Yoghurts ?

can you guys give me some input on yoghurts

i used to always have a packet of crisps after my sandwich at work that i have for dinner, i dont eat full fat etc crisps, only the ones thought to be healthier, but i think they are pretty empty calories to be consuming, they dont really fill me up for very long and dont really provide any nutrition, so ive been thinking of switching to a yoghurt instead

whats the difference between normal yoghurt and greek yoghurt, is their a difference nutritionally or would one fill me up a bit more than the other, and mostly im interested in the likes of Muller Light, on the surface they sound good, but what are they hiding and should i be staying away from them

im not going through any kind of bulking/cutting stage, i just do my thai boxing and try to eat well, hopefully in time getting my body fat to a lower percentage and putting on a bit of muscle, im just tweaking things here and there with my diet for the better to help the process