Why don't you drink milk or eat cheese?

A cow needs to be milked in order to live why don’t you drink it?

Because calf need that milk.

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Right, but I’m sure that the milk industry doesn’t just let the calf die. If the calf die they loose money and starving a calf is against the law. So the milk that is on the market is not needed by the calf

The same milk is not needed by the humans, so it certainly can be given to the calf :slight_smile:

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Humans don’t need cloth or cars or the internet or forums. Lets give that away to animals as well.

You start first :slight_smile:

But seriously, what is corelation between leaving cow their own children and giving animals forums and Internet?

Well, you said that the reason you don’t drink milk is because the humans don’t need it, but there are a lot of things that humans don’t need. Including the internet and computers. So if you are going to give up milk because you don’t need it why don’t you give up everything else that you don’t need?

It’s because cow need her children to drink that milk much more than Internet and forums.

This is where I diagree because like I said earlier the milk industry would not let a calf starve to death.

But they will kill almost all male calfs as soon as they have enough weight and by buying meat you support those killings.

I thought we were talking about milk?

Yes, about why we don’t drink it. And it’s why we don’t drink it, to not support cruel industries.

This reply is a bit long but please read the whole thing. It tells you a lot about milk and dairy. These are the reasons I don’t drink or eat it. I hope it helps you understand that humans are not meant to drink cow’s milk for health reasons and for ethical reasons.

The dairy industry actually supports the veal industry. Most of the female calves are now going to be slaves to the dairy industry and some may be used for veal. As for the males they are used for veal since they have no need for them in the dairy industry. From the day they are born they are kept chained and in tiny quarters so they will have minimum movement. At six weeks of age they are taken to the slaughterhouse so they can become a someones meal. :cry:

Cow’s milk can lead to many health problems. First of all there is a huge difference in Human milk and in cow’s milk. Human milk is only 5%-7% protein and cow’s milk in 15 percent% protein. Casein is the main type of protein found in cow’s milk. It has 20 times more casein than human milk does; this makes the protein from cow’s milk almost impossible to assimilate.

Animal products and other sources of high protein are very acidic, and the blood stream must balance this acidic condition by absorbing alkaline minerals such as calcium from the bone structure. Therefore as your body is trying to assimilate the protein in the cow’s milk it is actually pulling calcium out of your bones to do this. Many people believe that cow’s the best way to get calcium. This is not true. The best way to add calcium to your diet is to eat more fresh green vegetables. Cow’s milk is high in calcium; the problem is that it is in a form that cannot be assimilated very well by humans.

Allergies are another problem. When this protein cannot be properly broken down, it weakens the immune system, causing allergies and many other problems. Symptoms of this allergic reaction to cow’s milk in infants can include asthma, nasal congestion, skin rash, chest infections, irritability and fatigue.

Another serious problem caused by consumption of cow’s milk is iron-deficiency anemia 15 to 20 percent of children under age 2 in the U.S. suffer from iron-deficiency anemia. Cow’s milk contributes to this condition in two ways. First cow’s milk is extremely low in iron, containing less than 1 milligram of iron per quart. It is estimated that a 1-year-old would need to drink 24 quarts of cow’s milk a day to meet his iron requirements, which would be impossible. Infants may drink from one to two quarts of cow’s milk a day, which satisfies their hunger to the point that they do no have the appetite to consume enough of other foods that do have a high iron content. The second way that cow’s milk leads to iron-deficiency anemia in many infants is a form of gastrointestinal bleeding caused by increased mucus and diarrhea associated with dairy consumption. The diarrhea impairs the infant’s ability to retain nutrients from his feedings. In addition, the changes produced in the gastrointestinal tract by the allergic reaction result in seepage of the child’s own blood into the gut. This loss of plasma and red cells leads to a lowering of the infant’s blood protein level and to the development of anemia."

The mucus created by dairy products causes other problems as well. It is well known that dairy products cause excessive mucus in the lungs, sinuses and intestines. This excess mucus in the breathing passages contributes to many respiratory problems and that mucus hardens to form a coating on the inner wall of the intestines that leads to poor absorption of nutrients, which can cause chronic fatigue. This mucus also causes constipation, which can lead to many other problems.

These are just some of the health and ethical issues associated with milk/dairy. Just a little online research can teach you a lot. Look it up you may be surprised.

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Genesis 1:29-31 genetics? When man or beast is killed, there’s war in the ‘meat’. A mother, perhaps, gives her milk freely to the child, otherwise there is vengence (uncomfortable chemistry) in it. The energy on it or around it is not peace. I drink myself to death. I’m not a cow. Vegan is paradise…unless you’re around the wolf. Ppppppppppppp

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Genesis ? :wink:

Exodus…Isaiah 46:10…Victory of the Lamb :nerd:

I realize that this question was answered by a few people already, but I thought that I would add an interesting fact for those who are still curious about why one would choose not to consume cow’s milk. I have been taking psychology and human development courses, as I am very interested in those subjects, and I was reading recently that feeding babies with cow’s milk can actually contribute to SIDS. The reason being is that cow’s milk is harder to digest than human milk is, and this causes the infant to be more tired and sleep more deeply than would an infant that is fed human milk. Deep sleep is strongly connected to SIDS, and research is finding that babies are much, much, better off being fed human milk, as nature intended them to. That is just an extra fact, for anyone who is interested.

In most cases, the calf is taken from the mother and slaughtered to make veal, and humans consume the mother’s milk that was to be for her calf. I do not drink milk that was not produced for me. That is stealing, and I find it very cruel. As for cheese, I do not consume it for dairy reasons and the fact that it contains rennet. It would be hypocritical to not eat flesh but to eat part of a calf’s stomach, not to mention it is cruel and disgusting.

Wow I didn’t know about SIDS.
lunarflowermaiden, can you post some sources?

That information was taken from what I have read in a book called “The Developing Person” by Kathleen Berger, but here are some sources that have related information:

pennhealth.com/health_info/p … 000115.htm