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Cool! :smiley: On-line book-club thing! I couldn’t get into this page the other day when I tried… I haven’t even heard of most of these!

Think I might give the Pascal Users’ Manual a miss… :confused: I’m still dealing with software written in Fortran 4 :homework: why, oh why…



Check out ‘Rat Island’ @

This book was written by William Stolzenburg.

It’s an eye-opening account of “predators in paradise and the world’s greatest wildlife rescue.”

I am a big follower of the goodreads reading challenge and it is a user friendly way to keep track of the books one is reading. Esp with indie and new writers, we can also keep in touch with them. Which is amzing. I am a great fan of this website!

“The Seed Underground: A Growing Revolution to Save Food” — by Janisse Ray