Zeep Soap Update : New Year, New Stock

Selling out of soap this holiday season was a great way to end the year, thank you everyone! Of course, doing so means that major soap making was in order.
We are happy to announce that our shelves are not so bare and we’ve spent these first few weeks of the new year resupplying.


Three favorites are back. Tea Tree & Kelp, James River and Hemp ‘n’ Sage. We have been tweaking our recipes slightly with the new setup and have been really satisfied with the resulting bars. You will notice that Hemp ‘n’ Sage has a richer color in this new batch. This is directly related to the superior hemp oil we procured recently.

All the new soaps have a better density (resulting in a harder, longer lasting bar). We believe this is a result of temperature, timing during the chemical reaction, and overall cure time. It may just be soap, but it’s also SCIENCE!!! And a bit of inspiration. Enjoy!

Pacific Sands deodorant, the favorite this holiday season, back in stock. So, mask that mammal scent!

We are hard at work, keeping on top of the resupply. It takes just about a month from the time we make the soap till it can be used, so timing is everything. Expect your favorites to pop-in 2 or 3 at a time every month or so. And if you can keep a secret there are some new recipes in the works. But, shhhh! Patience, please!

Hope everyone’s winter is running smooth, but not too icy. Stay warm ya’ll.

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