Zeep Soap : February Update : Price Changes

Hello everyone,
We’re announcing a price change on our medicinal balms this month. Throughout 2010, Zeep has continued to grow and this is directly related to you, our customers, and your support of what we do. This growth has allowed us to take a bigger step in our process of creating the products we offer to you. At the start of 2011 we began buying some of our most frequently used ingredients and packaging containers in large bulk quantities. This saves us money so we want to pass that along to you by lowering the price on our medicinal balms to $6.00 each. We were able to do the same thing a few months back with our Shampoo and we hope to continue to offer competitive pricing as we keep growing throughout 2011. A lot of you guys are taking advantage of the large soap bars that we have made available (per your request!) and we will continue to add to the varieties you can purchase. Now on to this month’s update!

New Product

[u]LARGE Sore Muscle Arnica Salve[/u]
We now offer our Sore Muscle Arnica Salve in a large, 4oz. tub. For folks who are using this product on a more regular basis this tub will last a very long time and allows you a discount on the price. Free shipping on this item!

[u]Usnea All-Purpose Skin Balm[/u]
We announced this balm last month but wanted to mention it again since we felt it was lost, being buried at the bottom of our webpage. The Usnea Balm has now been moved up alongside the other medicinal balms, try it out!

Usnea Lichen (Old Man’s Beard) is a common tree lichen of the western US used in herbal medicine since ancient time. It is effective as a wound dressing & infection fighting compress. Plantain is a common weed that soothes insect bites, stings, and general skin irritations. Excellent for new tattoos and piercings. We’ve infused these plants into an olive oil base to create an effective all-purpose balm and personally wild harvested these ingredients in our local area of the Pacific Northwest! Usnea Balm comes in a 1 oz. tin.

[u]**5-Bar Bundle Deal **[/u]

[u]The 5-Bar Bundle Deal is Back![/u]
A great way to sample a variety of soap and get free shipping! These 5 are included in this month’s bundle:
James River, Unscented, Hemp & Sage, Cardamom Basil, & Tea Tree Oil & Kelp

**Restocked Soap **

[u]* Sweet Oats & Carrot[/u]
This soap is quickly becoming a top seller for us so it’s back in stock in regular and large sizes.

[u]* Hemp & Sage LARGE[/u]
We now have large bars of this soap available.

Last but not least, we want to point out that we finally signed up for Facebook in an effort to spread the word about Zeep. The link is below if you’d like to add us. As an extra special treat, we’ve got a new music mix up on the hidden part of the website. Here’s the link:
Zeep Soap Mixtape

Thanks everyone!