Member Photos!

Let us post our photos here.

Here is mine:

Mine’s in the avatar :wink:

And here is a photo of me and my (also vegan) wife:

Here’s me - complete with sunburnt cheeks!:lol:


p.s Sorry about the size - can’t remember how to use photoshop! :scratch:

Hey, Dolly!
The image size is ok and the rest is gorgeous! :thumbleft:

Here is another photo of mine:

Well thank you Andy! (there doesn’t seem to be a “blushing” smiley!) :smiley:

I like the photo, where was it taken?



You mean something different from this one? :blush:

That photo was done in UAE, not far from Dubai.
Gusss what’s in my right hand on that photo… :slight_smile:

In your right hand? Looks like desert. ;D
What you have in the other hand looks like a box of Camel cigarettes or a digital camera.

Actually I have desert in my left hand there.
In right hand I got an apple… :slight_smile:

Then either the photo is flipped vertically or you have a face on the back of your head. :stuck_out_tongue:

Here is another photo of Andyba :slight_smile:

Great information

Thanks, Alistar! 8)

Nice photos, everyone. I am a bit shy about sharing mine…but maybe I’ll bring myself to :slight_smile:.

nice photos … .smeday i`ll post mine … :slight_smile:

I found a couple of pictures on my computer today, so I thought that I’d share two:

I apologize for them being rather close-up. I will try to share a better picture in the future. These were taken when I straightened my hair because it was getting on my nerves that day (it is very thick and curly). Oh, and don’t mind the strange look in the one picture. I was sleepy when it was taken :slight_smile: .

wow! blue eyes! beautiful!

Thanks, Andy :blush:. Sorry that they were crappy pictures. I don’t have the best camera, plus I am not exactly photogenic :laughing:.

Don’t apologise! You’re very pretty, and there’s no such thing as a crappy photo, just an arty one! I like the second one in particular. :slight_smile:

what a sweet veggie girl :slight_smile:)

Thank you :smiley:.