Zoo Discussion- What's Wrong?

I’ll start. This is a discussion on why people think it it wrong to keep animals in zoos.

What is so wrong with zoos? I think they are a good thing. For many, this is the only way they can ever see these amazing creatures in person, up close. Not having zoos would make people care less about animals, not more. Little children going to the zoo is a wonderful thing. If you meet someone and like them, you won’t just ignore issues about them. If a little child, or even fully grown adult, visits a zoo, they’ll see an animal that they really like. And when they read an article about that species being endangered or losing its habitat, they won’t want to sit there and not do a thing about it. They won’t ignore it. A little 2nd Grader wouldn’t see their best friend being picked on and made fun of and just set it aside like it was nothing. A fully grown person wouldn’t read about their favourite animal becoming an endangered species and just pass by the article like it didn’t matter in the least. It is important for people to build up “relationships” so to speak with species. It will make them at least want to go out and do something to support the giant panda, for example, or black footed ferret.
Recently, I visited the San Diego Zoo. I went to the giant panda exhibit. Realising how few pandas were left in the wild, I donated money to the donation box. One visit to the pandas, one bit of information on how they could be gone, and I did something about it right then and there. And I’m a cheapskate. I don’t like lending people 25 cents so they’ll have enough money to buy their lunch.

Hey MomoPeach!
You have done a great thing, by supporting the Pandas.
But there are different Zoos around the world.
I have seen zoos where the bear is kept in a cage a little bit bigger then himself. Can you imagine the huge brown bear that is used to be the master of his forrests to be kept in worse conditions then a prisoner?

Well, I do agree that it is wrong to keep animals in unsuitable living spaces. I don’t agree with that, but not all zoos are like that.

That is one importance of zoos and preserves. It allows people to come into visual contact with certain animals and makes them realize the state of these creatures. When Andy described zoos with improper facilities it made me think that there should be enough awareness among people and organizations regarding these conditions. These animals are captive creatures and some of them will not survive if brought back to the wild, their lives are now dependent on their handlers. Zoos are not only for entertainment or economic purposes they are also for education and awareness.

keeping pets and zoos seems to help us realize the other folk in the forest. Living in a prison all your life doesn’t sound appealing. We inherited a cat who had been ‘fixed’ and declawed. A city apt cat, who, when he got here, started to go outside and be a wildcat (don’t call me kitty, I’m a cat!). He went outside for awhile and became as Lion as he could, but now just stays inside. He’s quite intelligent. Understands english quite well, and answers questions genius. He’s wary of female cats. The male kitten he helped raise took off for the woods and hasn’t come back. I guess he’s lonely, but part of the family. Point being he can’t live in the wilds now, and is dependent on us. He starts to eat something other than his catfood, like a faint memory is stimulated, but stops, and just eats his catfood. ‘I can catch flies!’ he pointed out, as we discussed his situation as a wildcat. Off the subject?

Not really, it really haas something to do witht the state of these animals. For some animals who were born in captivity, the zoos and preserves they live in are not really prisons for them, right? They don’t even know there are other habitats outside their dwelling place. the zoos they were born in are already their home and their handlers their family.

Right, so they need to be taken care of like family. The apartment raised cat still had a wildcat romance about him I’m not sure he could have learned in his situation (TV?), so perhaps its prison, jail. I tend to believe, from my experience with pets, that the beast is not so dumb. I wouldn’t want to live my life in a cage, or observation all the time, although such seems our plight. A showman? Do chimps get tired of being the stupid guy, and long for intelligent conversation?

You are probably referring to circuses. In most zoos the animals are not asked to perform, except for aquatic venues like waterworld where the animals get to perform different skills. In facilities like these the administrators allow such performances because it showcases the dexterity and abilities of these animals in their marine habitat.

i also think zoos are good. they can support species that might have trouble outside (like pandas) zoos are also good for scientific observation of animal behaviour. i think though in todays world creating an emotional bond with animals is easier then ever even without visiting zoos. we have great documentaries like planet earth and on the internet you can meet every animal in the world. so i dont know how much zoos contribute to that (for me personally i never was very fascinated by animals in the zoo when i was a child, i dunno. the fascination came with documentaries like planet earth :stuck_out_tongue: )

Zoos are nightmares for animals. All the species need freedom. I hate zoos. We should keep and protect them in national parks, instead.