Zeep Soap : Winter Update

Hello Zeep Customers!

[u]Newsletter Issues[/u]
First we need to mention that we had some technical problems with our newsletter contact list. Somehow our Zeep contacts got all jumbled up with personal contacts and other work contacts and we were unable to divide them back up again. So, if you are getting this Email and have no idea why, and no longer want to receive it, please reply back with REMOVE in the subject line and we will do just that. Now on to our update!

[u]What We’ve Been Up To[/u]
It has been a very busy year for us here at Zeep. We apologize for essentially neglecting the webstore and our customers, but all in the service of enhancing Zeep and our ability to make a better product. This summer we took on the immense challenge of constructing a straw bale workshop from scratch. Now, with the snow about to fall we are happy to report the project a success and our new Zeep workshop open for business. We will start to make our soap and infused oils (for deodorant and balms) on a crackling wood stove.

On a personal note, Lindsay (the maker of your fine Zeep products!) has had gauged ears for many years. As Lindsay gauges her ears up, she uses the Comfrey Balm and Usnea Balm as part of the aftercare process. These 2 balms work wonders for folks with pierced and/or tattooed skin. We have added additional descriptions to both the Comfrey Balm and the Usnea Balm to highlight their effective use in body modification. The past year has shown success with us wholesaling these balms to online retailers of piercing and tattoo products. If you have pierced skin or tattoos and would like to see your favorite shop (online or physical) carry our balms please contact us with their information or tell them about our website.

[u]New Products[/u]
We are excited to be bringing you new products in the coming months and new year. Our two newest soap bars are offered below. If you are planning on picking up some soap for the holiday season, please be aware that our regular stock of soap (Cedar Grove, Hemp & Sage, Mango Mint and Tea Tree Oil) all have minimal quantities left. We will be unable to restock these bars until next spring.

[u]Claryver Soap[/u]
This heavily scented bar derives its name from the two essential oils; Clary Sage and Vetiver. These aromatic herbs are native to the Asian continent and give this soap complex notes of spiced wood and sweet musk. The addition of French green clay makes for a rich, creamy lather. We encourage you to indulge in Zeep’s most decadent offering!

[u]Ginger Mystery[/u]
This soap is a mystery to us. At the time of making we failed to copy down the recipe and now we have no clue what is in it other than the sweet tang of ginger spice. Rest assured, all ingredients are what you’ve come to expect from us. So, if you are dying for a ginger soap or a little mystery in the bathroom, then here’s one worth investigating.

[u]Shampoo Sale[/u]

From now until the end of the year all shampoo varieties will be on sale for $8 a bottle. Stock up now as we may be discontinuing this product next year.

Thank you to all our customers for your continued support and have a safe & enjoyable holiday season.

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