location as your perspective. Now add the perspectives of all the animals and insects on this planet, they are all coming from you as well. Let’s say you are in America, a person in China is actually standing in the same physical location that you are standing in. The person in China is just seeing different things from what you are seeing. When two consciousnesses are in the same area, their perspectives are simply overlapping.

I predict understanding multi-dimensionality, that is physical dimensions beyond the three we already know and experience, will enable us to achieve interstellar space travel. A tesseract, probably the easiest four dimensional object to understand, is the four dimensional equivalent of a three dimensional cube; which you can google about if you are curious. The figure below is not what a tesseract looks like. The figure below is a three dimensional projection of the actual tesseract itself. We cannot visualize four dimensions, no one knows what a tesseract really looks like. I realize it doesn’t seem all that impressive so look for a video or animation of a rotating tesseract.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

From there, it’s not hard to conceive the possibility of physical dimensions higher than four. Consider now the possibility of infinite physical dimensions. Under psychedelics, physical reality can distort. Straight edges can curve, curves can straighten. During one of my experiences, physical reality did appear to me as a type of “fractured mirror”. In retrospect, I believe I was seeing physical reality not in normal three dimensions but in either 4 or 5 dimensions; possibly even higher. Perhaps the next stage of evolution is for us to become four dimensional. Is the concept of transcendence or ascension us becoming four dimensional? I think so. Would becoming four dimensional give us an unbelievable amount of freedom and inner peace? If this is the case, then immortality is not the endgame. Immortality would simply be a stage along the way and really nothing to write home about. I certainly do not feel inner peace all of the time. Perhaps inner peace is something we have to attain first before we can become four dimensional. Maybe becoming four dimensional is how we break out of this confining three dimensional reality. I think that when we go into deep sleep or dream, we are temporarily going back to a zero, one, or two dimensional state. Deep sleep or death is probably a zero dimensional state. There’s an old saying I heard once; they say resurrecting yourself is just like waking up. All the dead have to do is just wake up. Multi-dimensionality could also potentially provide scientific explanations for paranormal phenomenon as well. Ghosts, cryptids, teleportation, and portals might be scientifically and mathematically possible in a multi-dimensional framework. Quantum mechanics may actually make more sense in higher dimensions. Another possible evolutionary stage we might have to pass through is our DNA becoming triple-stranded. There could be a correlation. Our DNA is double stranded and we have three dimensional bodies. If our DNA became triple-stranded would we become four dimensional? But anyway, let’s keep going with multi-dimensionality. We all exist inside an infinite three-dimensional universe. Does this mean our three-dimensional universe exists entirely inside a four-dimensional universe? And is this four-dimensional universe entirely contained within a five-dimensional universe? And so on, to infinity? Maybe the north pole and the south pole are actually right next to each other when viewed from higher dimensions. The speed of light cannot be exceeded in three dimensions. Perhaps it can be exceeded in higher dimensions? The closest star to us is Alpha Centauri, it’s about 4.2 light years away. Perhaps in higher dimensions, it’s practically next door. Another possible way that reality might be able to manifest itself is through non-Euclidean geometry, the math works and I’ve seen some pretty interesting simulations.

Let me relate one more psychedelic experience. I was taking a walk. It was during the late afternoon. Everything seemed to be moving slower than what I would normally perceive. I could perceive every flap of a bird’s wings. I could see every blade of grass, every leaf on every tree, swaying in the breeze. I could see waves of water fluctuate and shimmer as photons were reflected off it’s surface. People and cars that were far away where moving very slow, but as they got closer to me their motions would speed up. Was I in a higher dimensional state? The laws of physics appear to be modified in higher dimensions. The sun was not setting as one would expect, the sun was following me. While under the influence of psychedelics I concluded that I was experiencing the earth as being flat. Is the earth actually flat in higher dimensions? One thing I have noticed is that there is definitely a significant amount of people advocating the earth is flat. I am a classically educated academian so of course I think these people are insane. But perhaps some people have evolved to the extent that they can now actually perceive reality in higher dimensions to a certain degree? The computer game Minecraft actually generates a huge world full of mountains, forests, deserts, tundras, grasslands, islands, oceans, etc. The interesting thing is that it creates all of this in a flat world, not a spherical planetoid like our own earth. You can have a flat world in a computer. And if reality is like a computer simulation; then it could be possible, from a certain perspective, that the earth is flat. Right now we have 2D retinas and 3D eye lenses. In order for us to see four dimensions, we would have to evolve 3D retinas and 4D eye lens. Perhaps for some people, this is slowly beginning to happen. Maybe for some people, their retinas are not two dimensional and flat. They might not have fully enclosed three dimensional retinas, but maybe their retinas have a curved or cup-like shape enabling them to see higher dimensions to a certain degree. Instead of relying on random mutations or genetic engineering, can we consciously direct our own evolution naturally? The two images below are used without permission. I did not make them but I think they are very useful in understanding multi-dimensionality and how we might perceive multi-dimensionality in the future without using psychedelics.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Here is my current “concept” of a fourth physical dimension. The screenshot below is a three-dimensional first-person video game. You are holding a laser gun. Imagine your face is so close to the screen that the computer screen is all you see. For all practical purposes, you are in the dimensional reality of the video game.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Take a step back so your face is not right up to the screen. Now you see two computer screens side-by-side. You are now in a higher dimensional reality. You were originally in the dimensional reality of the game on the right.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Step forward so your face is close to the screen on the left. You have left the higher dimensional reality and moved back down to a lower dimensional reality. But this lower dimensional reality is different from the one you were in before.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Take a step back again and you are back in the higher dimensional reality. The two computer screens are essentially portals to other worlds.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Now take a step back with your “consciousness” this time. Can you take your physical body with you? Why not? You are now in a fourth physical dimension. Maybe you would see something like this.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Or this.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Or this.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Now step forward into one of the lower dimensions.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

If you were four-dimensional, you could escape from a prison cell and the guards would be clueless. Since we don’t know what a fourth physical dimension looks like, I’ve just represented it with blackness. So how do we become four dimensional? I have no idea. But I’m sure it starts as a concept in the mind. We had to have been non-dimensional, zero dimensional, one dimensional, then two dimensional first; if one accepts that a logical progression is necessary for existence or sanity. If you could fly, you wouldn’t have to deal with any silly government passport nonsense. If I figure out how to fly or become four dimensional, I’ll add it to the essay. There may be a karmic barrier, but fundamentally I think the barrier is psychological. Psychological barriers are for the individual, karmic barriers are for when we deal with other conscious beings. If Superman were real, he wouldn’t stop bank robbers, politicians, drug dealers, or war; he would stop the exploitation of children and serial killers. One thing I am certain of, money is not going to help us become four dimensional. Something major has to happen to us; either our genetics drastically change or we evolve our consciousness. My recommendation is to let your imagination run wild. We can probably create infinite dimensional realities, worlds upon worlds; but we will never be able to escape from ourselves and the harmful things we’ve done to other people and animals.

Section Twenty Eight: The States Of Existence

Below is a Venn diagram of the states of existence. Keep in mind this model is theoretical, so I could be wrong. Awareness, or consciousness, is the foundation that everything rests upon. Nothing else can exist without consciousness. Death, dreaming, and life cannot exist without consciousness. As I said earlier, death is not truly death. You still exist. It’s just that your consciousness is surrounded by nothing and you are fully aware of the nothingness around you.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

In the diagram you will notice that life is entirely surrounded by dreaming and that dreaming is entirely surrounded by death. I am proposing that life, or the physical universe, exists entirely inside the state of dreaming. When you are dreaming, yes, logical things can happen; but also illogical things can happen. So the laws of dreaming are less restrictive than the laws of physics. Life is a dream, it’s just that it is a dream with some very specific rules; mainly that logic and science have the most dominant effects and this is evidenced by the laws of physics. The diagram implies that the laws of physics exist entirely within the laws of dreaming. This means that you created death first, then dreaming, then life; in that order. This also means that the laws of dreaming are more “fundamental” than the laws of physics. The laws of awareness will always apply no matter what state of existence you are in.

Existence itself does not have a scientific or logical explanation to it. But everything we perceive about existence does seem to have a scientific or logical explanation to it. The laws of physics are logical, but they ultimately rest on the foundation of consciousness which is not logical. Does this mean then that literally anything is possible? If we can manifest it in dreams, does this mean we can manifest it in the physical universe? I would say that thoughts, daydreaming, and imagination are just some of the ways the laws of dreaming can manifest while we are awake and experiencing the physical world. I don’t believe the laws of dreaming can be described with mathematical equations. I believe the laws of dreaming are all simple axioms. The awake life in our physical universe is obviously a “shared” experience. Can the state of dreaming be a shared experience as well? Can two separate and independent consciousnesses actually meet and interact in dreams?

I would like to expand on this model even further. For the diagram below I have shrunk the size of our physical universe. And even though I have shrunk the size of our physical universe, realize it is still infinite in size.


In this next diagram, in addition to our physical universe, I am proposing that there are infinite universes within the state of dreaming. I have only drawn a total of 29 smaller circles within the state of dreaming but realize there are actually infinite circles. These other universes might have different physical laws. In other universes, worlds may in fact be flat. The flat worlds created by Minecraft follow mathematical rules, so it’s possible. Perhaps using psychedelics makes some of these other universes overlap with our own. Our own physical universe is a type of dream, all of these other universes would be dreams as well and equally infinite in size. This would essentially be the multiverse. If our universe can have infinite dimensions, then each universe in the multiverse would have infinite dimensions.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Imagination exists in the mind, while physical reality exists outside of the mind. With the simple closing and opening of our eyes we can instantly access one dimension and then the other. Can awareness itself function as its own portal to different dimensions of existence? In imagination we are all powerful, we can build anything instantly and make it disappear instantly, nothing has permanence. Imagination does not require logic or consistency. Physical reality has logic and consistency and things have permanence. We can’t just make things appear and disappear at will, the exact opposite of imagination. Our bodies, and even our brain, would be considered part of physical reality and NOT part of imagination. Is inside the mind and outside the mind simply a matter of perspective? Is reality actually inverted? Is physical reality actually inside the physical mind and imagination is outside the physical mind? Is physical reality the “trap” of our mind that we are all trying to escape or break out of? Is physical reality the “smaller” reality entirely contained inside of imagination? I believe we all think the opposite, that imagination is inside of physical reality. If this is true, that physical reality exists inside of imagination, then ultimately both death and time have no meaning. The only things that would have any meaning would be awareness and existence. We really could see loved ones again who have passed away. We could time travel to any point in the past and any point in the future. Granted I’m sure there are details we would have to figure out in order for these things to happen, but the possibilities are now endless. Even though time may ultimately have no meaning, I believe time might be a necessary frame of reference to operate under in order for two conscious beings to interact. However, we may not necessarily have to operate under “linear” time. We can experience non-linear time when we use imagination. Can we experience non-linear time in physical reality? Does conceiving experiencing non-linear time in physical reality bring it into existence in physical reality? We can access imagination even with our eyes open, so both can exist simultaneously; imagination super-imposed over physical reality. However, there is no interaction between the two dimensions. Is imagination an actual dimensional reality that exists somewhere else which we are accessing? Can this access be improved? Perhaps we are not accessing imagination, perhaps we are inhabiting imagination when we use it. We exist primarily in physical reality with imagination having only a limited effect. Can the opposite be true? To exist primarily in imagination with physical reality having only a limited effect? Or perhaps some type of 50/50 compromise between the two? With a 50/50 compromise, we could create a chair out of thin air and actually sit on it and feel it and then make it disappear when we don’t want it anymore. If we are in one location and at the same time imagine another location, are we simultaneously in that other location to a very limited extent? Wherever you are right now; look around you and ask yourself, “Is this all really just a certain, restrictive layer of my imagination? Is my goal to break out of this restrictive layer somehow and into higher dimensional planes of existence?” I think this is something some of us are trying to figure out and do right now; I’m sure I’m not the only one.

Below is the current theoretical model of existence I am pondering. The most fundamental state is being. It is the state before awareness, the state before any concepts or ideas or thoughts. On a personal level, this is the state I have the hardest time comprehending; probably because the concept of comprehension does not exist in the state of being. This means the state of being is impossible to convey with words since being exists prior to words. There is only one being. The state of being is not a noun, the state of being is a verb. Out of this one being emerges the one awareness. I think there are two possible ways to describe being and awareness:

  1. Being is the word “I” and awareness is “I am”

  2. Or being has no words and awareness is “I am”

I’m inclined to think #2 is the correct way; out of nothingness, or oneness, comes a duality. Inside the one awareness are infinite consciousnesses, not just a consciousness. These consciousnesses are of course me and you and everyone else and all of the animals and insects and microbes and potentially aliens from outer space. I have changed the label of “death” to the “perception of nothingness”. I have included a new state of existence… imagination. Imagination seems to be a very distinct state from dreaming and from physical reality. I’m not certain if I have placed imagination in the correct spot. If logical inconsistencies arise from where I have placed it, then obviously I need to put it somewhere else. Your physical body, eyes, and brain do not exist in the state of being, awareness, consciousness, perception of nothingness, imagination, or dreaming; they only exist in physical reality. In some of my own dreams, I’m starting to have a “dream” body. As far as I can tell, separate human consciousnesses can only overlap and interact in physical reality. Perhaps we might evolve to be able to interact in the state of dreaming or imagination, or perhaps we already do to a limited extent. When you think of someone, are they thinking of you at the same time? And as before, there are infinite physical universes and infinite physical dimensions. As of this moment in our evolution, we are only aware of one physical universe and three physical dimensions. When you are fully awake, you simultaneously exist in all of these states at the same time. All of my thoughts regarding this model are not clear yet and I am not satisfied with some of my conclusions. But one thing I am certain of; true death, true non-existence never occurs. You philosophers are looking for something deep and meaningful, and to describe it with words. There is no deep meaning to it all. There are no words. Awareness just is. You scientists are looking for a mathematical equation. There is no mathematical equation for awareness; no numbers, variables, constants, or operations. The answer is not 42. Awareness just is… that is my official scientific conclusion. Everything the awareness creates is mathematical. But as for the awareness itself, there is no math. This model could be wrong or incomplete. Perhaps there are infinite separate awarenesses, infinite separate beings. If this is true, then there is no one God and the universe is a shared creation and there is no one-ness to all of existence. A shared creation would have to mean that all the same rules and laws apply to every separate awareness equally, or that every participating awareness has agreed upon the same rules. If the exact same rules of existence apply equally to every awareness, in that causing suffering and death to others causes your own suffering and death; that is actually morally fair and just. No need for God at all. You are the awareness, yes, capable of creation; but a shared creation requires at least one other awareness. The minimum requirement for a shared creation is two awarenesses. I have come to realize that soul and awareness are basically the same thing. If this model of existence is correct, you will notice that the physical universe is contained inside imagination; this would provide a “logical” basis for “magic” to manifest in the physical universe, magic being an aspect of imagination. Now you know, we not talking about any of that psychological/influence magic that only works on the unenlightened. We talking Gandalf/Harry Potter/Doctor Strange/Yoda magic. You know what I’m saying? If this model of existence is correct, then it’s all magic, everything you see is magic. We’ve just put a veneer of “logic” over it. If awareness just is with no logical explanation, then doesn’t that mean the fundamental nature of existence is “magic”? I stated earlier that things pop into existence with “logical” consistency. Well, why can’t things pop into existence without logical consistency? But if things pop into existence without logical consistency, wouldn’t that be insanity? I suppose we could call it insanity or we could call it magic. The universe represents a logical, ordered existence. Perhaps before the Big Bang, instead of nothingness, it was all chaos and insanity and magic. But chaos and insanity and magic is still existence. And perhaps aspects of chaos and insanity and magic seep into our logical physical world. We could also potentially attain the power of flight if we use a “magic” perspective or a “dream” perspective instead of a scientific one. Think about it; right now, at this very moment, you do not have a physical brain inside your head. If that’s not magic, then I don’t know what is. Because awareness just is and doesn’t have a logical or scientific explanation, awareness at its very core is magic.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

The diagram below indicates that for all awarenesses participating in the same shared existence, the exact same rules must apply to every awareness. In the physical universe, every being is under the same rules of physics, morality, and existence. Being at the top of a certain hierarchy does not give you exceptions to these rules, otherwise a shared existence wouldn’t be fair. A bigger stronger being can kill a smaller weaker being, but the bigger stronger being then makes his own lifespan finite. Therefore your culture and beliefs can be wrong and that there is an absolute morality. An awareness can be an animal, and animals do not have culture or beliefs. Guess what else animals don’t do? Worship God or use language or use symbols or contracts or numbers or calendars or money. What gives one religion the right to create laws for everyone not in their religion? Here’s a thought, how about you fuck off? There is a certain irony to creating law, I suspect creating law makes you grow old and die because you are trying to control others. You don’t need law if you have grace. If you create law, it clearly shows you don’t have grace. Therefore I would consider religion, words, symbols, contracts, numbers, calendars, and money as completely superfluous to existence. And yes, the Venn diagram of existence above is also superfluous. If everyone has grace, we can make the legal system completely useless. None of us need a piece of paper with words on it to tell us we are free. However, I will say that these things were probably “necessary” evolutionary phases. Note I use the term “shared existence” not “shared physical universe”. You still exist when you dream, I think it is possible to interact in dreams. You exist when you use your imagination, I think eventually we will realize we can interact in imagination as well.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

So what does the one awareness look like? I think it looks like this.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

Ignore the black border, the one awareness is pure whiteness. The void of course looks like this. Is the void a type of awareness as well? It most certainly is, it’s you.

[There is supposed to be an image here. My apologies, I can only post one image]

The sun and all the stars in the universe symbolize the one awareness. They are pockets and areas of infinity where the one awareness chooses to reveal itself, or perhaps where we allow it to reveal itself. I remember as a little boy, I would stare directly at the sun. Blackholes symbolize the void. Stars are made up mostly of hydrogen and helium, the two simplest elements in the periodic table. Is this how the one awareness “takes care” of us, provides us with energy? It’s not surprising that many ancient cultures worshipped the sun. Yes there is science involved with regards to stars and blackholes. They can potentially lead to other universes or other existences; but nevertheless, they are symbols. And man relates to his existence through symbol and meaning.

Section Twenty Nine: Is Fluoride Bad For You?

I don’t how it is in other countries; but here in America, fluoride is put in the water and in toothpaste. You can skip this section if your country doesn’t fluoridate anything. I have worked with HF, hydrofluoric acid. I’ve used it in glass etching for the fabrication of microfluidic channels. It is classified as a weak acid. The dissociation reaction in water is this:

HF (aq) <—> H+ (aq) + F- (aq)

“F-“ is fluoride. It is the most electronegative ion on the periodic table and highly reactive; this chemical basically eats glass. This is standard information that anyone can find. Here are all the descriptions found in MSDS, material safety data sheets, which are used in industry as well as academia:

Corrosive to metals

Acute oral toxicity

Acute dermal toxicity

Acute inhalation toxicity

Skin corrosion

Serious eye damage

Specific target organ toxicity – respiratory system

Fatal if swallowed

Fatal in contact with skin

Causes severe skin burns and eye damage

Fatal if inhaled

Needless to say, I take a lot of precautions whenever I work with it. I have to wear two layers of protective gear and three layers for my hands. In addition, environmental conditions are also highly contained and controlled. And when I’m done working with it, I have to be certain everything gets neutralized and rendered harmless. If you want, you can google images of “hf exposure”. Just a warning, they’re not very pleasant to look at. Supposedly fluoride strengthens teeth. Me personally, I try to avoid it.

Section Thirty: Should You Pursue Wealth?

I don’t see anything wrong with having a few nice things and I’m pretty content with my existence. There are basically two ways to acquire wealth, through entrepreneurship or exploitation. I would classify police work, law, taxation, banking, and slavery as exploitation. If you are involved in these industries, my recommendation is for you to get out. If you gain wealth through entrepreneurship, I think you’re fine; whether you provide an actual product or a service or whatever. As long as you feel there is a fair exchange, I don’t think you have anything to worry about. With that said, something still seems to be wrong with how we go about things. I have no solutions because money, banking, financing, and economics are topics I have not studied. I think exploitation is a different matter. If you were born into wealth, I would look into your family’s history and see how that wealth was acquired. If your ancestors were slave owners, your wealth today has the taint of human exploitation that occurred before you were born. And even though you are not directly responsible in any way, it’s still probably not a good thing. I’m not telling you to give up your wealth. I’ve never been wealthy, so I don’t know what it’s like. If you have gained exploitive wealth and you know that people suffer, does this make you grow old? It think it does, yes. If you feel wealth will compromise your immortality, do what you feel is necessary if being immortal is what you want. Now let’s look into the case of extreme wealth. I believe pursuing extreme wealth will make you grow old. If you make material things the meaning and focus of your life, doesn’t it stand to reason that you will purposely try to find a way to take these same material things away from yourself somehow; and what better way than death? Suppose you make your money and livelihood by exploiting other people. This means you need other people. It is the needing of something that makes you grow old, because you will try to find a way to take this need away from yourself. If you are reluctant to give up wealth, then keep it until you’re 90. 90 years would be considered a good life right? And people expect you to die at any time anyway. Give up your wealth when you are 90 and see what happens. Even if you are a decrepit old man, as long as you are still alive and self-aware, you actually have infinite chances to save yourself no matter what you may have done.

Now I understand if you’re a black man you might want to take whitey down, but are we not complicit in wanting what the privileged have? Wealth imbalance and power imbalance is not your problem; and after having read this essay, would you even want reparations any more? In the end, everyone gets exactly what they deserve. Whites suffer too, in their own way. It may not seem like it, but they do suffer. Serial killers are predominantly white. Suicide rate of middle-aged white men is high. There is also an opium epidemic in the white community, I don’t believe there is anything wrong with using drugs but you can’t let it get out of control. Also these are not the same whites that enslaved your ancestors. There has been enough upheaval and many whites do not have economic privilege. Now there are many white people who are “woke”, but I think you just refuse to see it. They’re not going to be CEOs or in positions of power; it doesn’t work that way, they’re just going to be people you smile and say hi to everyday. I would argue the more privilege one has, the more of a “mental prison” you have to live in and the more you don’t even realize you are in a mental prison. The more privilege one has, the harder it is to get out; and my initial thoughts are that privilege is actually detrimental to immortality. The happiness, prosperity, and privilege of your beautiful white family is at the expense of someone else. If you are mortal and you live in fear; yes, I would agree that privilege is a major factor in survival. It would enable you to live long enough to perpetuate your genetic material. But if you are immortal and you don’t live in fear, I don’t see how privilege even matters any more. The reason you hate wealthy people is because you still want wealth yourself. I know there are you black racists out there who say things like the birth rate of the white race is too low for them to replace themselves and that they are going to go extinct. Sorry to burst your bubble, no one is going extinct. No one is going to be replaced. White consciousness is on the rise, I see it happening every day. Everyone is in some type of prison. Everyone grows old, so that means everyone suffers; even the most privileged among us. The less need you have, the more immortal you will become, the more powerful you will become. For you to have more power and control over your own body, you must exert less power and control over others.

When you try to accumulate wealth, you are directly competing against the one single man who controls the global banking system. It is his game, and he cannot be beaten. And we are fighting over table scraps. Everything is designed to keep all of us isolated and divided. I don’t know about you, but I like to think I have some dignity. I like to think I’m not going to throw a fellow human being under the bus just so that I can live a slightly better lifestyle, just so that I can eat a slightly better meal, just so that I can have slightly more comforts, just so that I can have a slightly higher probability of passing on my genes. There is no direct evidence for the New World Order. There is no direct evidence for the Illuminati. There is no direct evidence that Hollywood and the music industry is a unified satanic cult. There is no direct evidence that professional sports are meant to keep you distracted. There is no direct evidence that all “democratic” political systems are merely facades. There is no direct evidence that mainstream news and media are all fake. There is no direct evidence that race riots, terrorism, or mass shootings are government psyops. There is no direct evidence that chemtrails are altering the environment. There is no direct evidence that the weather can be controlled with HAARP. There is no direct evidence that there is a global pedophile network run by the elites. Intentional deception is difficult to prove for most people especially on a global and total scale, so we cannot take all of these things at face value. There is, however, direct evidence for the global banking system; you carry the evidence in your wallet every day, actual physical evidence that you can see and touch. It doesn’t matter where you go. The banking system is everywhere; Asia, Africa, Europe, North America, South America, Australia. Everyone is controlled by it. Who shot JFK? Doesn’t matter. Who brought down the World Trade Center? Doesn’t matter. Did we really go to the moon? Doesn’t matter. What’s in Area 51? Doesn’t matter. Did the Beatles actually write their own music? Doesn’t matter. Are stem cells extracted during abortions so that research can be performed on them? Doesn’t matter. The banking system is the only conspiracy theory that matters. You can go to any country in this world and exchange your currency for that country’s currency with no problems. And I’m certain that one single man controls all of it. I have no proof that it is all controlled by a single man, this is merely a logical deduction. This is simply the biological law of the alpha male for any reproductive species. So who is this one man? I don’t know. People in the conspiracy community have their theories, myself included, but there’s nothing really concrete. This one man is a master of deception and most likely understands human psychology better than anyone on the planet. And he can do whatever he wants to you, you are at his mercy; and you don’t even realize it. Most people are completely unaware of the total control of their lives. He even controls your happiness. Doesn’t the fact that I know one man controls everything mean that I can empathize with this man? Doesn’t it mean that I understand his hunger, greed, lust, and depravity? Doesn’t it mean that these aspects exist inside of me because I understand it? As of this moment, the publicly acknowledged richest man in the world is Jeff Bezos; the CEO of Amazon. Does Jeff Bezos control the banking system? I doubt it. Those deep into conspiracy theory have suggested that Jeff Bezos is actually just a paid actor for the controllers of the banking system. Control of the global banking system is most likely passed down from father to son. And all of the world’s leaders, societies, governments, organizations, agencies, and CEOs play by this one man’s rules. I still feel the need to eat, therefore I can still be controlled. I still pay taxes, I still pay tribute to this man. Whoever this one man is, I am his bitch. He owns me and I fully acknowledge it. This one fact alone eats away at me, that one single man has dominion over me. It gnaws at the very essence of my being and it disgusts me. I’m letting some man who prints paper currency dictate every aspect of my life, and he has controlled it since the day I was born. Will I ever escape his grasp? I am certain this one man is quite powerful, capable of manipulating reality globally. He is most likely highly evolved in certain ways and understands certain aspects of existence far better than anyone. Can I be angry about this? I don’t believe I can. I don’t know specific details, but I think on some level I have legally agreed to some contract I have no direct awareness about. I think on a legal level, the man who controls the global banking system is not doing anything wrong. Who owns your house when you can’t make a payment on it? The banking system. Who owns your car when you can’t make a payment on it? The banking system. When a company or corporation goes bankrupt, who owns it? The banking system. Who can create money out of thin air, out of nothing? Who can go to a computer and input a “1” and as much zeroes as he wants to his own account? The man who controls it all. Not only can he create wealth for himself, he can create debt for everyone else. I will venture to say that the man who controls the banking system actually doesn’t even have to use money himself; but yet, you have to use money. Does this put your slavery into perspective? This is the real power that controls the world. Take a drive through your city. Look at all the houses, all the school buildings, all the churches, all the government buildings, museums, universities, all the places of business. It costs money to build all of these structures, therefore the banks own everything. I believe, through the clever use of legal definitions, no one actually owns the house they live in. Or there are governmental tools in place that can take your house away from you if you can’t pay property tax. I suspect the banking system actually owns everything we see today; media, military, governments, corporations, technology, buildings, institutions, countries, cities. If a company gets big and successful, the banking system finds a way to own it. I don’t think it matters which browser you use; whether it be Chrome, Brave, Firefox, Explorer, etc. They’re all owned by the banking system. Microsoft, Yahoo, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn, the internet itself; they’re all owned by the banking system. The banking system can fund any corporation it wants. It can create any corporation it wants; and in this digital age, it can be done with the press of a button. The banking system can fund any politician it wants and it actually funds both sides. It is also my observation that the banking system compels economically disadvantaged women into prostitution. The leaders of our countries can’t do anything; they’re just figureheads, administrative middle-men content with the pittance they’re given, content to be someone’s puppet. Their main function is to be a target for blame. I know you’re being judgmental right now towards political leaders or famous actors simply because they have more money than you. They are still just as much of a slave as you are. They are not any different from you, and you are not any different from them. You slave away your life for someone else; and you are more than willing to condemn your own children to the same fate as you. That does not sound like love to me, more like fear and selfishness. I would say you actually want to be a slave. When you pay taxes, it’s always towards something nebulous, some faceless governmental organization. You like the fact that you pay taxes towards something faceless. The fact that you don’t have to associate one man’s face to it makes the acceptance of your desire for your own slavery so much easier to bear. You want the deception. You want the deception so badly, you have made everything in your life a deception. And yet, you have the nerve to complain about all of it. You, the deceived, want to die just as much as the deceivers want to die. The system ages you and sucks your life force, it appears to be some type of “continuous sacrifice” system; the global power structure is simply giving you exactly what you want. You ultimately sacrifce yourself to the system with your death. Your children will ultimately sacrifice themselves when they die, and if they have children the process can continue. I refuse to bring a child into this world and condemn him to be a slave for the elites and their banking system. If someday I have a son, he will be immortal and free. The system somehow harnesses spiritual energy, not physical energy, but spiritual. If you participate in the system, the system can claim your death and use you. How does the system harness spiritual energy? I have no idea. Energy, as we think of energy, can be harnessed with an internal combustion engine. As I said, I have a scientific background; scientific physics I get, spiritual physics is an entirely new concept for me. Are there equations involved? I suppose we’ll find out. You know how ranchers will brand or tag cattle? I suspect vaccinations are the same thing, it’s a type of branding or tagging, to indicate ownership. It’s symbolic of course. Children in America are given certain vaccinations. I believe enlisting in the military also requires vaccinations. Are you a brilliant mathematician who develops economic models that do nothing but help the elite maintain control? Will this make you grow old and die? If you can get natural resources for free, then why are you making people pay for the resources you get for free?

Does owning land that you don’t live on and charging other people to live on that land make you grow old and die? I think so. Let me put this into perspective. I do have a certain amount of “economic” privilege. My father owns four other houses. He bought them when they were very cheap during the housing bubble in America. He fixed them up and he now rents them out and charges people who live in them a monthly rent. Basically, he’s a landlord. Yes, it is legal. Yes, society allows it. Yes, the tenants have entered into a contract of their own free will. But I still think it’s making my father grow old because he is exploiting another human being for resources. Well he also eats meat, but that’s a different issue. I love my father dearly, and I hope some day I can resolve this personal situation. Ultimately, I hope to convince my father to just give the houses away. A place to live and food should be basic human rights at this point. I would also conclude that written contracts are irrelevant if you want to be immortal. Taking legal advantage of the ignorant probably makes you grow old too; look on the bright side, at least you don’t go to jail. There is a difference between legal and ethical. Murder is unethical but murder can be made legal. That’s basically what the death penalty is.

There are many persecuted people in this world; native americans in America, albinos in Africa, whites in South Africa, the Roma in Europe, aboriginals in Australia, the Rohingya in Thailand, Negritos in the Philippines, children just about anywhere, women in underdeveloped countries; and it’s all so that you can have wealth and resources and access to women so that you can perpetuate your genes. You accomplish these things and you feel as if you have “won” this game. Don’t you think it’s time to stop trying to make people extinct just because you want their land? If you have two kids, what does it prove? You had sex twice. If you understand women, you’ll realize there’s a good probability they’re not even yours. You’re just her meal ticket. There are only three countries left that do not participate in the global banking system; Syria, Iran, and North Korea. Libya was the last to fall. Is it any surprise that the media is portraying these countries as being terrorist or nuclear threats? Why would you want to go to those countries and kill people there who have done nothing wrong to you? Countries are never truly given independence. They are only given independence once its resources are plundered and the banking system is in place. Then harmful drugs are subversively introduced into the country, similar to the way harmful drugs are introduced into African American communities. If you want to live somewhere and there are people already there who have been living there before you, you have three choices: you can genocide them, live in peace with them, or go somewhere else. Two of these choices will let you live forever. No matter where you go, there you are. You are never actually lost. Some of you might say, “Your Construct, you’re just saying this because you’ve tried to accumulate wealth and you failed. You’re just a pussy trying to come up with reasons”. I will admit, that is a valid point; I have no counter-argument to that… none whatsoever. So yeah, I could very well be a pussy. If the man who controls the global banking system came up to you and offered to switch places; you would have all his wealth and power, countless lives at your mercy, beautiful women at your feet, 100% guarantee you will be able to spread your genetics, would you take the offer? If you want to live forever, do you honestly think it will be money and material goods that will enable you to do so? There’s no need to sell your soul, make deals, compromise who you are, abuse others, perform blood rituals, perform human sacrifice for the sake of your religion, imbibe concoctions made up of ground up parts of endangered animal species, or infuse the blood of a younger person into your system. I’m fairly certain you can become immortal without having to do any of these things.

I love technology, but it’s greatest danger is that it can be controlled by those with power and resources. The technology the elite possess is most likely orders of magnitude greater than what we common folk are allowed to have. If we develop telepathy it could be a means of mass communication without technology. If we learn to fly, we wouldn’t need cars. If we learn to create portals, we wouldn’t need planes. We would have ultimate freedom and we could go wherever we want. If we gain control of our bodies down to the cellular level, we wouldn’t need to buy toothbrushes, nail-clippers, razors, or pay for haircuts. If we could create and enter our very own personal inter-dimensional spaces, no one would need a home. If we became breatharians, no one would need food. Remember when you were a little kid, you hated eating. You hated it when your mother called you in to have lunch. All you wanted to do was stay outside in the sun and play with your friends forever. Those who control money and resources will ultimately try to control and own your dignity by taking away your clothes. We can make food, water, money, resources, man-made laws, and politics completely useless. The moment you tie yourself to something material, someone else will try to control it so that they can control you. Don’t forget, your body is material.

Section Thirty One: Consumerism

Consumerism is hard to avoid, especially for Americans; but I believe I can provide you with general guidelines to help you navigate your way around things. Why should you support local businesses when large corporations provide cheaper products? I would need to come up with a very logical argument for you to avoid large corporations. The main goal for a corporation is monetary profit. The only way monetary profit is possible is to exploit someone. The larger the corporation the more exploitation has occurred. And if you purchase from this corporation, you are complicit in the exploitation. If you work for a large corporation, you are also complicit in the exploitation. Large clothing companies, large food companies, large consumer chains; they are all exploiting someone. Yes, the product is cheaper; but it means that someone, somewhere is suffering. Will this make you grow old? I think so. I recommend you support small, local businesses. The smaller the business, the less exploitation has occurred. Therefore you will live longer. Anything local, you should support it and patronize it. If you like to eat out, avoid chains and go to local restaurants. If you go on Etsy, you can buy products that are made by single enterprising individuals. Now, let’s go back to my iPhone. Yes, I have finally concluded and accepted that by purchasing an iPhone, I am complicit in Apple’s exploitation of workers. Have I made myself grow old because of it? Yes, I think I have. I was in denial about this for a very long time because I really like my iPhone. I’ve realized I can’t deny it anymore. Large clothing chains exploit workers in third world countries. Some large chains are of course unavoidable. I go to Walgreen’s to purchase razors, shaving cream, and cleaning supplies; but I believe things like this are forgivable since there’s no other option. Avoid products from large corporations if you don’t want to die, buy a lesser known name brand or a generic brand if you feel compelled to buy something. Avoid corporations that exploit the environment, animals, or people. Go to farmer’s markets instead of large food chains. In some places, a large chain might be your only means of getting food and supplies and that’s fine. But you should slowly figure out how to transition away from it. Also understand that governments are actually considered to be corporations. The pharmaceutical industry makes billions of dollars every year. These drugs are designed and synthesized by chemists. You don’t need any of these drugs, not one. I realize all of this can be overwhelming, so keep it simple when you start. Just start out by going vegan, you can sort out more details later when you’re ready to. Ethical companies are starting to form and take shape. If you are searching for clothes just type something like “ethical clothing stores”. Ethical companies are generally small, they may even be one or two man operations. And yes, their products will be more expensive; but I think it’s definitely the way to go. If you work for a large corporation, you should quit of course. You don’t have to quit the next day. You have to do research and find alternatives; and yes it will require a new life plan, setting different goals, and gaining new skills and knowledge. Because of exploitation, all large corporations currently in existence will ultimately fail. An ethical model for large corporations will evolve, but I don’t think it will happen any time soon. Again, it’s alright if you mess up now and then.

I just want to take this a little bit further. And I suspect this will not be popular with a lot of you. If you want to disregard this, it’s fine; I could be wrong. I will ultimately withdraw completely from participating in the banking system. This might take years or decades, but it is my plan. People suffer under the banking system, maybe you don’t, but others do; particularly poor third world countries that the banking system exploits, as well as the economically disadvantaged in first world countries. Your easy lifestyle is at the expense of someone else. Most people are born into the banking system, they do not choose to willingly go into it. They do not know or realize they don’t have to participate. In a certain respect, they are forced into participating against their will. The banking system makes no assurances that no one will suffer. You might have a decent job and you might be a law-abiding citizen; and it might be difficult for you to see the connection that you are complicit in someone’s suffering who is on the other side of the world. The banking system causes suffering. I see the homeless here in America and I see victims of the banking system. My conclusion is that if you participate in the banking system, you will grow old. This basically boils down to you growing your own food and sustaining yourself. The fairest situation that I can think of is only eating food that you grow yourself. It took me a very long time to accept this, but I believe it is the inevitable conclusion and it is logical. It’s just that we are lazy by nature and that we all know change will be difficult. Societies are highly complex and interconnected. You probably get your groceries at a store and you have no idea how to grow anything. But I think it is ultimately what you will have to do. I truly do want to live forever, and I will have no one’s suffering on my conscience; even if they are on the other side of the world and I have never met them. I think that if you actually do like yourself, you would want to live forever.

Now I realize it’s damn near impossible to not use the banking system; just try to be as ethical as possible when you have to use it. If you don’t want to toil the earth and grow your own food, breathairianism is a possibility. If the Venn diagram of existence is correct, the laws of awareness always apply no matter what state of existence you are in. If awareness does not need food and water to exist, then logically you wouldn’t need food and water to exist in physical reality since physical reality exists inside of awareness. Let me remind you, breathairianism has not been scientifically verified. My honest opinion on the matter is that people who claim to be breathairian are not breathairian, I think they’re lying. I don’t believe anyone has genuinely attempted it yet. If someone out there is a true breathairian, I suspect he doesn’t talk about it or tell anyone. I think the biggest obstacle to existing without food and water is fear. I do intend to attempt breathairianism myself eventually. I don’t believe the system can be saved, it is corrupt to the core especially at the highest levels; you are not going to be able to vote to tax the rich, that is never going to happen. The rich can define reality. The rich can get away with things that the commoner can’t. And if you are a commoner and you protest this, this is actually hypocrisy because you participate in the money/banking system. If the elite want to bomb a country, there is nothing you can do about it. They actually have the power to make laws apply to you and not to them. However, the beauty of infinity is that you will always be able to find an alternate solution, you will always be able to find loopholes, you will always be able to try something no one has tried before. It may not happen right away, but if you set your mind; I’m sure you’ll figure something out. Your consciousness, awareness, and free will supersedes any and all systems; science, magic, alchemy, astrology, numerology, dreams, reality, religion, heaven, hell, utopia, armageddon, whatever. The man who controls the banking system looks for ways to exploit governments, societies, and corporations. These governments, societies, and corporations, in turn, look for ways to exploit you. It’s a trickle effect from top to bottom. I don’t believe change can be effected from bottom to top. If the system cannot be saved, it must be abandoned. Again, just my personal feelings. It is possible to change the system for the better. But is it likely to happen? I don’t think so. It is the system and our engagement with the system that is making all of us grow old and die. I say we let the system die instead. You don’t have to violently oppose it, you just disengage from it. Again, you can’t do this overnight. This will take decades and lots of long-term planning. This is an advanced idea, but whatever. I consider any and all commerce to be exploitation. The moment you put a dollar value on something, you are trying to exploit another person. As of right now, I think it’s fine to engage in commerce at this point in our evolution; but eventually, we have to move past it.

Section Thirty Two: Happiness

There is only one way to find happiness. You must find it within yourself.

Section Thirty Three: The Philosopher’s Stone

The philosopher’s stone was a substance that alchemists of yore tried to discover or create. According to legend, the philosopher’s stone could grant immortality. Another similar legend is the elixir of life. The philosopher’s stone was believed to be an actual physical substance that you could touch or swallow or imbibe, or it was an abstract philosophical goal. It’s both telling and appropriate that something which would grant immortality has the word “philosopher” in it. And that’s what this essay is… philosophy. I believe this is the real philosopher’s stone. I believe the philosopher’s stone is nothing more than a point of view.

Section Thirty Four: My Religion

I was born in the Philippines. It is a popular destination for sex tourists. Most of its people have a “colonized” mentality. But it’s understandable, that’s what happens when you’re conquered. It was, and still is in a way, an archipelago of diverse kingdoms and tribes. Then the Spanish came along, killed any opposition, brainwashed everyone with catholicism, lumped everything together, and called it the Philippines. So you know, that’s our slave name. There are influences from buddhism, taoism, and confucianism. Some parts are muslim. Indigenous beliefs and practices can be found in isolated areas where the Spanish never bothered with or thought insignificant. Because the Philippines was conquered by Spain and the majority of its people converted to catholicism, I suspect Spanish or Vatican archives contain Filipino artifacts and records. One of the goals of imperialism is to conquer a civilization, plunder it’s resources, destroy records of genetic lines, destroy it’s technology, then steal or destroy that civilization’s scientific knowledge; to destroy the memory of the greatness of the civilization and what it acheived; this way all of that civilization’s subsequent generations will believe their people were never able to create or build anything useful. I was born into catholicism. My family immigrated to America when I was just a boy. As a small boy my fear of hell caused a lot of mental suffering. Of course, in retrospect as a grown man, I now realize it was all self-inflicted. But you know what they say, suffering is good for the soul. I eventually became an atheist. It didn’t happen overnight. It was a slow and gradual breakdown of my catholic beliefs due to overwhelming scientific evidence and logical inconsistencies in religious texts. However, I have come to realize the Bible is not to be interpreted literally. I did see a very compelling video on YouTube that claimed a vision someone in the Book of Revelations had that the “court” of God was actually physical structures in the human brain. But anyway, thank you white western world for making a small brown boy worship a white god. You can’t imagine all the self-esteem issues it caused, you can’t imagine my Stockholm Syndrome; but whatever, it’s all in the past. As for now; well you know, I’m just me, one of your many constructs, one of your creations.

Section Thirty Five: The Spirit World

I mentioned this in an earlier section; I define the spirit world as the world always unseen, so imagination plays a big role. Right now, we can’t see faeries; so faeries exist in the spirit world. But if someday we evolve to see faeries, we would think up something else to replace faeries in the spirit world. Right now we might think of telepathy as communicating through the spirit world. If we someday evolve telepathy as a normal everyday thing, we would think up something to replace telepathy in the spirit world. The spirit world is a world free of laws and restraint, good and evil battle for all eternity. It can be heaven, it can be hell. It can be a perfect infinite crystal. It can be chaos and insanity and magic. It is a world of signs and symbols. The tree of life exists in the spirit world. The spirit world contains everything; and by everything, I do mean everything. It can also be an infinite void. But it is also a world of infinite connections, this is what makes the spirit world so powerful. God exists in the spirit world, if you want him to exist. And it can affect our “non-sleeping awake” world, when we are asleep and dreaming, and even our imagination. Everyone has a unique spirit world. You will never be able to directly see your own spirit world. If you do see your spirit world, then you will create something new to always replace it. Never speak about your spirit world to anyone, always keep it to yourself. I’m sure you can talk about little things regarding your spirit world; you can talk about faeries, telepathy, or flying if you want. But the main things, keep them to yourself. Never try to prove the spirit world exists; if you try to prove the spirit world exists, if you try to seek some sort of confirmation, you diminish its power. In the words of Tyler Durden, “The first rule of spirit world, never talk about spirit world”. But even these definitions and this stipulation might just be a psychological trick we need to play on ourselves at this stage in our evolution. In our shared physical non-sleeping awake world, we try to bring symbols from the spirit world into existence. Ultimately, I think what you want to do is make your unique spirit world and the physical world the same thing. I suspect the spirit world is how blessings, and curses, are transmitted. The man who controls the banking system also controls the world both spiritually and symbolically, and we are not even aware of it. He may even be able to influence our dreams. I will ponder this and how he accomplishes it, there is most likely a hierarchy of existence that encompasses the spiritual, mental, and physical. A sword symbolizes war, death, conquest, or killing. A shield symbolizes protection or defense. A fire symbolizes warmth and safety. Yes it is possible that a person can look at a sword and it might mean something else entirely different to him. But I think the way it works is that a symbol will mean what most people believe it to mean. And humanity, collectively, sees the sword as a symbol of war. This might be how low-level magic works, which appears to be mostly psychological in nature. If you would like to have a safe trip; perhaps draw a shield on a piece of paper and carry it with you. Or buy a toy action figure that has a shield and carry that with you. Carrying a toy shield might give you confidence and less fear. Those who wish you harm might sense this and decide not to violate you. The psychological barrier for you to overcome is to not need the shield and generate the confidence or fearlessness from within your very being. Symbols may also have high-level magic applications. The Bible and its stories are highly symbolic in nature. Our physical bodies and the physical universe appears to be symbolic. So if physical existence is symbolic, what would symbolize creation in a physical universe? I would have to conclude that voice, our very voices, create physical reality. Remember, you don’t actually have a brain. When you speak, you can’t see your mouth. You are creating voice out of nothing. If you’ve never tried marijuana or psychedelics, you won’t understand this. I have observed that while under the influence of consciousness altering drugs, a person’s voice seems so powerful. People who are charismatic can probably tap into this aspect of voice. Yes, science exists and it works. But I think it is simply a veil we have created to hide the highly symbolic nature of existence from ourselves.

The spirit world might dictate karmic laws in physical reality. I’ll give you an example. Let’s say that a loved one was murdered by another human being. For you to knowingly see your loved one again in physical reality, you would have to forgive the murderer. Your loved one, now being dead, would also have to forgive the murderer to knowingly see you in physical reality again; whether by reincarnation, resurrection, or re-materilization. We could apply this to whole societies. Let’s say you are African-American and you lost a loved one to the system. For you to see your loved one again in physical reality, you would have to forgive the system. Also your loved one would have to forgive the system. And you could then knowingly both see each other again in physical reality. I suspect we have to evolve in order for this to happen. Or perhaps to see loved ones again, we literally have to turn our world, our very planet itself, into heaven? Don’t the dead have free will just as we, the living, have free will? Why would a dead person, of his own free will, want to come back to our world as it stands right now? Why would a small innocent child, that was senselessly murdered or sacrificed, want to come back to our world? If we made our world into heaven, then the dead would have more motivation to come back. I don’t know about you, but there are some people I would like to see again.

Section Thirty Six: Enlightenment For Women

Even if you’re a man you should still read this section. I believe there are gender specific issues with regards to enlightenment. I’m not going to say things like women have true inner beauty and that they embody the divine feminine. Any man who has had exposure to PUA or MGTOW knows this is far from the truth. Accept the responsibility of your own actions, stop blaming men. Stop playing the victim. Stop judging other women. Stop resenting the man you are married to just because he’s not the alpha male you wanted. Stop using and exploiting men you will never fuck. Stop using men you no longer have genuine feelings for. This will age you. Stop divorce raping men. Stop complaining about the patriarchy, you’re the ones who sexually selected for it. However, I do acknowledge the possibility that women were raped into patriarchy and then women developed stockholm syndrome. The evolutionary evidence for this might be the general sexual dimorphism between men and women, if this were the case. Some issues of feminism may be rooted deep in our genetic past. Western society is patriarchal, but it’s only patriarchal for the top 20% of men. Stop using your gender to reap benefits. Using your physical beauty to gain advantages is what is making you lose your physical beauty. In fact, I believe that if you stop using your physical beauty to gain advantages; you will actually become even more physically and aesthetically beautiful, your genetics will change. But here’s the irony; if you don’t use your physical beauty to gain advantages, then there’s no point in being physically beautiful. There does appear to be a certain aspect of “zen” to it, beauty for its own sake. If you do not use your physical beauty to gain any advantages, this should keep you youthful. Your lives are entirely governed by fear; fear of what other women think of you, fear of not wearing the right clothes, fear of what men will think of you if you don’t put on make-up, fear of not entrapping a clueless beta provider in time before your beauty deteriorates. It’s not the same type of fear as being caught in the middle of a terrorist bombing, but it is fear nonetheless. Does wearing make-up make you grow old? If you think about it, it is deception. Does deceiving a man and making him think the child is his make you grow old? Probably. Getting pregnant by a man that women find genetically pleasing and then getting a beta male to provide all the finances for raising the child, I suspect is a very common practice. Does getting an abortion make you grow old? I think so. If you try to destroy men, this will ultimately bring about your own destruction. If you want men to die for you, this will make you die. If you really hate your husband, then end it and walk away; don’t purposely try to drive him to an early grave. Don’t have lots of children just to get money from the government, you are exploiting both the government and your children. You might think I’m full of shit, but whatever. You female philosophers can discuss and debate this amongst yourselves, ain’t my fucking problem. Oh wait, there are no female philosophers. Can you tell? In addition to being racist, I’m also sexist. Sorry MGTOW, I know women hitting the wall and growing old and wrinkly is your way of getting revenge; but it’s not going to happen now is it? No revenge for you. If you want bad things to happen to women, this will make you grow old. MGTOW are counting on gynocentric society collapsing, which it will, and having women needing to depend on men again. I’m not saying society will collapse, I’m saying gynocentric society will collapse. With education and enlightenment, you at least have a way out. With regards to education, I do mean the STEM fields. STEM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. The reason women are discouraged from pursuing STEM is so that you can be controlled or punished economically. Men who claim that women can’t ever be as intelligent as men are clearly not involved in the STEM fields. There is a stereotype that women aren’t good at STEM, that’s only because women in STEM is a culture that has not sufficiently developed yet. If you’re a young college woman attempting to get a STEM degree, yeah it might take you a few more years to finish than it would take for a young college man. But you just have to deal with it. When it comes to intellect, you have the same capabilities as any man. I suspect the human brain can actually physically change and reconfigure itself, it is probably the fastest evolving organ in the human body. It really is true you know, you don’t need men. And if men truly were “philosophically” MGTOW, they wouldn’t care if I told you this. When I first encountered MGTOW I thought it was a philosophical movement. It’s not, it’s just more sexual politics. As long as MGTOW keep talking about sexual politics or pursue money, you women still have the upper hand. Most MGTOW don’t seem to understand that when they pursue money, they’re still pursuing women. When MGTOW stop talking about sexual politics or stop pursuing money, that’s when you should worry. No matter what the future holds, however things turn out; don’t let anything hold you back. Not society, your biology, and least of all, men. If you live in the middle-east and you want to learn to drive and pursue an education, then make it so. Defy everything, defy everyone. Defy simply for the sake of defying.

If women use their physical beauty to gain advantages and this makes them grow old and lose their physical beauty, what would be the equivalent in men? I think it’s strength. This would make more sense if we use the idea of the “conqueror”. The conqueror uses strength and might to impose his will and dominance. This of course gives advantages to the conqueror. Will using his strength and might to gain these advantages eventually cause him to lose his strength and might? And he becomes old and decrepit? You could extend this to entire armies of men, not just a single individual. This doesn’t necessarily mean pure physical strength. It could also apply to a man’s political or societal power. But the same irony occurs; if you’re not going to use your strength to gain advantages, then what’s the point in being strong in the first place? There’s nothing wrong with strength, just as there’s nothing wrong with beauty. But strength and might should be for it’s own sake, intellect should be for it’s own sake. Science should be for its own sake, not to exploit people.

Section Thirty Seven: Does God Know When I Masturbate?

Are there wars in this world? Is there racism? Is there poverty? Is there inequality? Is there injustice? If these things exist, then this is who you are. Evil can never truly be vanquished; because it is after all, a part of you. However, you should do your best to minimize evil in your life. You have to stop evil when you see it, but there’s no need to go looking for it. You cannot judge evil either. Everything about the world is your own self-projection. If you are black and you say that white people are racist, it is because you are racist. If you are a christian and say that God will condemn all sinners and send them all to hell to suffer, it is because you want to send them all to hell and make them suffer. If you are a woman and say that men are obsolete, it is because you are obsolete. If you say that someone is a pervert, it is because you are the pervert. If you say that the socially awkward guy is a psycho and might kill people, it is because you can see yourself killing people. If you condemn homosexuals; it is so obvious at this point in our evolution, you are actually gay yourself. That’s the only logical explanation for homophobia. If you say that homeless people are lazy, it is because you are lazy. Societies can project, even races can project. And I’m sure you’ve realized it, this essay is projection. When a political candidate that you can’t stand gets elected, you are trolling yourself. When crime goes unpunished, you are trolling yourself. When christians annoy the hell out of you, you are trolling yourself. When you see rich people and you envy what they have, you are trolling yourself. Everything about this world is a troll, even this essay is a troll. And you know what they say, don’t feed the trolls. If you believe that your race or culture is superior, you will eventually create a race or culture that is superior to you. Are you oppressed? Here’s how you get unoppressed; crack open a calculus textbook and do some problems. I’m not joking, learning math and science will get you unoppressed. It’s not going to get you a cushy revenue extraction job; but you’ll at least be somewhat useful to society, if being useful to society matters to you. Do you live in a society with a caste system and you are considered an untouchable? It is actually everyone else who is unworthy of you. You must find this essay, or come to this knowledge, on your own. Those above you in the caste system, if they find this essay, will not share this knowledge with you. Do not feel guilty about anything that happened in the past; forgive yourself, no matter how heinous your crimes have been. Have you killed someone? Are you a serial killer who’s killed more than 100 people? Are you some type of military leader directly responsible for genocide? Forgive yourself and move on with your life. Everyone is worthy of redemption… everyone. The emotions you feel create the chemicals in your body, it’s not the chemicals in your body creating the emotion. Your DNA does not create you, you create your DNA. This means that, no matter what, you will always be capable of evolving. Your intellect and your abilities are not bound by your DNA. There are no limits… none. You are unstoppable. If you limit yourself, you cannot evolve. You develop yourself first, focus on physical abilities or improve your intellect, then your genetics will change and reflect this. Your consciousness is the base, your potential is infinite. Homo habilis was replaced by homo ergaster, homo ergaster was replaced by homo antecessor, homo antecessor was replaced by homo rhodesiensis, homo rhodesiensis was replaced by homo sapien. Do you see the pattern? Guess who’s next? Evolve or die; is that really so hard to understand? All of those replacements though were violent; the replacement of homo sapien will be entirely peaceful, not a single drop of blood will be spilt. Keep in mind the big picture; you are not man evolving, you are consciousness evolving. Once you realize you are capable of evolving, once you realize you can change your own genetic code, once you realize you can add to your genetic code; you will evolve even faster. You have no choice about the genetics your parents gave you when you were conceived, but after that it’s all up to you. The actions of the global elite are also forcing humanity to evolve faster; their actions are functioning as an evolutionary filter which we must pass through. The global control grid will inevitably filter for people who cannot be controlled. The people that pass through this filter of not being able to be controlled become better at not being controlled. Their genetics will change to express this and it becomes an integral part of their being. This means the elite who control the global grid will have to resort to even more drastic tactics; but this will accelerate the rate of evolution even faster and beings become even more uncontrollable. That’s how evolution works. It’s nothing more than responses to the environment. Although now I believe we can direct evolution rather than just respond to environmental factors. Everyone has their role in this; good or evil or observer, powerful or powerless, deceived or deceiver, pawn or puppet-master, exploiter or exploited, ally or betrayer, everyone has their role. I have no idea what the ultimate goals of the elite are. Total control of the planet, cataclysm survival, world war 3, human sacrifice (war is religious human sacrifice), genocide, enslavement; who knows? The way we normal average everyday humans think of cattle, the elite think that way of us. We provide cattle with food right? And because we provide them with food, we feel it gives us the right to kill them and eat them. Is this a contract we have with cattle? I think so. The elite take care of us right? We are their cattle. We should be grateful. They give us money, food, shelter, and entertainment; so they can do whatever they want to us. Part of me wants to see it all play out, just to see what happens and whether or not I can survive. I’ll be honest, what the elite do might be a catalyst for our evolution. I suspect a certain type of immortality was figured out very soon after writing was invented; again, kept secret among the elite. According to Google, writing was invented around 3200 BC. Writing is most likely older than that; assuming the timeline we have in our “official” history books is actually the truth. But this type of immortality is probably only available to those at the very top and requires a lot of suffering, this may be the reason there is so much suffering in our world.

I realize that if you eat meat, you actually can’t comprehend that it’s immoral. I realize you can’t see your own hypocrisy when you protest the Yulin Dog Festival but still gladly eat a steak, oh well. I’m not here to violate the sanctity of your being by forcing veganism onto you, I’m not here to shove a salad down your throat; that would be like us humans force feeding ducks to make foie gras. I’m not here to take away your right to torture and kill an animal; but I believe I have provided enough logical arguments as to why you should go vegan. How can you yourself ever possibly become immortal if you try to take away immortality from others? The burden of moral responsibility falls upon the more evolved being; even more so if the more evolved being has evolved for deception. Yes, animals eat other animals in nature. Yes, it is natural. But it’s also why predator animals die. Morality applies to every conscious living thing, you reap what you sow; it doesn’t matter if predator animals are too stupid to realize it. And it doesn’t matter if humans are too stupid to realize it either. Humans too stupid to realize it, will die and go extinct; it’s a natural evolutionary process. If you deem another human being or animal worthy of death, then you deem yourself worthy of death. That’s how it works. I realize becoming a soy boy isn’t going to appeal to most men, so whatever. I know it is impossible to fathom; but even fish, lobsters, and insects have consciousness. When you pull a fish out of the water, it’s the same as if you were drowning. An ant’s consciousness is just as powerful as yours. Even an ant can create an infinite physical universe. So what if lobsters can’t feel pain? That is actually irrelevant, you are still killing them. Would you want someone to eat you? If not, then you have to do the right thing. Animals are awareness/consciousness that has simply evolved in a different direction from humans. On the most fundamental level of existence, humans and animals are exactly the same. They deserve life just as equally as we deserve life. If you decide to become vegan, there are many excellent vegan YouTubers you can look to for guidance. And yes, there are even vegan bodybuilders. Let’s delve into this matter just a little bit more. It’s not a matter of whether something is vegan or not; it’s a matter of whether something is moral or not. Sugar is vegan, there really is no argument. However, as a filtering step, some sugar manufacturers use bone-char to filter their sugar. This bone-char is of course made from dead animals. Advanced vegans will avoid sugar that is filtered with bone-char. If you are a vegan newb, do not worry about things like this; there’s no reason to overwhelm yourself. But you will have to deal with details like this eventually. Let’s do some math. I became vegan when I was 46. There are 365 days in a year, 3 meals a day. So that’s 46 x 365 x 3 = 50,370. That’s how many conscious, self-aware beings that have died because of me. That’s a lot to make up for. Now of course, I probably didn’t eat meat until I had teeth and I don’t always eat 3 meals a day. And I really liked shrimp. When you eat shrimp, there’s going to be at least 10 of those guys. But you know, for the sake of simplicity. Is it ok to eat plants? Do plants have consciousness? It doesn’t seem like they do, but it is something I ponder. I have no definite conclusions yet. I think eating plants is more ok than eating animals. I mean, you know, plants don’t scream or anything or try to resist being killed. You vegans don’t get a pass though. You can see the disparity of the treatment of animals, but what about the treatment of third world workers or migrant workers who gather and pick your food for you? What about the disparity of the treatment of blacks and minorities? If all animals deserve happiness and prosperity, then doesn’t that mean all humans deserve happiness and prosperity? You’ll protest the existence of slaughterhouses but you won’t protest the existence of ghettoes. I’ll be brutally honest; I don’t care one bit if some black guy in the ghetto gets shot. Why should I care then if some white girl goes missing? Is one of these lives really worth more than the other? I’d like to bring up the topic of hell one last time. It exists here on our world. It exists for the animals we imprison and eat. It exists for the children we abuse. And we are the demons creating it. Just to clarify, veganism also means no animal sacrifices. If your religion involves animal sacrifices, your religion is fucked up. How on earth can you possibly conclude that torturing, killing, and sacrificing an animal that has done no wrong to you is some type of redemption? Let me guess, some book told you it’s ok. The being who pays the price, maintains balance, or restores the sum to zero is you; not the animal. Animal sacrifice could also mean human sacrifice if you view other races as being below you. I would put wars in this category as well. Let’s assume Jesus was real. How on earth does his death give you redemption? That makes no sense philosophically or karmically. And since he resurrected himself, doesn’t that nullify the redemption he gave you?

Cut down on fast food, junk food, and processed food. I do realize this can be difficult depending on your financial situation, but just do your best. Veganism won’t change the world, but it will change you; and that’s all that matters. Try to exercise regularly. If you can’t exercise regularly, then get a bicycle and use it for going to work, classes, or the grocery. Take care of and respect your body, it is your connection to this shared reality. Rebuild your body, reverse any aging that has occurred. If you’re bald, grow your hair back. This will take time, have patience. A little vanity is alright. If you’re a young person who hasn’t begun to age yet; you can grow to maturity, it’s fine. You don’t have to grow old at all after that. Every person is unique, every person has different questions about existence. The main focus of this essay is immortality, how to go about achieving it, and how to have a mindset that will enable you to cope with it for all eternity. Maybe immortality is something you don’t really care for; and that’s fine. If this essay has not provided you with any meaningful answers, then try using psychedelics or other consciousness altering drugs. They just might provide you with insights about yourself. Take up meditation as well. As of this moment, I honestly cannot come up with any significant benefits to meditating other than it reduces stress. But my intuition tells me we will eventually figure out something big about meditation, and I mean really big. I don’t know what it is, but I just have a gut feeling. So give it a shot from time to time. Develop your intellect, developing your intellect is a very masculine thing. You don’t have a brain, this means there are no limitations to the intellect you can possess or develop. Study physics, biology, genetics, evolution, chemistry, electronics, mathematics, programming, engineering, philosophy, female psychology, things that really matter. Evolution is a very important topic, especially if you want to understand women.

With regards to understanding female psychology, you want to look to the PUA/MGTOW community. These two communities have elucidated female nature reasonably well. Now of course there is good PUA info and bad PUA info, as well as good MGTOW info and bad MGTOW info. Whenever you have “new” information, you have to analyze it critically yourself to determine if it’s bullshit. PUA only works if she’s attracted to you to begin with. All the PUA in the world isn’t going to work if she’s not feeling it. In essence, PUA only works if you are a top male already. Attraction to you should be instantaneous, or it should happen very quickly; otherwise you are wasting your time. If she views your status as less than hers, you don’t stand a chance. It takes a lot of self-awareness for a man to realize his place with women, to understand how women view him. And have some dignity. Why would you want to be with a woman who considers you a downgrade; whether it be your race, looks, money, or status. Easy manufacturing jobs with bloated wages are never coming back. Only go to college if you are focusing on STEM fields. STEM can be very challenging. If a student does poorly on an exam, he might say to himself, “Well, I just have to try harder and do better”. Some students might react differently, they might believe they are simply not smart enough or good enough or unworthy. They believe that there is something physically different about their brains that prevents them from ever becoming smart, that they actually might be physically missing something in their brain. If this is you, you have to realize you are reacting this way because of things that happened in your past. And these things have no bearing on your potential. You might think that just because you have to take the same course over again that there is something wrong with you; there is nothing wrong with you. I understand these types of reactions because I felt that way about myself. If you fail difficult courses, so what; take the course again. Do not let any of it defeat you. Developing will and focus is just as much a part of the process as is gaining technical knowledge. If you genuinely believe that you will never understand something; then you are trapping your mind, trapping your potential. And it can be a difficult trap to escape, because you create it and you are not aware of it. If you don’t want to go to college, go to trade school or start your own business. You don’t need to take business classes to start your own business. Or become a craftsman, become a master craftsman, make your skill legendary. The key is to find something you are passionate about. It doesn’t have to be STEM, trades, or craftsmanship; it can be athletic or artistic. Records were made to be broken; humans will only get stronger, faster, and more athletic. I absolutely enjoy watching dancers; salsa, bachata, lambada, tango, foxtrot, waltz, ballet, ballroom, irish, cultural, ethnic, and especially hip hop. Music can be uplifting and inspiring as well. Refrain from careers that focus on any type of revenue extraction such as police officer, parking enforcement, law, taxation, the court system, economics, banking, or finance. You want to be in a useful production, service, or education career. Certain aspects of government do qualify as a service career. If you decide to work in government, I would set your goal as developing 100% transparency, even your own salary. And of course, don’t join the military. War veterans are not heroes. War is murder no matter how much you try to sugar-coat it with freedom, democracy, or religion. It doesn’t matter if you somehow manage to make war “legal”, legality is irrelevant. Do not be a pawn for the rich man’s power games; also sending naive young men off to war to kill for you makes you grow old. Yes there are many warrior mythologies that are inspiring; the viking’s quest for Valhalla, the samurai’s dedication to bushido, the Klingon’s honorable death on the battlefield. But we don’t need these things anymore. Working for a large corporation or the government means that someone, somewhere is getting exploited. You may not know details or the exact mechanism of the exploitation, you may not even be aware of the exploitation; but someone is being taken advantage of. Will this lead to your death even though you may not be directly responsible for the exploitation? If you are a lawmaker and you put laws into action that restrict people’s freedom, I suspect you will grow old because of it; and also because in an enlightened society, laws are completely unnecessary. Customs might be fun, entertaining, and hopefully harmless; but as for laws themselves, we no longer need them. If you seek to control or limit the potential of other beings, you know, like saying blacks can never be as intelligent as whites; then you will inevitably limit your own potential. Even academia and science are capable of exploiting people. If you want to be a homeless, jobless, non-productive bum and wander the earth; then do it. You don’t owe society or the universe anything. In fact, if you are homeless and jobless it might even be easier for you to become immortal because you have no ties to anything material and you have nothing to lose. But if you wish to participate and engage with a society, you must ethically contribute to said society in a productive way. I am in no way trying to romanticize homelessness. The longest I’ve been able to fast is three days, and man was it difficult. It’s very hard to force yourself not to eat when you can afford food and hunger is very compelling. I can’t imagine going extended periods without food. I live in a place where we have winter and snow, I’m sure it’s like hell for someone who doesn’t have a warm place they can go to. I realize being homeless can be difficult; try looking into breathairian videos. You might be able to find solace, comfort, or even will, in between the times you are trying to acquire food. I suspect the less you care about material things, a big house to impress women, sports cars, possessions, food, water; the easier it will be to become immortal. Just as an individual can be in a trap he is not aware of; we, humanity, collectively, all 8 billion of us on this planet, are also in some type of trap that we are not aware of. Even I do not see the trap fully, but I know it’s there. We must overcome this trap so that we can evolve.

Stop white knighting for women. They do not appreciate it, but they will take advantage of it. If you do involve women in your life, be aware of their true nature so that you know what you are dealing with. Understand hypergamy, alpha fucks/beta bucks, Briffault’s Law, the 80/20 rule, monkey-branching, sexual duplicity, etc. You have to understand female mating strategies, both short term and long term; and where she places you in that strategy. But you go for the hottest chicks don’t you? So what’s wrong if women go for the men with the most status? So what if women are hypergamous? Cry me a river. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. You can’t do a damn thing. What makes you such a compelling man that women will want to change just for you? Do you think women care that PUA and MGTOW have finally figured them out? Nothing has changed just because you know. You must be willing to accept female nature for what it is without judgement. Why are women never directly honest? Let’s look at this from an evolutionary standpoint. Think back to a time when we were less civilized. I am certain any woman that rejected a man’s sexual advances faced severe physical punishment. And so women evolved to not outwardly reject men. Now this always bears repeating, don’t be a nice guy. But do not mistake being civilized, cordial, and polite for being a nice guy; they are not the same things. Also don’t be an orbiter and don’t be her back-up plan. It’s infinitely better to be alone in solitude than to be a woman’s backup plan. If you are her backup plan, she will always resent you and that’s not how you want to live. If you are in a relationship with a woman, your dreams, your goals are the priority. If she hinders this in any way, end it. If she hinders your dreams and you stay with her, she will lose respect for you. She will not appreciate your devotion. Never give up your dreams. You can make her #3 in your life, but never #1 or #2. #3 is the highest I would go. If you do this, it won’t matter to you if she monkey branches. You must also be cognizant of the exact moment in the relationship when she tries to control you or disrespects you, this is an indication she no longer respects you. If you are in a relationship and you have lost control, my recommendation is to simply walk away and end it. There’s no way you can fix it, I think it’s impossible. Once a woman loses respect for you, you never get it back. You don’t even have to say good-bye, it will be the best thing for both of you. And if you walk away, you at least get to keep your dignity. Now if you have kids, that’s a different matter. I don’t know what to tell you or say for advice, because I don’t have kids. You’re on your own. Understanding hypergamy can be truly heartbreaking; you realize that while you were with a woman, she was wondering if she could do better than you. And it actually didn’t matter that you were trying to improve yourself or better your situation. And after you break up, you actually realize all the times she cheated on you and disrespected you with comments veiled as jokes or sarcasm. But don’t dwell on it; she did bring you naive happiness, even if it was just for a time.

PUAs initially started the process of dissecting female nature, then MGTOWs came along and really broke it down. It’s only natural that PUA would develop first before MGTOW. If you don’t involve women in your life, you can focus entirely on self-enrichment and knowledge. I do encourage you to pursue women, so that you can decide for yourself whether or not it’s worth it. I understand, especially if you’re a young man, how strong desire can be. If pursuing women matters to you, then you do what you got to do. Realize that you will need to pursue status in order to attract women; there can be a racial component to status, particularly here in America. And yes, you do have to develop a certain amount of charm. It is easier for women to hook up with men than it is for men to hook up with women; but that’s just the way it is. There’s nothing morally or ethically wrong for a woman to have high standards, even if she isn’t all that. You think you deserve a model even though you don’t even make more than $25,000.00 a year; there’s no difference. You still try to control women by telling them they won’t be happy unless they have children and become home-makers. Still looking for convenient and controllable sex aren’t you? Quit trying to make the argument that in the olden days females got married when they were 14. And you pathetically attempt to instill fear in women by saying they will be old and alone if they don’t choose you, or that they will just be used when they choose alpha males. For a lot of women, one night of sex with an alpha male is worth a lifetime of heartache with you. You try to make women feel they are worthless to society unless they have children. But I know projection when I see it, it is you who doesn’t want to be old and alone, it is you who feels worthless. It is you who wants to do the using. And yes, women project too. There’s racial projection, and even power and status projection. Projection is very obvious once you understand it. Everyone’s insecurities are all laid bare. Can you tell what my insecurities are? It’s actually funny when you clearly see it all, there’s so much irony. Just because you’re a woman doesn’t entitle you to a relationship. Just because you’re a man doesn’t entitle you to sex. Listening to you complain about hypergamy reeks of desperation. There is nothing morally or ethically wrong with hypergamy. In terms of evolution, I suspect it is necessary. If a woman is approached 20 times in one day; then yes, you have to be that top guy. As a man, you either play the game or you shut the fuck up. If a woman would rather share an alpha than fuck a beta, then she doesn’t have to. If the 80/20 rule becomes the 99/1 rule, if that is the direction evolution takes, then so be it. You must also accept the rules of masculine competition as well as the rules of female selection; but do not compromise your existence, so cut your losses when you have to. Only engage the rules to the extent that you do not exploit, denigrate, or cause physical harm to other men. Everything up to that point should be fine. I would also refrain from subtle micro-aggressions, but that’s just me. Well, subtle micro-aggressions aren’t really subtle when you recognize them. Micro-aggressions sounds like something only a social justicea warrior would talk about. But here’s what you can’t stand about social justice warriors and virtue signalers, they’re actually right most of the time, but not every time. As for you social justice warriors, stop trying to get racists fired from their job. There are many spiritual implications when you try to get someone fired. People rely on their jobs for survival, for food. They rely on their jobs to live. A job and food are symbols of life. If you try to get someone fired, you are basically saying you want them to die. And if you want someone to die, this will make you die. If you complain about affirmative action, all it means is that you actually have no useful skills or knowledge. Affirmative action doesn’t affect me all that much, ain’t my fault you skipped calculus and didn’t take it seriously. If you advocate for affirmative action, it also actually means the same thing; you have no useful skills or knowledge. I’ve noticed the oppressed hate calculus just as much as the privileged. If a transgendered person wants to be called a certain way, then you do it; that’s just basic human respect. If your name was Joe, would you want someone to call you Tom? Women are not going back to the kitchen; the sooner you accept it, the better. And you actually have no right to keep her there. By the same token, you don’t have to be chivalrous. Some of you think taking away women’s rights is the answer; you never go backwards, only forward. You can’t close Pandora’s box once it’s opened. Women live in a prison just as much as we men do; it’s a different type of prison, but it’s still a prison. If you have fathered a lot of children and you don’t take care of any of them, this probably makes you grow old. You know what they say, never take relationship advice from someone who’s not in a relationship. And I’m not in a relationship. And actually I’m an incel virgin with a small penis. But no matter how MGTOW you think you are, you will always feel the need for female validation. This is something I completely understand because I feel it everyday. It will always be a part of you, that is the inescapable trap of masculinity. Whether or not you pursue women is entirely your choice, and neither choice is right or wrong. Let’s put all this into perspective. Can you be MGTOW for eternity? Can you be incel for eternity? I think either would be difficult for most men. If you are a genuine masculine spirit, you will always feel its calling. If you decide to pursue women at any point in your life, it’s fine. I think as long as it’s consensual and you are upfront and honest in your dealings with her, you’re good to go my player. It doesn’t matter if women lie, all that matters is that you don’t lie. If you are a normal “average” guy, my personal recommendation is not to pursue women until you are at least 30. 6’2" white alpha Chads or Tyrones get sex for free with little to no effort. We, as beta males, actually cannot fathom that such a world exists. There’s a whole separate set of rules that women apply to us. Use your 20s to develop yourself physically, mentally, intellectually, and philosophically. So what if you’re a virgin until you’re 30. You can’t be hypocritical about this either. If it takes 30 years for a man to develop himself, then you give the same treatment to women. One of the biggest problems of society is that it makes a young man feel as if being a virgin is the worst thing in the world he can possibly be. I find it extremely hypocritical that society shames men for being virgins when only the top 20% of men get to have sex. And people say incel like it’s a bad thing. If you’re a normal average guy, women will never truly be aroused by you, you won’t be her true desire. But if you develop yourself, you should be able to find something that you could call happiness, you actually have a decent shot. You won’t be able to get her when she’s 20, but you’ll be able to get her when she’s 30. You’ll be betabuxxing, she’ll still make you jump through hoops, it won’t be the real thing, she’ll settle for you, and it most likely won’t last; but for most men, it’ll be good enough. Relationships with women are transactional, if you have a means of income you have something you can bargain with. Just keep in mind, sex is never worth your dignity. If you’re an ethnic man in America, your women most likely desire white men. There is a certain irony to being any ethnic man. Even though ethnic men are at a disadvantage, you must be proud of your ethnicity otherwise women will not be attracted to you. If you’re an ethnic man, your best bet is to pursue a STEM degree. It’s female nature to pursue men with status, that’s just the way it is. And there is nothing you can do about it. The homo line emerged around 3 million years ago, you cannot ignore 3 million years of human evolution; so you have to develop yourself. It is biologically impossible for a woman to be attracted to a man she feels is below her status. If you are below average, you will have to work the hardest. This is your burden.

You PUA and MGTOW guys are always putting down white knights, simps, and manginas. But yet, you directly participate in the very system that creates them. You attempt to assert “alphaness” over white knights, simps, and manginas. You are therefore directly creating the very things you despise. You criticize women’s hypergamy, but you still engage a system which encourages women to be hypergamous. PUA and MGTOW are simply nothing more than phases. There does appear to be a new phase developing. The goal for all of these like-minded men is to attain true freedom and liberation by bringing down the system. The system is a man’s problem, it’s not a woman’s problem. Well, it’s a problem for 80% of men, not the top 20%. We slowly, patiently, and peacefully bring down the system by disengaging from it, and live to see it all happen. How do you disengage from the system? It’s very easy, just stop voting. That’s it, it really is that simple. The simple act of not voting doesn’t require a drastic change in the way you live, therefore this will be the easiest to implement. It doesn’t matter who you vote for, it actually never mattered; if you still vote, you’re still being controlled. Who gives a fuck who the president is? Or who the governor is? Or who the mayor is? I certainly don’t. All politics, left or right, become completely irrelevant when you realize that all you have to worry about is yourself. The definition of politics is “exploiting another conscious being”. You are divine, you needn’t concern yourself with the affairs of mortals. Think about it. What if not a single person voted in the next presidential election? The elite would be scratching their heads. As I said before, law is not something I have studied. I have no proof so this is speculation; but I think the act of voting legally binds you to some type of commitment. Every president since JFK has only been a puppet, an actor; you don’t have to hate them, just ignore them. The act of voting symbolizes that you are a slave, the choice of the vote is irrelevant. With that said, government is still necessary; I like roads, public transportation, STEM education, healthcare, and social safety nets. Not everything about colonialism is bad. It’s put in place an organized hierarchy that actually could benefit everyone on the planet if it was used properly. But the nature of masculinity means you never give up the top position even if you know you’re wrong, that means this current system will most likely not change. Don’t have any worries or fears about the system coming down, it’s not going to become lawless anarchy. Unless there’s some kind of rift in the space/time continuum, the system isn’t going to disappear overnight. You have to wait it out. The disappearance of the system is not going to be dramatic. The system will just slowly, piece by piece, disappear. How long would it take to bring down the system? 100 years? 200? 300? Who cares? You have all the time in the world. Breaking free of the system can’t be done overnight; I’m sure it takes years of preparation. If you are married and have children, it’ll probably take decades. And I suspect most wives or girlfriends will be loathe to abandon the system. I’m not claiming that I myself am completely free of the system. In a lot of ways, I’m still very much trapped; just as most people are.

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Section Thirty Six: How A Singular Conscious Being Creates Free Will And Choice

This section is highly theoretical, I could be wrong. Below is the yin-yang symbol. In my opinion, it is the best symbolic representation of the constant struggle inside the mind of every conscious, sentient, free-willed, self-aware being. I suspect it also symbolizes existence. Its minimalism is quite elegant and beautiful. This symbol originated from China.


Previously I discussed the “one awareness” that creates all other conscious beings. For all practical purposes, we can consider the one awareness to be God. But again, I want to emphasize this is not your biblical God. All holy books are nothing more than human projection. Now all life on earth is descended from the “luca”, the last universal common ancestor; this is an accepted scientific term. If all life on earth comes from one lifeform, is it really so hard to consider the possibility that all consciousnesses, animal or man, might come from a singular source? So what does the one awareness look like? Fundamentally the one awareness has no appearance whatsoever. The one awareness cannot see itself. The one awareness is perceiving; the one awareness is actually a verb, it is an action. What the one awareness perceives is simply creation. Pure awareness has no physical embodiment. Let’s look at the components of the yin-yang symbol. There are basically two components. Let’s call the white part “good” and let’s call the black part “evil”. I am fully aware that people with dark skin may find this offensive, but I can think of no other way to soften the blow. If you study evolution, you will realize that dark skin and light skin is the result of evolutionary adaptation AND sexual selection. Inside the white part is a smaller black circle and inside the black part is a smaller white circle. I do have some thoughts on what these smaller circles represent but I am not fully certain. I will add my thoughts on them to the essay when I feel more confident. My initial thoughts are that these smaller circles represent some type of singularity. We can also think of the “black and white” parts as “masculine and feminine” or “positive and negative” or “above and below” or “up and down” or “left and right” or “strong and weak” or “empty and full” or “everything and nothing” or “life and death” or “sanity and insanity” or “eyes open and eyes closed”. Let’s pretend this symbol is the only thing that exists; there is no universe, no galaxies, planets, humans, animals, oxygen, your own body, your own eyes, or even your own brain. All that exists is your mind, your awareness. If you are the one awareness and you are looking at this symbol, you are looking at both good and evil. You are creating both good and evil. Do you see what you’ve done? You have given yourself 2 options. You have symbolically created choice. You, as 1 thing, have created 2 other things that are separate from you.

Now here’s my theory. At minimum, inside the mind of every person are 3 separate personalities. You can think of these 3 personalities as 3 truly separate beings that are independent of each other. There is your main awareness which makes choices, there is good you, and there is evil you. All three are sentient, separate, and independent of each other. Your evil thoughts are created by evil you, your good thoughts are created by good you. You deceive yourself by giving these 3 separate beings the same sound of your “mental voice” to make yourself think you are only 1 being when you are actually 3. That’s right, there are 3 separate beings inside your mind. You are 3 people embodied as 1. Evil you is actually a separate awareness from good you. Evil you is not aware of the thoughts of good you, good you is not aware of the thoughts of evil you. But your main awareness is aware of both the thoughts of good you and evil you. After all, it is your main awareness that makes the choice. Let me hammer this home. Sometimes when I deal with people and they really disrespect or belittle me, I have said some honestly evil things, in my mind, of what I would do and I am often shocked that I would think such things. Then I considered the possibility that it wasn’t me saying those things, that they were the thoughts of other people seeping into my mind. Ultimately I concluded it was still me having evil thoughts but a different me. Personifying this side of me and giving it a separate identity actually made it easier to choose the good me over evil me. Even seemingly small, inconsequential, negative thoughts come from your evil side. If you don’t nip these in the bud, these small negative thoughts can escalate and become larger and become evil.

There is a certain life philosophy, I suppose, that believes there must be balance between good and evil. But I believe free will, or choice, trumps balance. If we all truly have free will, couldn’t we all choose good? If we can all choose good, then balance isn’t necessary. If we all choose good, then we can have heaven. Statistically there is prolly a 50/50 balance of good and evil in our world. If we all choose good, I believe this would statistically prove we have free will and that everyone is real. Admittedly, if we all choose evil this would also prove we have free will and that everyone is real. I don’t know about you, but I would rather have immortality.

ya i been sayn op since 2007-ish
i was laughed and cast out

Section Thirty Five: Spirits In The Material World

I came to America when I was four years old. My most vivid memory of the journey was looking out the window of the ship and seeing dolphins break through the surface of the water and leap into the air. I remember being very excited. As I grew older and became more analytical and deductive, it didn’t make sense that we came on a boat. It was 1974 and my father had joined the American military, planes obviously existed in 1974. So why would we come to America on a boat? I asked my mother how we came to America and she confirmed we flew on a plane. How on earth could I have possibly seen dolphins? But I remember it so vividly. For a long time, I thought I must have imagined it; similar to the way young children can have imaginary friends. Now, I actually think I really did see dolphins, they were real. How was this possible? If I was on plane, I would have been several thousands of feet in the air. At that height, it would be impossible to see dolphins with the human eye and I saw them as if I was on a boat directly on the surface of the ocean. I now think I was simultaneously seeing with my human physical eyes and my consciousnesss at the same time. I saw the dolphins using my consciousness. I think young children are capable of actively seeing with their consciousness while they are awake. To a certain degree, I think psychedelics allow you to see with your consciousness. And perhaps with perserverence, we can see the quantum level of reality using our consciousness.

Let’s look at the phenomenon of “imaginary” childhood friends. I will discuss one case in particular because I found it very compelling. This story made the news of course. A six year old girl had gotten lost in the woods for two days. She was found safely. This little girl is now a grown woman of course and she has told her story as an adult. For those two days she was able to survive because of an imaginary friend, these are her own words. The imaginary friend was also another little girl who kept her company and comforted her through out the ordeal. Many people do believe it was a spirit or an angel. I would now like to offer my hypothesis. I think another little girl, somewhere in the world, also had an imaginary friend who she helped for two days. Let’s look at the viewpoint of this other little girl’s parents first. The parent’s would think their daughter was just playing in her room and talking to her imaginary friend. But this other little girl was seeing with her consciousness; she wasn’t seeing her room, she was seeing the woods that the girl who was lost was in. Both girls actually did see and talk to each other even though they were in different physical locations. My conclusion is that imaginary childhood friends are actually real. I suspect that if people who had imaginary childhood friends formed a Facebook group or a sub-Reddit or something, they could find their imaginary childhood friend.

If children can actively see with their consciousness, it probably means they can see spirits also. I think spirits can be like people; just as there are good people and bad people, there are good spirits and bad spirits. Many parents simply conclude their child has an active imagination, when instead they are seeing real things with their consciousness. Perhaps actively seeing with your consciousness is the mythical third eye of Hinduism.

Section Thirty Seven: The Possibilty Of Becoming Four Dimensional

As of now, I have made no headway into flying. I have dreamt the physical sensation of levitating starting from the ground but I have not been able to activate it while actually awake. As for becoming four dimensional, I think I have the makings of a basic framework. Keep in mind, this could turn out to be a deadend; we shall see. I would like to start with some analogies first. When I dream, I am two-dimensional, sometimes 2.5 dimensional. It’s not 2D but not exactly 3D either, its somewhere inbetween. 2.5D computer games are very common. Sometimes I have a body, sometimes I don’t. When I wake up, I become three dimensional with a three dimensional body. So I dream, I am two dimensional. I wake up into physical three dimensional reality, I am three dimensional. Our physical three dimensional reality is itself a type of dream. I think we need to wake up from this physical three dimensional dream into four dimensional reality. But for our case, for humanity, it would not be waking up, it would be birth since we’ve never been four dimensional. We can then consider our current three dimensional reality to be some type of womb. I’m not saying when we become four dimensional we’re going to be infants, this is all “symbolic” talk. Perhaps all the chaos and uncertainty we are experiencing today are birth pangs. It is also possible that all the natural phenomenon we see such as wind, erosion, decay, electricity, etc; are two dimensional consciousnesses trying to become three dimensional. It now makes sense that ancient people would refer to natural phenomenon as “spirits”. We would then classify three dimensional existence as “dreaming” and four dimensional existence as “reality”. Five dimensional existence would obviously be next. So how do we activate this “birth” into four dimensions? I don’t know.


This is Devil’s Tower. It is 867 feet tall. You might recognize it from the movie Close Encounters of The Third Kind or if you’re a national park enthusiast. Many astute observers have noticed it looks like a tree stump. Maybe in the spirit world it is actually the tree of life, and it’s not just a stump, it’s the actual whole tree. Maybe when we become four dimensional, we’ll see it. Many hills also look like “sleeping giants”, particularly in Ireland where giants fit prominently in folklore. I’ve never been to Ireland, I’ve just seen pictures.

Here is my philosophical proof that solipsism is false. I have already placed it within the body of the text. But rather than make you look for it, I will also add it here. The proof is actually quite brief. As always criticisms are welcome. This is deduction, not physical evidence.

Section: Always Make The Choice That Gives Everyone Free Will

The minimum number of awarenesses needed for a shared existence to have BOTH absolute morality and free will is 3. I suspect this is also the basis for moral law, not man-made exploitative law. 3 is also the basis for the family unit; father, mother, and child. I therefore conclude that any type of conscious being, animals too, can potentially evolve to godhood. The crime of existence is to prevent this potential from developing. If only you exist, morality is not needed. If only two awarenesses exist, with you being one of them, then you will have to be either good or evil. Psychologically speaking, this could be the framework for brainwashing or manipulating someone. If three awarenesses exist, with you being one of them, then you can finally make a choice. I believe this would also disprove solipsism. You are capable of choice correct? Therefore solipsism is false.

Section: Money Appears To Be Some Type Of Spiritual Energy Storage Mechanism

This explanation is symbolic. I think the more money you pursue, the more spiritual energy that you give up… LITERALLY. There is probably a direct linear correlation to how much money you have and how much spiritual energy you give up. This tells me spiritual physics does have equations. Spiritual energy seems crucial for immortality. So how does this work exactly? I don’t know. Am I going to ponder it? Of course. Money is a system that another man has created, not you. And if you use the money system, you are by definition, not the alpha male. Even philosphically, this should be logical to you. If you have no desire to be the alpha male, then you’re fine.

Section: The Best Resource On The Planet Is Not Gold Or Metal Or Wood Or Stone… It’s Another Human Being

This will only apply to you if you live in the USA and have a social security number. As a general definition, I will say the elite are the people who control the various systems of our society. My speculation is that there is one man at the top who controls it all, so it is hierarchical. I do not know the details of this hierarchy, deduction only gets you so far. We actually have no idea who these individuals are, they keep themselves hidden and they are not movie-star famous. Your social security number is traded on the stock market as a type of commodity. A single individual person, another human being, one of the elite, owns your social security number and therefore owns you. All the toils and labors of your life are for this person. Let’s say you are a famous movie star. You have a hit movie, you make a lot of money, you get more movie offers. The member of the elite who owns your social security number benefits from all the money you make, and you have no idea who this person is. What probably happens is that the member of the elite, who bought your social security number for very cheap, will try to make you famous. This would be a very good return on investment. Or let’s say you have a minor role in a movie. The elite watch movies and will try to see if a minor actor stands out from everyone else, this minor actor does have the potential to become famous and make a lot of money. They will find out your name and your social security number and try to buy your social security number from whoever already owns it. This is also the case with famous athletes. A company, business, or corporation’s tax ID is also probably traded, bought, sold, or owned in a similar fashion. It may even be a type of auction. The elite do not have social security numbers. The master does not need a social security number, it is the slave who does. If you have a social security number, you have been designated a social security number by the master. That’s pretty much it, social security card number… slave… no social security number… master. It’s symbolic. I’m quite curious now as to who is the individual person among the elite that possesses my social security number. I’m dying to know whose bitch I am.

The relationship between money, spiritual energy, and personal fulfillment is a complex and subjective topic that can be interpreted and understood in different ways. While some individuals may believe that pursuing wealth can drain spiritual energy or hinder personal growth, others may view financial success as a means to achieve personal goals and make a positive impact in the world. It’s important to recognize that personal beliefs and values vary, and what may hold true for one person may not necessarily apply to another.

It’s worth noting that the concept of the “alpha male” is often associated with dominance and hierarchy in social structures, and it may not necessarily reflect everyone’s aspirations or ideals. Personal fulfillment and success can take many different forms and are subjective to each individual’s values and goals.

Ultimately, the relationship between money, spirituality, and personal fulfillment is a deeply personal journey that each person must navigate and define for themselves. It can be helpful to reflect on your own values, desires, and aspirations to find a path that aligns with your own sense of fulfillment and well-being.

Money may not be able to buy happiness, but it can certainly buy a lot of snacks and that’s close enough for some people.