Ugly Vegans

Even though my name is vegilover1 I am not a vegitarian because I believe that if you are a vegan you have more than a hasssle ordering at [color=red]McDonaldsyou can barely eat anything there is only like fries that you can eat there.

That was an accident on putting vegilover1 the person who that is is my sister.

That’s a problem of our society… and we can change that…
Regarding McDonalds, in my country it’s considered junk food, that is not even tasty, and no one really eats their(besides tourists). :slight_smile:

Nothing compares to home made food!

… especially if someone else makes it for you and you just eat it :stuck_out_tongue:

Hmm, [eyes the assortment of boiling pots] that seems to be me today… Ah well, extra colcannon for me :smiley:

Why can’t you order anything much at MacDonald’s? Apart from their veggieburgers being rank (isn’t there a myth that they’re fried in the same fat as the meat ones?) and the place being full of screaming toddlers? I know Burger King veggieburgers are endorsed by the Vegetarian Society (though I don’t know if they’re vegan - can anyone confirm?). Pizza Hut have an initiative to provide half-cheese pizzas if you ask, and can usually be persuaded to make you a cheese-free veggie pizza. A lot of Chinese and Thai food is vegetarian. And everyone round here goes crazy for Subway.

Or you could always do something like support your local economy and eat at a small cafe or restaurant? These places often value their customers more than the big chains, and will quite happily adapt something on the menu if they don’t already have a vegetarian or vegan dish. Even if you’re not vegetarian, you will usually get a much more satisfying meal, better atmosphere, and better value for money. :stuck_out_tongue:

But don’t you guys ever want to just eat like normal people again? Don’t you get tired of never eating anything thagt tastes good? Why don’t you miss real food? Do you ever feel like giving up the whole dumb thing and just eating without having to spend a half hour looking through the menu for a meal that includes only celery, bread and water? Don’t you ever think its just a phase gone overboard?

Eugh! Meat does NOT taste good! :blush: Your tastebuds become acclimatised to the high salt, monosodium glutamate and sugar contents of meat and meat products. Once you stop eating the stuff, it smells and tastes awful! I used to be a slave to burgers; now I can’t walk past a burger king without feeling like I’m going to retch!

You want food that tastes good? I wish I could mail you some curry from our local :smiley: It doesn’t get better!

And I do not spend half an hour looking for celery, bread and water! I don’t know where you get this from! Plenty of food is vegan - I’ve just listed a load of different types of food that are readily available, if you bother to read it!

No, I do not think it’s a phase gone overboard. I think it’s a new lease of life and one of the best things that ever happened to me. :smiley:

From your local what? Your local toe convention?

I think its really that your tastebuds just aren’t used to the taste of meat anymore sense you’ve wasted so many meals.

Vegan food is delicious, and I have never felt so good before in my life. I used to wake up every morning with a sick stomach, and I would constantly catch the flu from people. Since I have started going vegan, I haven’t had the flu once. I haven’t been awakened with a nauseous stomach, as well :slight_smile:.

BigBecka, I am with you with meat smelling nasty. I have never realized how disgusting even the mere glimpse of a chicken breast sitting on the counter, or a package of ground beef, is. My parents eat meat, and I cannot go into the kitchen without smelling or seeing chicken with blood oozing through the packages or ground beef laying everywhere. Often when I come into the kitchen while my mom is cooking, I have to run the other way because I literally gag and feel the reflex to vomit :puke:. I apologize for the gross details, by the way. Anyway, it can be compared to smokers that quit: once the body is used to not smoking anymore, the smell of cigs. completely grosses a person out. I do not smoke, but my father has and quit. It’s the same deal for anything nasty that the body consumes.

Don’t be sore MomoPeach! My local indian restaurant of course! Though I guess I could have been referring to my local pub, which is pretty hot too :smiley: Why is eating what I like a waste?!

It’s a good comparison to smoking, lunar…, I’ll have to remember that. I used to get ill a lot more, too.

Even though I’m just a vegan-wannabe, I haven’t had dairy or eggs in 7 days and I’m feeling awesssome. My stomach is a little upset though…kinda misses those eggy veggie burgers…but my Mom will catch me sooner or later :cry:

I must admit it’s hard to find vegan foods when I’m eating out. I don’t eat out often, but when I do and I’m in the mood for something vegan, it’s a little tough, but well worth it.

Have you ever tried a veggie burger, MomoPeach? I had THE mot delicious one at a local diner and it was not only vegan but it kicked @$$ like you wouldn’t believe. The flavor was incredible. I bet even YOU would have liked it.

Do you even know what goes into your greasy little McAwful hamburger? Bet ya don’t.

Just a random little ‘Lauren fun fact’ for ya…one of the disgusting things that made me want to be a vegetarian was when I was at my neighbor’s house and they had microwavable chicken+mashed potatoes+corn meals and I was given one…and the chicken part still had the WHOLE SPINE in it. It stuck out like a sore thumb and I started crying…:sad2:

I guess that’s all for now.


With regard to eating out… When all else fails, money talks!

I went out to L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon in London the other night. Just to get things in perspective, Joel Robuchon was one of the most celebrated master-chefs in France for a long time, and was voted Chef of the 20th Century (!) You can easily pay three figures for an evening meal for two…

Needless to say, I was prepared for an evening of picking at green salad and mineral water. But, much to my surprise, the waiter quickly realised I was vegetarian, gave me a card of all the vegetarian options, and then very politely asked if I was vegan and started suggesting options! I have never been treated with such courtesy and understanding! The food was exquisite (well, it should have been!), topped off with a selection of sorbets (dark chocolate sorbet! and mint!) :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

So I’m not suggesting everyone eats at these kind of places (I’ld have wept at the bill if I hadn’t have been so merry :drunken: ) But it does go to show that you can get some VERY good vegan food.

Err, and the chicken spine is gross… :blush: :laughing:

ChrisCross, are you stupid? I don’t know why you wasted your time posting those links. You should know by now that I don’t watch mind control videos or read mind-controling details about how the farms that are the worst of the worst treats their animals. I don’t base everything on the tiniest example. If one kid in a school is failing, does that mean that it’s a bad school and everyone is failing? It’s the same with farms. Just because a few farms are bad doesn’t mean they’re all like that.

Also, I don’t care about stupid veggie burgers when I can eat the real thing. And I guess you expected me to be grossed out that people didn’t check your chicken carefully enough, so okay.

And, I have no idea how you can blame meat for the fact that you ended up cathcing the flu, lunarflowermaiden. And I’m sorry you have the most sensitive stomach in the world and I’m sorry you think that it’s meat related. Next thing we know, you’ll be blaming the fact that you couldn’t find your soulmate on the meat, or something else like that. You can’t connect everything fortunate thing in your life to going vegan. And it doesn’t really make much sense to compare it to smoking, since smoking is bad for you and eating meat is not.

Wow! No need to be so defensive, MomoPeach.

First of all, it is not rocket science to relate the wellness of my immune system with my diet. If I eat healthy, I have an increased chance of being healthy. It’s as simple as that. Why do you “have no idea” why I would blame eating meat for a weak immune system? It is very unhealthy, and many health professionals WILL tell you that. Second of all, I never claimed to have the “most sensitive stomach in the world,” so no apologies are needed. Third of all, I never once said that my vegan diet is the answer to all of the fortunate happenings in my life. I really do not see how you came up with this conclusion. Just because I feel healthier from a change in diet does not mean that I would relate winning the lottery to being a vegan. It has been proven countless times that a vegan diet is healthy for the human body. Maybe if you would stop being so angry and hostile and took the time to do research, you would know this information by now.

Here is a cool Making Vegan Pizza video, specially for MomoPeach :smiley:


What kind of sadist are you MomoPeach?! It’s fairly common to feel ill after eating rich food, and it’s possible that Lunarflowermaiden may be lactose intolerant.

People who eat meat tend not to eat enough fruit and vegetable, which can mean you don’t get enough vitamin C and you become susceptible to colds and flu. I know it’s not universally true, and there are healthy meat-eaters in the world, but there you go. Eating dairy can also stimulate mucus production, which means you get more stuffy nose / difficulty breathing. Quite a few sportsmen and singers cut out dairy for this reason.

I’ve posted on here previously, referencing studies on meat being linked to bowel cancer, breast cancer, and kidney stones. And, of course, there’s the cholestorol, the fact that red meat and cheese can upset your blood sugar levels, dairy being linked to tension headaches… So it’s pretty bad for you. Just as with smoking or drinking, it is up to you to decide whether you don’t care about the risks, indulge in moderation, or cut it out altogether; different bodies react with differing levels of severity, and nobody here is telling you what to choose.

[There are circumstances under which meat or dairy is recommended: namely adolescent girls and pregnant women during times of food shortage, or working men in arctic climates. It is high energy and rich in some nutrients. But we’re not in the middle of war rationing or famine right now :wink:]

Why are you on this mad crusade to stop people being vegan? Do you want people who are allergic to dairy or shellfish to just get on with eating it and kill themselves?!

:imp: And I feel pissy because youtube won’t run on my computer :cry:

Becky, what do you mean?
The video won’t play or the site in general isn’t working?
May be you just need to install some plugins?
What internet browser do you use?

It just takes ages to buffer. Then I can watch about a second, and it starts buffering again :frowning: And I have broadband! I’m using Internet Explorer - maybe Mozilla will do the trick?