How did you find this forum?

If you could write how did you find this forum,
it would help us make it more popular and more interesting.
So please write 2 words on how did you find us.
Thank you.


My friend sent me the link to try to help me find advice with a current situation.

I did a google search for “vegetarian online group” and it took me to myHQ: Susan’s vegetarian and vegan bookmarks, which in turn took me here. I tried another group earlier, but found it too commercial and found the members were more interested in calling each other names based on political leanings than in helping new vegetarians come on board. I hope it isn’t like that here; your site looks so much more promising. Thank you! :wink:

Hey Steve!
Thank you for kind words!

From a link on another forum.

I found the forum searching through search. Red

Hi everyone!
Found this website by googling veg* - it took two pages of people blogging about vegging out, but I got here in the end!

Becky :smiley:

Through Google!

from banner on other link :slight_smile:

I Googled “vegan forum” and joined the one that is at the top. But I found it so difficult to post that I gave up in the end and tried this one. Within 24 hours, my question was up so I am sticking around. I have a vegan website which I am in the process of building and I need to make sure the information is as correct as possible so need fellow vegans to help me out on a few things which are confusing.


Via Google - searched “vegan forum”. I first tried (which came up first) but the moderator there was condescending. Granted, I should have read the forum rules, but I have found common sense is usually all that is needed. So it’s not entirely their fault.

However, I have found this forum to be much friendlier and easy to use. Thanks for putting this forum together!

I found this forum searching by google too! :cyclopsani: I was searching about botox and how is it sutable for vegetarians. I didn’t find much so I was searching for vegan forums and I found one but it looked to me not very friendly for vegetarians (because I am vegetarian not vegan) and then I found this place :cheers: and I am here :newb: I like this forum and I will stay here if you wont tell me go away because I am not vegan. Just it is a little dificult to understand some things because english is not my native language. But I love smilies here. :blob4: :blob5: :blob3: :blob:

My wife and I are vegan, but IMHO, being vegetarian is a HUGE benefit to animals and the environment. So you are more than welcome here, and I think you will find everyone will welcome you and treat you with respect.

And if you learn more and decide to become vegan later, even better…but vegetarian is great!

I googled animal rights forum

I was looking for vegan themed t shirts and this place came up.

I googled ’ vegan forums’ and found this site. I wanted recipes as well as to perhaps get answers to some queries. I understand how to eat a healthful vegan diet, but still have some questions…

I Googled “Vegan community” today at work, and began reading like crazy all through lunch. As soon as I got home, I signed up. And here we are. :slight_smile:

Found it via a Google search for “vegan forum”, it was the 3rd result behind v-e-g-a-n-f-o-r-u-m-.-c-o-m (remove hyphens) results.

I just googled “Vegan Forum” :slight_smile: You were number two on the list.