Petition for the Legal Ban of Meat

Please sign our petition to the Law on banning meat.

If we do not IMMEDIATELY act within the next few years, there will be a global ecological disaster of unimaginable proportions

  • According to the FAO (UN Food and Agriculture Organization) to farm livestock causes more greenhouse gas emissions than the consumption of gasoline in cars, trucks and other transportation.

  • Livestock is 70% of the total agricultural area of the Earth claim, including the growing of feed used 33% of the total arable land.

  • Agricultural livestock leads to deforestation to make room for new pastures, and a serious, widespread land degradation through overgrazing, compaction and erosion.

  • Arable farming is a major threat to the increasingly scarce water resources of the earth. Large amounts of water are consumed to produce feed for farmed animals.

  • Producing animals to consume more protein than they are. Consumed for each kilogram of animal protein that is produced, animal vegetable kilograms on average nearly 6 protein in the form of grain and forage.

  • It takes about 20,000 to 40,000 liters of water to produce one kilogram of beef, and about 900 liters to produce one kilogram of wheat.

  • Every day, millions of animals are being killed all over the world for the unhealthy eating meat.

  • A child starves every 2-3 seconds! The 760 million tons of grain that are consumed worldwide each year from agricultural livestock, would be sufficient to cover the global food shortages to 14 times!

It is the responsibility of the government, its citizens, protect the animals, etc. and is guaranteed by a meat ban.

Please sign the petition, because without you things will not change without you they will not change fast enough.

Every vote counts! When meat you approve a law to ban, click here to sign. The petition will be handed over to the governments in Europe.

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Many thanks and best wishes!

This petetion is quite great to vote for. But I don’t agree with your signatures. Cows will not expire if we get their milk. :slight_smile:


Nobody ever thinks about meat contributing to the destruction of the earth. It’s like how some smokers with lung cancer still smoke.

Sign me up Scotty :cheers:
I mean WHERE does it stop, ppl here in Australia are now eating crocodile, Kangaroo, what next KOALAS>?

Oh this is never going to work - people are so ignorant to whats happening around them. As long as they are well fed and happy - who gives a toss about the earth?!

Take the japanese (I think its japanese - apologies if it’s chinese) government backing the killing of dolphins dispite the law against it because they make so much money from it each year.


P.S. I’m not a pessimist…just angry.

do you know anything about water?

theres the same amount of water on the planet as there was 10000 years ago.

look up the cycle of water some time.

its one of the only inexaustable things on this planet.

While I agree that people shouldn’t eat animals as I am a vegan, I don’t believe in taking away a persons right to eat meat. I do believe however that it should be made extremely hard to obtain meat. Do away with factory farms and make people hunt and butcher their own meat. That alone would significantly drop the consumption of meat. It would also do away with most of the things listed in the original post. I don’t really see a difference between an individual hunting for personal sustenance any different than an ape using a stick to get termites out of their nest to eat. I know my opinion is probably not that popular among this crowd but I don’t believe taking aways peoples rights is always the best way of going about things, it can be a slippery slope.

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If the majority of people banned meat, then that would be democratic.

Corn fed livestock is significantly more efficient land-wise than grass fed livestock. If it wasn’t they wouldn’t be doing it. Grass fed is less sustainable than corn fed and will destroy more wild0life habitat.

The only logical conclusion is to ban meat or severely tax it like they do cigarettes.

A cow grown on a feedlot will be slaughtered in 14-16 months and need average of around 1.2 acres of land to grow the feed it needs. A grass feed cow will graze from 3 to 5 years before being slaughtered and need 3.3 to 14.9 acres of land depending on its location. The average across the US is around 8 acres. 8 acres for 3 to 5 years is a LOT more land that 1.2 acres for 14-16 months.

If grass fed beef was more efficient, then everyone would be doing it and it would be cheaper than feedlot beef, which it is not. In reality, if the farmland that many farmers use was not subsidized, a grass fed beef hamburger would cost over $30. Grass fed beef is less inhumane, but it is certainly not more efficient. It is the absolute least efficient way to grow a cow.

Since you brought up the corn and pesticides, maybe you mean it is less environmentally damaging? That can be debated as well. Yes, there are deadly pesticides used in the production of corn, but they are also clear cutting rain forests for grazing land for cows. You can’t easily quantify the damage either causes.

All meat is not good for our health. And I never stated that corn fed beef was more or less healthful. That was not the discussion and since you completely ignored the discussion at hand, I am assuming you are willing to concede that feedlots are more efficient than grass-fed.

Why do you keep changing the subject and saying I am wrong when I never stated anything concerning GM crops? Stick to the discussion at hand, or hand the courage to concede when you know that you are wrong.

What does a GM crop have to do with the amount of land that is used? The reason it is used is because it IS so land efficient!

What kind of drugs are you on, and can you get me some?

Your ignorance on this subject is what leads people to grass-fed beef instead of veganism because they somehow think grass-fed is better for the environment when it is not.

Grass-fed beef uses considerably more acres/year impinging on wildlife.
Grass-fed beef produces more methane per pound of meat.
Grass-fed beef causes more soil erosion over much greater areas of land.
Grass-fed beef uses more water than feedlots cows.
Grass lands for grass-fed beef often need fertilizer and over a much wider area than that used to grow grain.
Grass-fed beef still goes to the same slaughter houses as feedlot beef.

The only answer is to eliminate meat, not convince people they need to change what kind of meat they eat.


Here is a report from the UN for you. … R1=warning

If you don’t expect them to stop eating meat overnight, and you don’t want them to eat feedlot meat, then, it would appear, you would rather have them eat grass-fed beef. I am not putting words into your mouth. I am drawing simple conclusions based on your statements.

Here is what is wrong with your conclusion. Grasslands are overgrazed which causes serious soil erosion. It doesn’t matter that the manure will fertilize the top soil because a large amount of it will be washed away. In addition, the wildlife natural to those grasslands will be displaced.

Grass-fed cows produce significantly more methane per pound of meat than corn-fed cows. Therefore, if you are worried about methane, you should promote corn-fed beef to people.

Rain forests are converted to pasture more than for any other use.

When the environment gets bad enough and food shortages become common, then you will see action by governments. But until then, spouting that grass-fed beef is better than corn-fed beef just convinces people to eat different meat. Try convincing them to eat less meat or no meat.

You should watch less documentaries and read more.

A savvy reader knows how to do their own research. But here you go.

You should try not being a pompous jerk when writing a post in which you tell someone not to to be a pompous jerk.