prevent other animals from killing and eating each other?

Should we try to prevent other animals from killing and eating each other?

How on earth would you acheive this?!

I wouldn’t force my eating habits on another person. I do get tired of my dad’s cat eating birds (and giving me the feet). I might scold him if I catch him torturing an animal. But I can’t stop him.

It is not your job. Get a dog for that :laughing:

LOL :laughing: We used to have a dog, but he was frightened of the cat. He was also frightened of rabbits, because one attacked him once… :albino:

LOL!!! I would like to see this dog :slight_smile: and the rabbit :slight_smile:

Mother Nature is doing just fine. Who are we to say we know better than her.


If we attempted to do this, it would result in an ecological disaster. It is necessary for animals such as lions to hunt in order for an ecological balance to be maintained. If all lions stopped hunting, it would be extremely detrimental to many of the species in the area, including the prey species itself. The harm done from the resulting ecological catastrophe would far outweigh any good which may have been done by saving a few gazelle from being eaten by lions.

Quote from Animal Rights and Vegetarian Ethics by Eugene Khutoryansky

Becka is right, we can scold them but we can never stop them from doing such things… It’s their instinct…

There is a lot of cruelty in the nature that we cannot change. If you prevent one animal to eat other animals, you help one animal, but harm another and this is not moral. It is like making tests on animals to help other animals, such humans.

its a good question & naturally I dont think we can or should do anything about it.

A few weeks ago though someone asked me a genuine question.
“do vegetarians keep pets such as dogs”

They were not being funny at all but trying to get their head around the concept of vegetarianism. They were asking me some really good questions & showing alot of interest.

They did find it confusing that a vegetarian would keep an animal that ate meat. By doing so it does cause other animals to be farmed & slaughtered, unless we feed them a veggie diet.
There is a big difference between animals living in the wild to keep a pet.

It also raises another good question over animal sanctuarys.
Do we, by donating money to a sanctuary (& I know many good veggies who do raise funds for them), cause more suffering long term than letting those animals die?
As an example, if we keep a meat eating animal alive in a sanctuary, it will be fed farmed & slaughtered animals for the rest of its life. Does this create more suffering as we keep one animal alive but killing many more to feed it?
I do know of one sanctuary that visits the local butchers daily for a very large order of meat. The staff are mostly vegan & sometimes get stuck on this issue.

its always horrible to put an animal down but would we save more lives by not taking in these abandoned animals?

its a hard question & I have never been able to make a decision on this.


So…it’s ok for any other animal that wants to eat meat to do so except for the human animal?
If the reasoning behind this is that non-human animals have it as instinct well, so do people.
When a species eats meat for pretty much it’s entire excistence not only does it become the social norm, it actually becomes insinct.

Naturally then I see the counterpoint being ‘But we have risen above this and don’t need to eat meat like other animals do, we have alternatives’
The previous poster just proved that wrong. Most animals, much like humans, can gain all the required nutrients to survive from plant matter.
Of couse implementing this on a world wide scale is completely impractical but on a similar note so is stopping the majority of people from eating meat.

When it comes down to it we’re just another animal, with all the pros and cons of that classification.

First of all those animals have to eat meat to survive, it’s not about want or don’t want. Sure there are exceptions but these are rare.
Second you want to excuse a human behavior with the behavior of other animals: “If animals can do this so can we, right?”
But have you considered the fact that raping, stealing, cannibalism and other things that are considered unacceptable for humans are often committed in nature by many animals.

That thing about ENTIRE EXISTENCE has to be proved. Without tools humans are not good at hunting so most probably before tools were invented our ancestors were mostly vegetarians like many apes today.

I know people which lived in a village during childhood, when they saw how the rabbit or the kid they played with was killed for meat they couldn’t eat that meat. And they new nothing about vegetarianism. Tell them about instincts.

In one sentence: Animals hunt, we factory farm.

Said it right Circularmotion :smiley:

Yes, we should prevent other animals from killing each other for pleasure. But I find it hard to believe this could happen without an intervention of human.

Animals kill out of necessity.

If an animal starves, they tend to hurt other animals for food :frowning:

This is absolutely ridiculous. If animal eating habits were to be changed or altered by humans, the entire eco system would change drastically. Humans need to butt their stupid heads out of the natural way the animal kingdom works.