Vegetarian Arrogance

Does anyone think that we vegetarians can come off as arrogant sometimes?

Any man can come off as arrogant sometimes.
Do you mean by being vegetarian?

I mean vegetarians who look down on others because they eat meat. I am speaking of vegetarians who consider the lifestyle an elitist society. I am speaking of vegetarians who have no tact when dealing with individuals who choose to eat meat.

Meat eaters suck. And so do (though considerably less) vegetarians. Go vegan! :stuck_out_tongue:

I know i feel extremely sef concious when an omni asks me the question “so, why are you vegan?” (when it’s someone who’s blatantly not interested, or they are waiting to pick apart my reasons) …
I say my piece & wait for the ==> :unamused:



Khm… suck what?

And do they usaully give you the ==> :unamused: ?

Create vacuum.

People like you piss me off. If it weren’t for that sort of attitude among vegetarians/vegans, omnivores probably wouldn’t be so judgemental about us. The judgements obviously go both ways, and it isn’t completely on the omnivores’ shoulders.

Just a thought. Live and let live.

I pee on thee.

No. We are attempting to restructure our lives, to meet the needs of a more compassionate lifestyle.

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i agree.

Yes. And violent too, sometimes, which is worse. Admiring tigers and dispising humans will never make sense to me.

I think tolerance is the #1 thing. How is the world going to get better if we keep hating eachother? Vegans shouldn’t despise vegetarians because, at least, we are all trying to make a difference. No, meat-eaters aren’t contributing to their health or the well-being of animals, but we should still tolerate them without hate.

I have to disagree.

  1. Tolerance isn’t and shouldn’t be the #1 thing because it will turn to indifference.

2)Generaly speaking - “Meat-eaters” do contribute to health and well-being of animals. For examples wolves are meat eaters and they hunt, usually weak and sick animals which results in a stronger and healthier herd.

not at all. i’ve never really observed any vegetarian or vegan putting on airs (e.g. club mentality) when speaking with non-vegetarians/vegans. why so?

a previous post refered to our lifestyle as an “elite”. well, sure speaking probabilistically we may do well in the long-run health-wise, however you can not outsmart/outrun genetic pre-dispositions to disease.

Those aren’t vegetarians, those are snobs :slight_smile:

I think that the vegan life is all about compassion-for human and non-human animals. I think that we all do the best we can given our view of the world at the time. Most of us were not always vegan. We need to show understanding.

Vegan Grandma

I totally agree with Vegan Grandma.

What do you mean by “human animals”? :slight_smile:

I think she meant humans. We are animals aren’t we? :slight_smile:

And regarding the topic. I haven’t yet met arrogant vegans. May be they become arrogant in a hot dispute?