Member Photos!

:alien: with pleasure :slight_smile:

Diving straight in, this is me :

Scarlett nice pic ! even if it`s small :slight_smile:

:laughing: It was bigger, then I changed it. Maybe I’ll be brave and change it back !

Why!?.. change it back, please… :slight_smile:
It’s a nice photo imho…

Hello Scarlett! :smiley: [Puts glasses on to look at picture] You’re daughter is how old?! :astonished: Do you bathe in Oil of Olay?! :wink: Just kidding :slight_smile:

Scarlett be brave for us ! :slight_smile: we wont a big foto of yours :smiley:

With the new version of the forums you can upload images, so now it is easier to post your photo here. :wink:

So it is! :slight_smile: Unfortunately, balancing all the colours and stuff is not so easy, so here I am in glorious technicolor! :laughing:

Here’s an ok one from my cell phone. I am getting some pro ones taken soon.

Hey! you guys looks great :smiley: here is my photo :smiley:


HOW DO U POST A PIC?!?! … 3#/d42ew8w

worst pic ever, but… ya :unamused:

sorry i have no photo myself.
because i m not in my house,
send me your photo,

suites orlando

Hi! This is me :slight_smile:

This is me: :glasses7:

Everyone is sharing real photos??? I don’t think so :wink:

Good to see you all and to see that everyone here is a young and lively person and so quick i also want to post something good like this and will capture one on weekend during my yosemite bus tour.