Zeep Soap : Spring Sale

Hi everyone!

It’s the time of year when the world takes a shower. In honor of this we are having a spring sale featuring two essential showering items. All Zeep Shampoo’s are on sale for $8 and the scents we currently have available are:

                  [b]James River[/b]                               [b]Tea Tree Oil[/b]                                            [b]Lavender[/b]

There are also three soap scents on sale for $3 a bar. One to strip the dirt, one to soothe the skin and one to sweeten your scent!

                  [b]James River[/b]                                         [b]Sweet Oats & Carrot[/b]                 [b]Patchouli with Orange & Lemongrass[/b]

Here at Zeep, Spring is an exciting time for us. With the sun and rain come the bursting buds and blooms of our favorite ingredients. Case in point, Stinging Nettle & Horsetail Rush. These two water lovers are currently sprouting next to a nearby creek and we are in prep mode for a fresh harvest in the next few weeks. These two have major cleaning powers and team up to make one great shampoo!

And, if you’ve never tried stinging nettle on a pizza, we forgive you, but urge you to try it!

Thanks everyone and enjoy the spring weather.

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