Yama/Niyama - Mike D not

Yama and NIyama are prescriptive and proscriptive rules of conduct in the 8 fold path of Patanjali.

They are like the 10 commandments without the dogma.

Mike Dubbeld claims to be self-realised. Self-realised persons in history have never claimed this ever.

If Mike really was Self-realized, he would follow the yama/niyama model perfectly.

He does not.

Also, Mike keeps on posting stuff about the Higgs Boson, and he claims this will prove life after death of some kind. BUt this is fundamentally wrong on several levels. Firstly,and most importantly, it disrupts the law of free will. Secondly, it is like the programmes on TV that try to predict science technology. THey are ALWAYS wrong. No, there are many things wrong with this idea.

I do not believe or think or know that you are self-realized, Mike Dubbeld. I think you are actually very ignorant.