Vegan Cigarettes not Tested on Animals

okay…so to start off i’m a smoker…have been for years and have no plans to quit. i have been looking all over to find a solution to this. it seems like american spirit is the closest i can get to anything, even tho they are part of rj reynolds… does anybody have any suggestions besides growing my own?..please don’t be a jerk and dont tell me what i already know, its going to kill me. i just want something that isnt tested on animals by the company that makes them!

This is yet another product that you forget may not be vegan friendly. Good topic! I’m going to have to start looking around, but, American Spirit is probably going to be the closest you can get that available at most places.

Are you telling me that cigarettes have meat in them?

I think smoking itself is not vegan(sorry for those who will be affected, this is just my opinion). Even though cigarettes are not tested on animals nor it contain products from animals. Once a person smoke, it will surely affected the environment where animals live and surely it will affect the air that every species breath. Don’t we think that this is also unvegan?

I don’t think it will surely affect the environment where animals live. Driving a car or using power in your home are far more likely to have an impact on animal life. Especially in the city. Perhaps if you always smoked under a tree that had a bird’s nest living in it, but I really don’t see smoking having much of an impact on animals.

Considering that humans are animals too, I like the Idea of smoking not being vegan. :smiley:
I hate and feel abused when someone smokes in my vicinity. :smiley:

sorry cailean:D I just think so because once a person smoke it will surely affect the air that we and the animals breath. It will sure affect our( us and the animals) home because smoking can affect the ozone layer slowly… :wink:

News update… This just found out… Unfortunately for vegetarian and vegan smokers most ->non organic<- cigarettes DO contain a additive for aroma called “castoreum” a potent derivative of a beaver gland obtained after skinning. I switched brands the same day. Try to let your smoking friends down lightly as they might be pretty upset and or pissed. Theres no reason that stuff should be in there and RJR is gonna be upset when they find out how many sales are affected when that part of the market switches brands as the news spreads. American Spirit (native american brand? Walgreens has them, yellow pack) is the only brand that does not have additives. Note: Just as the pack says organic does not mean safer, it means it’s a natural cigarette for those who do not want additives in their cigarettes including castoreum, also the American Spirit producers DO NOT do animal testing.

Agreed. And regarding animals and tobacco: if people smoke around their pets - in close proximity to them, that does affect animals for sure.
however, I don’t care if people smoke as long as it doesn’t affect my airspace. And one thing that bothers me is employers who won’t hire/ or even fire smokers. What people do at home is their own business.

This is interesting! This is definitely something I had never thought of before…

I know next to nothing about cigarettes, because I don’t smoke and never have…

Would it be the same if you were to try and find someone who sells the tobacco kind of wholesale? Or potentially try finding a loose tobacco company that is more “natural” and rolling your own?

I wish I could provide some more help. :slight_smile: I don’t think that smoking is non-vegan because if we were to think of it in the way that smoking can damage animals in nature, like someone pointed our previously, cars probably cause much more damage.

I think rolling your own will surely be less expensive :smiley: this will lessen the expenses of smokers :smiley:

have to say it, i know how cliche, but smoking is the worst thing you can do to your body. go ahead and slap me i know you even said you are have no plans to quit but i care too much about your health to not say it.

Very insightful. :cheers:

it’s strange and perhaps something of a cliche that as a vegan you care more about puppies than you do about people (yourself in this case). loving animals doesn’t exclude yourself however uncool that may be.

I know the question was asked some time ago, but I had to take up for my friend here. As a former smoker and a vegan I can sympathize… It really gets tiring to get lectured from everyone about how bad smoking is for you… Like we don’t know that already! This person is simply asking a question and asked not to be a “jerk” about smoking. If you smoke or have been a smoker as I have, you get lectured everywhere you go, and you all lecture this person as if it needs to be said, like this person hasn’t heard it a million times already! I don’t know about vegan cigs and honestly haven’t thought much about it, but it’s a great question that someone surely can answer, and without criticism.

I smoke american spirit kancerr

I had exact problem in early days “kancerr”, lucky I have excellent alternative! I have personal marihuana plant (do not know what called in english, also, I hear may be restrict in some countries, maybe should be careful also) and simply roll own using recycled toilet paper which can buy in bulk when needed for very cheap. It is very cheap and much better than normal cigarette (I joking call it “mazhinerette”, or “manerette” for english :wink:), it take some experience to proper tend plant but worth it. Also you will have many friends because they will like.

Where do you live? I want to move there!

Cigarettes can and do contain animal parts or bodily secretions. One example: beaver sex glands are used to produce a nice musky/smoky aroma. Another show-stopper: urea, which is commonly referred to as pig urine.
Let’s assume that the beavers were spayed and neutered with love and affection. I still don’t want to inhale the testicles of a beaver!
Pig urine? Yuk, forget about it.
I have even seen whale vomit as a common “flavoring” used in cigarettes. Just search for ‘ingredients of cigarettes’ and you can find pretty detailed lists. Have you ever noticed that cigarette packs do not have the ingredients listed? Guess what? It’s on purpose. The FDA can’t make a company list its ingredients if they are neither food nor drugs. So this has been hidden as a trade secret for a very long time and only recently has the actual ingredients come to light.

To answer your question in brief: Yes. :cry:

I recently became vegan and also a smoker. Whilst i do intend to quit soon in the meantime i still enjoy a cigarette. I know that American Spirit will be the closest to vegan but in Australia it’s almost impossible to come by. Are their other cigerettes that don’t test on animals or contain animal by products?