When we eat meat, we are not breaking any laws.

When we eat meat, we are not breaking any laws.

This is true. However, there is a difference between legal laws and moral laws. Two hundred years ago, slavery was legal. The fact that something is legal does not imply that it is moral.

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Like there’s anything immoral about eating meat…

Heh… its easy to say that it is moral, when not your meat is eaten…
Let me illustrate it this way. Imagine that your friend stole some money.
Is it moral to steal? I say no. I would not like other people to steal from me… So lets suppose stealing is not moral.
Now the situation is like this… your friend gives you some of the stolen money and you spend it. What do you say, is it moral to spend stolen money even if you didn’t stole them personally? It’s a tough question. Many will say that it’s ok since you are not implicated… I believe it’s not ok, because by accepting the money, you accept the stealing itself and your friend will continue to do it.

What does it have in common with meat eating?
Very simple… by killing someone you are stealing his life. When you steal some money, if you are caught or you’ve changed your mind you can give the money back, but you CAN’T give the life back. It’s something beyond your powers.

But killing animals for food isn’t immoral in the first place

The essence of Human morality is “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you”.
From this point of view killing animals for whatever reasons besides survival is immoral.
What is your argument? Why do you say that it’s moral?

let me ask you something… have you ever been robed, beaten or humiliated in your life? have you been through accidents were you really suffered?
Have you ever been deprived of freedom and privacy for a considerable amount of time?

I don’t know. I guess not. But these are animals and people DO eat animals.

:imp: … just kidding

go there and do what it tells you to. THEN come back and we’ll talk about morality.

Not only is vegetarianism [[and veganism]] healthier than omnivorism [[corrections welcome on spelling and grammar]], but it helps the environment as well. It’s great for humans, animals, and the earth. Awesome, eh?

I don’t watch those “slaughterhouse videos” because it’s mind control. It’s like showing someone a video of a very poor family struggling to force them to get a college education or showing someone videos of car crashes to hypnotize them to practice automobile safety measures.

I have only watched about three videos on slaughterhouses because I truly cannot bear watching them :cry:. I am thankful for those videos, though, because they have shown many people where their food really comes from. It goes without saying that you get a lot of people in denial, but you also get a lot of people that take the videos into consideration before eating their next meal.

“People in denial”…

Just because someone caught a couple farms in the entire country on film treating animals badly doesn’t mean that’s what all the farms are like. If that was the case people against parents spanking their children could show a video of a parent beating their child to the ground with furniture, and say that all parents who spank their children do that.

While some farms are not as bad as others with the actual abuse, animals are not “gently put to sleep,” as I have heard MANY people claim that is what they believe happens. Other people simply deny that it occurs at all because they are afraid of admitting where their food comes from. This isn’t a case where they just found a couple of small farms with people abusing animals. This is what happens, whether you or anyone else accepts it or not. Honestly, why do you feel so threatened by vegans? You really have no need to. You have your opinions and beliefs, so why don’t you go find a KFC fan club and chat away? No one is forcing you to read or post on a vegan forum.

You say KFC fan club like there’s something wrong with that.

No, that’s you who’s saying “You say KFC fan club like there’s something wrong with that” LIKE THERE’S SOMETHING WRONG WITH THAT :slight_smile:

laws and meat… animal meat…
from a poit of view we can not change this for others… obly for as… why ? becouse cenuries we survived just with such food…
in our days … just a type of vegy culture can change our thinking and taking animals not like food but somthing more… like our riends like souls near us …
laws… we make changes begining with us … after that wi will speak about others ! :wink:

I think that not showing the videos is mind control. How can you make an informed decision if you don’t know all the facts? How would you feel if you didn’t go to college because you thought you would always have plenty of money, and then spent the rest of your life struggling? How would you feel if you drove everywhere without a seatbelt or yapping on your mobile phone, because you didn’t realise what happened to a car during a car crash? Often it is people who have been in these positions who campaign the hardest to educate others.

Knowledge is power.

Cartoons with happy cows, pigs, and chickens roaming on the farm is mind control too. What do you think they’re implying?

“Happy Cheese comes from Happy Cows! And Happy Cows come from California!” Have you heard that one? What do you think they’re implying there?

No you’re not breaking any laws, but you sure aren’t making any laws opposing the slaughter of animals to help the world either.

To honestly testify in support of killing animals is relatively hypocritical and insane, not to mention asinine. There is absolutely no need for animals to be killed, tortured, abused, or anything done to harm them. It’s a fact that you can get the exact nutrients you need from vegetables, roots, fruits, leafy greens, nuts, legumes, etc. that you “must” eat meat for.

As for the slaughterhouse videos… You’d be surprised how many factories and general farms have done that. Luckily more and more people are going Organic on their farms (Just visited a dairy farm in the making and they’re working on being Certified Organic. :slight_smile: ). But seriously, this doesn’t happen as infrequently as you think. This happens much more often then I think you would want to know about, however. Then again, such suffering doesn’t need to occur at all. No real reason for it that isn’t specifically selfish.

I definitely agree with EccentricEquines, there is nothing worse than needless killing and torturing of animals.

definitely I agree with eating meat, we are not breaking any laws but of course there is always an exception to the rules that some are quite over protecting animals that eating them actually means a huge sin for them and for some eating a balance diet are more healthier.