Vegan Shoes

I am looking for high quality vegan shoes and I am especially interested in finding warm and comfortable vegetarian footwear, suitable for really cold weather.
I know there is this company, Earth Shoes if I’m not mistaken, that makes only vegan footwear.
Anyone bought shoes from them? Can you share your experience? What is the quality, how long did they last, were they comfortable? Do they have something like mountain vegan boots, would you take such boots on a long trip or up to the mountains?

“Earth Shoes” does not sell only vegan shoes. May be they did some time ago. Now they have a vegan option but the bulk of shoes they sell is non vegan. If you need quality footgear for mountains you have to look for reliable brands like Zamberlan and Scarpa, they should have vegan options because most of the mountain boots are based on GORE-TEX which is vegan.

Thank you Masha. Do you know of any good brands that offer vegan shoes only? I would really love to buy from shops and manufacturers of footwear that do not support cruelty towards animals. And I am not interested only in mountain boots, they are just a tiny part of what I need. I would really like to have vegan dancing shoes, and some classic shoes to go out, also some shoes for my wife. Here people do not understand when I ask for shoes made of artificial leather, I always find this puzzled expression on their faces as if I want to con them.

Check the Pure Vegan Shoes by

Here is their philosophy:
The philosophy of olsenHaus is anchored in the universal truth, respect for all beings, with a dedication to the expression of truth in the material world. We are committed to being 100% animal-free / cruelty-free, producing functional goods, with a high standard of ethical social responsibility in animal rights, human rights, and the environment. Products are made of non-animal materials, in sample rooms and factories that are personally checked for ethical practices & environmental impact.

We are continually seeking out affordable and innovative methods that lessen the impact of our products. We are pushing factories and suppliers for more recycled materials and safer processes. We also actively aim to educate through our products. We encourage accountability, and welcome feedback.

While many shoes kill, pollute, and destroy lives and ecosystems on their journey to your feet, we recognize these destructive production practices and do not consider them ‘business as usual’. We at Olsenhaus believe these processes can evolve toward a respect for animals, ecosystems and people.

Olsenhaus is aware of the impact of consumerism on animals and the environment—and while some designer brands are making “additional lines” that are marketed towards the eco-conscious to capitalize on the trend, while still maintaining a leather line, Olsenhaus is 100% Vegan and always will be.

For more information on what is happening to animals used for their skins, and how this effects the environment and mankind please click the menu tab: "The Truth about Animals”

We believe in a higher level of consciousness with peace and light for all beings.

You can also check the Stella McCartney vegan shoes collection: … Shoes.aspx

Stella McCartney is the daughter of Paul McCartney from Beatles who is also vegetarian. :wink:
She became interested in designing clothes at age 12, when she made her first jacket. Three years later, she interned for Christian Lacroix, working on his first fashion design collection, honing her skills working for Edward Sexton, her fathers tailorSavile Row for a number of years. In March 1997 McCartney was appointed Creative Director of Paris fashion house Chloé, following in the footsteps of Karl Lagerfeld. In 2001, McCartney resigned from Chloé in order to enter into an eponymous joint venture with Gucci.

Here is a list of shops selling vegan shoes: - one of the oldest producers of vegan shoes in UK.

Just found this website they also sell vegan shoes: - “We believe that one should not trade ethics for fashion, nor sacrifice style for conscience.”

I have heard that Natalie Portman has launched a line of Stylish Vegan Shoes. Does anyone know where one can see and buy them?

Anyone knows of stores that sell vegan shoes in Australia and New Zealand?
Do any of the above mentioned stores deliver to Australia and New Zealand?

Being vegan is way more difficult than being vegetarian. All these restrictions that limits you with vegan clothes and shoes only, might drive many people crazy.

Being vegan might appear arduous at first given that so many items in our lives are produced manufactured from animal products, but the reality is that you have many substitutes. It might seem astonishing at first, but there are special vegan shoes that are made completely from artificial materials. You will absolutely not be sorry for the real leather with these models and most importantly you will stand behind the movement and may be even prevent the murder of one innocent animal.There are excellent faux leather vegan shoes models for both guys and girls. There are excellent everyday shoes that are elegant enough for the modern business professionals. Simultaneously these are absolutely convenient and strong thanks to the specific techniques used in the material’s manufacturing process. Despite the widespread false impression the synthetic leather provides for beneficial breathability irrespective of whether it is patent or textured. You will also have a superb choice of vegan shoes for the free time. Both men and girls will like to put on the soft and comfortable casual models while the women will definitely fall for the excellent selection of sandals available. The evening shoes also should not be from leather – each woman’s dream of high heels made from a gentle fabric that are decorated with shiny crystals can come true. The vegans do not have be anxious about the winter either – except for the faux leather boots with reliable soles there are also excellent faux suede types that look great and give all the warmth and convenience that you require.The vegan shoes can come in a range of shades with the use of artificial dyes. This is wonderful for all those who love to be more extravagant as well as for the children.

Seeing how skin is removed from animals, while some of them are still alive may really drive many people crazy.

I’m totally agreed that the vegan shoes have come a long way. Now you might see non-leather shoes designed by well known designers in your favorite fashion magazines.

In terms of Vegan shoes the elastic Closure with Cord Lock creates a quick, snug fit, while allowing flexibility.

Any recommendations for good walking shoes? I do recall years ago getting faux leather sneakers, and boy, they sure pinched my toes. I would like material which stretches to accommodate your feet and that can be broken in easily. I like canvas and wished that those converse basketball high tops were comfy, but, alas, they aren’t. The toe box in them is rather narrow and pinches my toes painfully.

Btw, I have a vegan friend who buys pre- owned leather. By doing this, he isn’t buying new and buying into the continued demand for leather. But it often is hard for anyone to find their size or style…


Thanks for sharing. shoedeals4u(dot)com

Pizza pie in the sky. Thanks for posting.

Merrell has good walking shoes, they are very comfortable. There is quite a choice of non leather.

My work/formal shoes I purchased from a shop in Melbourne called Vegan shoes and are made from microfiber. I am not sure if they are still in business but they were in Smith St, Fitzroy.
Your feet still breath with these.
Apart from that I just wear canvas shoes most of the time.

As for summer shoes I use Teva and Gurkee’s. They are both comfortable, good quality and reasonably priced.
Not to be critical about some of the special veg shoes companies but I find many of them overpriced and not of good enough style.