Zeep Soap Update : Deodorant Launch / New Shampoo & Lip Balm

Hey everybody, new and exciting things to report this summer. We’ve got 3 new products for you to read about below along with some slight changes with current products, read on!

[u]**Zeep deodorant is finally here[/u]

We’ve worked hard to bring you this exciting new addition and are excited by the finished result. We’ve chosen a specific blend of bacteria fighting herbs and infused them in fast absorbing hazelnut oil, solidified the mixture with coconut oil and beeswax and packaged it in a twist up deodorant tube. Currently we have three scents available and here they are:

[u]Gontish Bosk[/u]
A sharp and assertive combination of two woody herbs; reminiscent of evening walks under the evergreens. The first person to E-mail us and explain what this deodorant name is in reference to will win their own tube!

[u]Pacific Sands[/u]
The fragrant flowers of ylang ylang trees mingle with the invigorating tang of eucalyptus leaves to transport you to a sandy, south Pacific setting. We have a soap bar to match!

[u]Spice Trade[/u]
Named after the enlightening exchange between East and West, Spice Trade combines four essential herbs and spices into a richly aromatic deodorizing bar.

[u]**Additional Shampoo Formula[/u]

[u]James River Shampoo[/u]
A new scent for summertime! For those who love our James River soap, we have created a shampoo scent to match. Geranium Rose, Tea Tree and Rosemary oils create fragrant summer suds, perfect after a day on the river or hiking the trails. We plan to have the James River soap back in stock in a few months

[u]**New Lip Balm Flavor[/u]

[u]Citrus Lip Balm[/u]
A new lip balm for summer. Sweet orange and pink grapefruit for a tangy treat.

[u]**Some extra notes[/u]
Bergamot Mint and Lemon Lip Balm is now renamed “Earl Grey”. We felt this was more appropriate.

Our Rash Ointment has another use which we think might be worth pointing out. We’ve found that It’s great for pimples and breakouts and would like to focus on it’s use for this so we’ve renamed it “Blemish Ointment”. Applied at night before going to bed, this ointment’s bacterial fighting properties clear up pimples in a very effective and gentle way. Still great for rashes and can be used on baby’s sensitive skin.

Thanks for reading, hope everyone is having a good summer!

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