Zombie movies (especially Zombieland) are great. Considering the fact that I am a vegan it is strange how satisfying and awesome it is to watch people get eaten.

I do so agree. It is rather odd, that being so for animal rights and not eating meat or animal by-products, that it is ‘fun’ to watch Zombie movies. Perhaps it is under the concept as watching a fight on television. You know it isn’t real, so it doesn’t horrify you. Although I can’t stand to watch a scene in a movie where an animal dies or gets injured. It doesn’t matter what the animal is, I can’t do it. Perhaps we are just de-sensitized to (fake) human suffering?

considering that many vegans kind of despise other people it isn’t that strange …

Yeah I guess that’s true. Did you hate people before you became a vegan or did you become a vegan and then start hating people?