Petition for the Legal Ban of Meat

The two bold bits I have issues with.

Firstly to say that eating meat in unhealthy is to disregard basic nutrition. Eating meat CAN be unhealthy. So when you say the ‘unhealthy eating of meat’ that comes across as saying eating any meat is unhealthy (even if that’s not strictly speaking what was said) which is likely to push some people away from signing the petition unnecessarily.

More than that it seems very authoritarian to claim that if it is unhealthy, people should be banned from doing so. That shouldn’t be part of your petition. Unless you want to ban the consumption of alcohol, cigarettes, and too much chocolate etc.
I don’t think that’s the aim of the petition although if that was intentional and you agree with it, I do apologise.

With regards to animals being abused it obviously isn’t limited to the meat industry, and a law against it doesn’t mean that it will stop. I don’t think I need to go into more detail. I’m sorry if this comes across as splitting hairs but it is about a change in law, and you have to be VERY careful with what you say before changing a law, making a law, getting rid of a law. Phrasing is a huge part of it, because if it’s not clear, it can have multiple interpretations which can be very damaging and dangerous.

Furthermore I doubt that most people signing the petition are against eating meat, but instead using animals to produce meat.

For instance if one were to find an animal that died unrelated to human interaction, I doubt many would have an issue with consuming that animal. If I were to say that I don’t mind if you eat me when I die, I died (unrelated to the previous statement) and then someone ate me (and I’m an animal like the rest of you of course :smiley: ) that you’d take particular issue with that in itself.

With that in mind it might have been wiser for the petition makers and signers to instead come out with a more preciously worded petition, no offence but, I can’t bring myself to sign that for the above reasons. I do agree with veganism, and am a vegan, but banning the eating of meat just seems insane, and that petition calls for a piece of legislation that frankly scares me.

Note: The first part I put in bold doesn’t make sense as far as I can tell :wink: .
The second part could do with being ‘and its citizens’ otherwise it reads as if the citizens are the government.


Yes, more laws are not needed. We need more understanding, not more force.

But on the subject of tobacco and alcohol, we do tax both, and taxing meat would make a lot of sense and would be more conceivable than a ban. Actually, we wouldn’t even need to tax it to make it more expensive, we could just eliminate the subsidies and the price of meat would be more than most people could afford on a regular basis.


I’m not saying more laws aren’t needed, but if they are using shoddy phrasing like in that petition would just lead to confusion.

I think that a meat tax would be good but, this isn’t an over night thing like the petition for the law would be.
It’d have to be over the course of several years.

Count me in :wink:

Did you miss my posts by any chance?

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True, although if you’re aiming to get rid of Monsanto you need to put something permanent up, regulation to stop that happening at all, otherwise the work will just be given on a contractual basis.



More than that, it’s a very idiotic and authoritarian petition, which if anything fucks over the general view of vegans and veganism.

WHAT? I am not oblivious to it at all!!! It is a horrible, destructive practice. But grass fed beef is NOT better for the environment. It is a better way of life for the animal, but it will still eventually end up on a feed lot and still slaughtered in the same horrific way. Why not stop your promotion of grass-fed beef on a vegan forum. It makes no sense at all. And stop putting words in my mouth. You are so completely blinded by the atrocities of Monsanto that you fail to see the atrocities you are promoting.

Here’s the thing, we don’t need to ban the eating of meat, that’s not in itself bad, we need to get rid of the slaughter of animals for meat, we need to get rid of raising animals for their products and by products, and concentrate on organic crop production. Laws should be brought in to protect animals within our society and to prohibit hunting. That’s about it. I’ve no problem with someone acting in say self defence, if you’re being attacked and kill the animal because of that, where is the issue? Most hunting animals in this country stay away from humans.


You really don’t understand the destruction of grass-fed beef. First off, there are two to three times the number of cows than the likely number of bison. A bison will live its entire life eating grass, whereas a beef cow will eat a much larger quantity of grass because they are always in their growing years. Once they stop growing significantly, they are off to slaughter. So, the cows will eat up to twice as much food for its body weight. In addition, bison eat many plants and weeds that cows will now. Bison also don’t eat down to the roots like cows which results in more soil erosion.

Most of the land that the bison roamed is being used to grow food. So, if you retake that land for the cows, ban genetically modified corn, and shut down the feedlots, then you remove food production for humans which is another reason grass-fed beef is unsustainable. People are starving in this world because of the meat eaters. There is plenty of food to feed the entire planet if people stop feeding the meat animals.




Livestock is 70% of the total agricultural area of the Earth claim, including the growing of feed used 33% of the total arable land.

nice thread but I can probably say it will cause a big impact that is we must not ignored this issues…I agreed with all of you…