Anyone practising yoga here?

i don’t practice yoga, but i noticed a parellel health trend where yoga and vegan circles are/have merged. very interesting. comments are welcome.

Do you mean that yoga practitioners and vegans had the same philosphy about health? How did they merged?

I think Yoga can’t just be practiced, it’s more a style of life.

I have been practising yoga for the last one and a half years and believe you me, this is far more effective than any other weight loss programlike aerobics, pilates etc etc… This is slow and steady and apart from teaching you a disciplined way of loosing weight , it is also great for the mind and body too. It gives you inner peace and strength and gives you a postivie outlook towards life.
You have to do it to feel what Im talking about.
For all you poeple who are interested in yoga have a look here
which explains each and every posture of yoga with its benefits.

I have tried yoga before and it was really something. During the time that I was into yoga I always felt very fresh and confident. My head was always so clear like I have just finished meditating. It only lasted though for about 4 monthsd because my schedule really became very tight and I had no more time for my yoga sessions. I think that I need to review my schedule because I want to go back doing yoga again.

Wow! Is that you on the photo? :wink:
What kind of yoga did you practice?

No, no. Tha’s just a photo I took during one of the demo sessions I attended before I began mine. My instructor told me that what we are doing is actually aa combination of ‘asanas’ or posture and hatha yoga or meditation.

Yoga is fast growing to be one of the most popular forms of exercise all over the world.
Its quite interesting to know that Yoga can even get rid of stubborn diseases while helping you maintain your fat levels…
The results achieved are astonishingly good and its not as brisk as aerobics.
You need less equipment and its mostly free-hand exercising.
So, Enjoy while you practice yoga the next time!

Just my 2 cents:
Some yoga postures might be dangerous and should be practiced with a Guru Only. Especially postures related to spine stretching and such.

I was actually going to join a yoga class a couple of months ago. I never got around to joining, but I have been attempting to practice on my own with the help of tapes and information that I have read. I am sure that it would be much more helpful to have an instructor, which is why I am most likely going to join a class in the near future. I have to say though, it has released a lot of stress and has helped clear my mind. It makes me feel much more relaxed and focused.

It’s definitely a good idea to join a yoga class, there might be other vegetarians or even vegans in yoga classes. :wink:

I certainly hope so. I need some veggie friends :slight_smile: .

I practice yoga.

Also, I’ve incorporated many poses into the Karate Class I teach.

I admit I practice more frequently when I’ve been injured. For me, yoga has proven to be a great aid in the recovery of minor injuries.

Unfortunately, I haven’t had the funds to return to a yoga class in a long time, I only practice the poses I “understand”. Soon though.