Man shoots and kills pet parrot for 'being annoying'

Man shoots and kills pet parrot for ‘being annoying’ – charged with animal cruelty–charged-with-animal-cruelty

A New Jersey man shot the family’s 20 year-old African grey parrot, Mikey, for annoying him while he was watching a NASCAR race on television. Guess who called the cops on him? His wife! She was upstairs when she heard three shots, came running downstairs, saw what her husband had done, called him a “crazy S.O.B.,” then called the police, reports the Daily Record.

The man, 67 year-old Dennis Zeglin, used a BB gun to shoot Mikey on June 7, while the parrot was imprisoned in its cage. Zeglin was arrested and charged with animal cruelty.

The man’s defense? He was drunk.

“The parrot was probably doing what parrots do — squawking and making a ruckus. But this was probably less about what the parrot was doing than Mr. Zeglin’s alcohol problem,” Zeglin’s defense attorney Stephen Fletcher told the Daily Record. Fletcher says his client has gotten counseling for alcoholism and is seeking entry into the court’s pre-trial intervention program, which, if he completes successfully, would result in the charges being dismissed and Zeglin maintaining a clean record, reports the New Jersey Star-Ledger.

Bird lovers such as Lisa are outraged. “To hear that someone maliciously murdered his family’s African grey parrot – knowing what I would do for mine – hit too close to home,” she says. Lisa has started a letter writing campaign “to make sure Mikey has a voice.” African grey parrots, Lisa says, are “extremely intelligent, thoughtful, sentient and sensitive beings.” “We need to have stronger punishment in place for people who torture, harm, abuse or kill animals,” she says.

According to the Daily Record, a hearing is scheduled for September 9 in Superior Court in Morristown, New Jersey.

Randolph man who shot pet parrot to undergo psych test

The Morris County Prosecutor’s Office wants a Randolph man psychologically evaluated before it decides how to handle charges that he shot his pet African grey parrot with a BB gun because the creature’s squawking annoyed him while he watched a NASCAR race.

Defendant Dennis Zeglin, 67, appeared in Superior Court, Morristown, Wednesday, with his wife and defense attorney Stephen Fletcher. While the animal cruelty charges filed against Zeglin in June were marked for possible review by a county grand jury, Fletcher said the prosecutor’s office has advised him it wants a psychiatric evaluation before deciding how the case should be disposed.

Zeglin has applied for admission into the county’s Pre-Trial Intervention program. PTI is a probation program for first-time offenders, under which criminal charges are dismissed if a defendant completes a period of probation and other conditions.

According to court records, Zeglin fatally shot “Mikey,” a pet parrot in his household for the past 20 years, because the creature annoyed him while he watched a NASCAR race on June 7 at his home in Randolph.

Zeglin’s alarmed wife summoned police to the house. Zeglin was sitting in a living room chair when they arrived and he handed over a Daisy Powerline Model 93, CO2-powered BB gun he admitted using to kill Mikey, court records said.

Fletcher said his client was intoxicated at the time, and after the incident was brought to Morristown Memorial Hospital to be treated for a combination of alcohol “and potential mental health issues.” He later spent several days at Summit Oaks in Summit and now is receiving treatment for substance abuse, Fletcher said.

“He’s been in a program for alcohol abuse and he’s working that program diligently,” Fletcher said.

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It’s sad…
Some time ago people were able to shoot other people (slaves) …

Well this is just sad! Why did he even bought a parrot in the first place? He should have tried to do research and prepare before taking care of one.
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This man is really cruel… It is better if he just let go of the parrot than kill it…

What he did is really showing no respect to animals at all.Parrots are very loving and loyal pets, so we have to take care of the very well. Show them that they are important and we love them.

I’m sure someone has thought that the man was annoying but if that someone shot and killed him for being annoying it would be conisdered murder! Animals breathe too.

You said it right Muright… I think he didn’t considering having a second thought…

Everyone cares about the relatively stupid parrot while no one here seems to give a damn about the man (although he seems like a bit of a dick) having to go to jail for a split second retard moment which resulted in what? the death of a parrot? I say he deserves a fine, some and getting his gun taken off him but nothing more. When it comes down to it, it’s just a dead parrot, not worth a man going to jail for and heck, the parrot was obviously asking for it after having to watch the NASCAR race :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

But do you think you will do the same if you were in his place Adam?

Of course I wouldn’t, the man was an idiot.
I don’t see how that is at all relevant.

Because I can see that you still cares for him even though he did something wrong… that’s so sweet of you…

This is sad.

Yes, damn my forgiveness.
How dare I care for my fellow man.
Crucify him!
All hail animal rights!

Adam your minimalist, trashy, trollish remarks are deplorable, and shows you to lack even common compassion and concern for your fellow beings. Parrots are not stupid, your speciesist blather is an eyesore. :confused:

And your blatant namecalling reveals an amazing lack of argumentative talent.

To begin with: Stupid is a relative term, compared to the other character in this situation (the man) the parrot is stupid. If you don’t understand that a parrot is far less intelligent than a man then please feel free to remove yourself from the gene pool.

As for me lacking compassion, that’s a blatant lie. I feel more compassion for my fellow man than I do for a parrot simply because I can relate to the man more and the man is a higher order thinker.

Think before you type next time please.

Adam, your post proved your speceism.

I have never tried to deny that I value the human race above all others.
This is not a bad thing.

adam the retarded nonsense you post here is amusing, but just shows that you are either :

  1. functionally illiterate;
  2. don’t have any cojones or commonsense;
  3. sorely lack realworld critical thinking skills;
  4. live in a fantasy land of delusion and pc apathy.

you are just here to shout down the message of compassion and animal rights, because you are willfully ignorant and/or can’t think your way out of a paper bag. :unamused:

that’s just plain silly. :unamused:

in fact it is a very bad thing. it is dull, routine, narrowminded, anthropocentric thinking like this that has destroyed this planet. :sign5:

a gene pool joke…lol. uhhmm… the speciesist blather is quite insipid, exceedingly dull and moronic. :unamused:

adam there was no earthly reason for this sub-human piece of trash to shoot the family pet. more to the point parrots are very smart and sociable animals.