Zeep Soap : October Update : People Shampoo!

Hey everyone!
Last Friday was Arts Walk in downtown Olympia and we had a blast. It was great meeting new people and seeing familiar faces. Thanks to everyone that gave Zeep products a try and we hope you enjoy them. Arts walk was the first place to get our new people shampoo and now we are making it available on the website as well. We’ve got 3 varieties at this time and are always open to suggestions if customers want a specific scent added to the line.

We’ve also been busy making new holiday soap for the upcoming season. One batch was even made with help from a local girl who wanted to learn the trade! Thanks Lili for coming by :slight_smile:

Lastly we want to announce that Mt. Rainier Organics on Cooper Point Road has begun selling our soap in their store. They’ve got a great thing going over there so stop by and check them out. We have a link to their facebook on the store page of our website. Ok enough talk, here’s this months update:

New Products

[u]Clarifying Sage Shampoo[/u]
A superior cleansing shampoo for itchy or oily scalps. Contains a meditative mixture of Clary Sage Essential Oil with Tea Tree and Sage Dalmation.

[u]Tea Tree Oil Shampoo[/u]
A traditional cleansing shampoo for itchy or oily scalps. A simple yet powerful cleanser!

[u]Lavender Shampoo[/u]
A gentle cleansing shampoo that’s great for everyone. Soothing and calming for your mind and body.

All of our shampoos triple as a great body wash and gentle bubble bath! They do not contain sodium lauryl sulfate!! Decyl Polyglucose is a plant derived substitute which is 100% biodegradable and we have chosen to use this instead. Each bottle contains 16oz. of shampoo.

Holiday Soap Curing on the Rack

[u]Clove Bud[/u]
Last year we made this soap for the holidays and it sold out in just one week. This year we’ve made double the amount to help keep it available a little longer. More info to follow in about 2 more weeks.

[u]Orange Cinnamon Nutmeg[/u]
Spicy and creamy, these flavors just make sense at this time of year! 2 more weeks on the rack.

Restock Soap Curing on the Rack

[u]Unscented with Calendula Oil[/u]
Much to our surprise our unscented soap was in high demand. We’ve re-made a large batch of this recipe to have available again soon. Super soothing with Unrefined Cocoa Butter and Shea Butter combined with Calendula infused olive oil.

[u]Oatmeal Carrot & Honey[/u]
We always have an oatmeal soap in stock but got so carried away with making all our new products that we ran out before we could make a new version! This time we’ve added carrot essential oil in the recipe for additional skin nourishing action. 2 and a half more weeks on the rack.

New Products On The Way

We’ve been asked many times to make a diaper balm for babies so we’re hard at work right now fulfilling that request. We hope to have it available in November. We’ve also been working on an anti-fungal balm and a comfrey balm. These have been taking us a while because we wild harvested most all of the plants ourselves from the local forests and have infused them in olive oil. It’s been a fun process and very rewarding to do it all from scratch. In addition to the medicinal balms we’ll also be making some lip balms as the holidays get closet. If there are any specific balm type requests please send them in now. We’ve been using local beeswax in all recipes thus far.

Our plan for a deodorant is to make a liquid roll on or spray using essential oils that work on keeping bacteria at bay to prevent odor from starting. We like keeping our ingredients simple yet powerful so we’re working hard on this recipe and look forward to it’s launch in the future. Our first prototype hasn’t lived up to our expectations so we are working on a new mixture at the moment.

Lastly, we’ll be at the Tonasket Barter fest this upcoming weekend, not selling at a booth, just walking around enjoying ourselves and trading some soap. Say hi if you’re from Olympia! Thanks everyone!

Can these shampoo kill lice? My daughter have lice:(

Tea Tree Oil has been known to kill lice so I would suggest my Tea Tree Oil shampoo. If the strength of the oil in my shampoo isn’t enough to kill them all you can always purchase straight tea tree oil at the store and add more to the mixture or use it straight on the scalp in problem areas. Hope that helps.

the diaper balm for babies, does it work for adult diapers like these?
parents are using diapers like tena, mollicare, and having rashes occasionally…
if it can help, i will like to get some. we currently using just moisturing lotion