Zeep Soap : January Update : Lip Balms & Usnea Lichen Balm

Happy New Year everyone!
We’ve got some exciting things planned for 2011, some of which we are ready to launch with this first update of the year! Our lip balm recipes have been completed and we’re happy to announce our new Lichen Lip Balms. We’ve also created an all-purpose skin balm with wild harvested Usnea Lichen and Plantain Leaf. Please read below for the details.

New Products

[u]Lichen Lip Balm[/u]
Our Lip Balms are made with an oil infusion of Usnea Lichen and Plantain Leaf; creamy Cocoa Butter and local beeswax. We’ve created 4 recipes that all come in a standard lip balm tube:

  • Bergamot Mint & Lemon
  • Lavender Rosemary
  • Vanilla Butter
  • Medicated

[u]Usnea All-Purpose Skin Balm[/u]
Usnea Lichen (Old Man’s Beard) is a common tree lichen of the western US used in herbal medicine since ancient time. It is effective as a wound dressing & infection fighting compress. Plantain is a common weed that soothes insect bites, stings, and general skin irritations. We’ve infused these plants into an olive oil base to create an effective all-purpose balm and personally wild harvested these ingredients in our local area of the Pacific Northwest! Usnea Balm comes in a 1 oz. tin.

**Medicinal Balm Bundle Deal **

[u]Medicinal Balm Bundle Deal[/u]
A great way to sample all of our medicinal balms and get free shipping! These 4 are included in the special :

Sore Muscle Arnica Salve, Healing Comfrey Balm, Herbal Rash Ointment & Black Walnut Anti-Fungal Balm

**Restocked Soap **

[u]Cardamom & Basil[/u]
This soap was a top seller for us over the fall season so we’ve brought it back again and are considering keeping it as a staple recipe in our soap line up.

[u]Patchouli with Orange & Lemongrass[/u]
We now have large bars of this soap available.

Product Updates

  • We’ve changed the name of the Anti-Microbial Ointment to: “Herbal Rash Ointment” as we feel it describes it’s use a lot better. The formula is the same, it’s only the name that has changed.

  • We are now adding Neem Oil into the Anti-Fungal Balm and have softened the consistency for easier application.

New Products on the Way

After doing a lot of trial and error over the past few months, we’ve decided to turn our deodorant recipe into a solid balm instead of a spray. We’ve really enjoyed making balms lately and have considered making cologne balms so this idea will now be rolled into the deodorant. We plan to have multiple scents available (male / female / unisex) and all will have a base that works great as a deodorant but can also be applied anywhere on the body as a cologne too! Keep an eye out for it’s launch in the coming months.