Diet vs Exercise

What have more influence on health, Diet or Exercise?
I heard that Exercise is more effective… i.e. for health it’s more important to exercise then to keep a strict diet.
What do you think?

I’n my case diet is very significant. :albino:
I don’t have too much time to exercise… that’s if we don’t take sex into consideration: :3some:

For me it’s different. Since I’m vegetarian for a long time I don’t
know how would I feel if I were not vegetarian. So exercise and sports
has crucial importance for my health. I instantly feel the difference
when I exercise regularly and when I don’t.

Regarding :3some: do you feel healthier after this? :slight_smile:

Why did you post the same question twice? Anyway, I answered in the other thread.

Every real fitness expert will tell you that to stay fit&healthy you have to exercise a lot and follow a healthy (veg*an) diet. So the discussion you proposed would be like discussing the superiority of Xmas over Easter or vice versa.

I’m a trainer so I say both are pretty effective. For me, a combo of resistance training and cardio along with six small veg meals a day keeps the metabolism running. Also, the more muscle mass you have, the more calories you burn. I’m still working on seeing ab definition (I’m female) but I do have the line down the middle.

I’m glad the forums are alife again!!! 8)
And I love new design!!!
Regarding the subject… I think both are important!

One of them was posted long time ago and forgot about it. :frowning: Sorry.
I can move you answer to this topic and remove that one.

Wow! I would like to see that. :wink:
Actually I started a thread with members’ photos so you can post some of your photos if you wish. :slight_smile:

Hmm…don’t have any specific ab pics :astonished: but I’ll post one of me anyway!

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:slight_smile: I wasn’t talking about specific ab pics. :smiley:
But anyway it would be nice to see them. :wink:
Here is the thread:

How will your wife react if she will find out that you a interested in other womens’ abs?

Agree that you cannot have one without the other. The are both important. Not sure why the general public is so educated to believe that simply diet will make everything right (the fad marketing machine).

Of course, I am biased, and I believe veganism and cycling are the best combination, both for the environment and health! :smiley:

Awesome website, Matt! I used to live in California and biked everywhere. Now that I live in miserable Phoenix I’m afraid to ride anywhere. The chances are too good that one of these idiots are going to run me over. I actually run and rollerblade on sidewalks. :unamused:

Wow! Do you rollerblade?
I rollerblade too! :slight_smile:
How nice…
It’s interesting how many vegetarians rollerblade? :slight_smile:

It’s really not your business and I don’t have a wife now… so why don’t you go and :jerk: exercise a little, may be it will calm you down… :smiley:

I love rollerblading…though I am sort of a klutz–but that doesn’t stop me. :smiley:

Of course it’s been raining here for about 3 weeks straight so I may never get to go again.

Heh… :slight_smile: It’s snowing over here… :slight_smile: I will have to wait for spring to go rollerskating.

Six meals a day?!!! :astonished: Isn’t it too much? Or should I say too many?
Usually I eat 2 meals a day… in the best days I eat 3 meals a day. :slight_smile:
But I never ate 5 not even mentioning 6 meals a day.

6 “small” meals. For example:

B: cereal (Kashi is awesome)
S: piece of fruit
L: Pita with Falafel
S: small bowl of veggie soup or about 6 triscuits w/PB
D: 1/2 sweet potato and veggie patty
S: smoothie

The trick is to measure out “fist” sized portions with your hand or both carb and protein (don’t forget a fist of veggies) for your main meals.

This is a super fat burner and healthy. Your body works better on continuous small meals as opppsed to a few large ones. This way fat doesn’t get stored for when it needs fuel later. On 6 meals it just continuously runs!! :wink:

Actually Diet from greek Dieta means - way of life more then just food preferences. So the initial subject isn’t very correct.

I think both eating healthy and dieting are crucial - and I say ‘eating healthily’ because ‘diet’ seems to apply eating certain things for a certain amount of time whereas ‘eating healthily’ can, and should, last a life time. Just think of how your mind and body could be by the time you’re thirty, forty, fifty: you fill it with biscuits and chocolate or whatever for years and don’t give you’re body the respect it deserves you’re gonna notice in later life. Exercise is essential for the heart, liver, lungs, even the digestive system ('cause it gets your bowels moving), so obviously, I’m passionate about the two.

i think both of them are equally important
there should be a proper balance between the two
so stay in proper health