Zeep Soap : May Update : Felted Floor Mats & New Soap!

Hello Zeep Customers,

Spring is here and the neon glow of green shoots is melting our winter chill! Spring harvest has commenced this year with stinging nettles getting an early start. The horsetail are close behind and the Usnea lichen has been dried and stored from an excellent winter harvest. As the plants outside awaken, Zeep shakes off the cold wintertime blues with new soap varieties and a new store section of accessories. We are most excited to tell you about our hand felted floor mats that we’ve been working on through the wet spring season. Read through the update below and we hope everyone is enjoying their spring!

New Products

[u]Allspice Shaving Cube[/u]

Over-sized (8oz.) shaving cube scented with Allspice Essential Oil. Red Kaolin Clay strips oil and cleanses, then Aloe butter soothes and hydrates. Place cube in a mug and use an old fashioned bristle brush or lather and apply by hand.

[u]Citrus Soap[/u]

Sweet citruses of summer, squeezed together in this bright and uplifting bar! Pink Grapefruit and Sweet Orange essential oils sprinkled with exfoliating bamboo powder.

[u]Soap Saver Bag[/u]

Handmade soap saver bag from our friend at Good Karma! This textured drawstring bag is made with 55% Hemp and 45% Certified Organic Cotton. A great place for those tiny soap scraps or whole bars! Fits both 4 and 8 oz bars. Happy scrubbing.

[u]Zeep Cloth Patches[/u]

Heavy duty, black canvas patches screen printed with our various logos!

[u]Felted Floor Mats[/u]

We have been in heavy research and development mode all winter and are excited to introduce felted floor mats for the bathroom and home! Searching for sustainable materials and unique ideas led us to the ancient tradition of felting rugs. Both durable and soft they are ideal floor coverings and light as a feather when you need to shake out the dust. Made from 100% wool and hand felted by Zeep. Each design is original & one of a kind. Here’s a link to a felting video that got us interested in the process : Felting Video

The recipe is complete! We will have 5 scents available and are just waiting for the packaging to arrive before we can make these available.

Well that’s a pretty decent update for skipping one in April :slight_smile: Please be sure to check out our newest Spring Mixtape that’s been posted on the webstore! Thanks everyone.

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