Hello my idea is to build a vegan world and make connection with people with my website :slight_smile:
I would like to introduce you a new vegetarian directory website

It’s a worldwide restaurants, recipes, shops & groceries directory. It’s all FREE !
And anyone can add his own recipes or favorites restaurants or shops very easily.

I’ve been vegetarian for years, the main problem that I had to get informations by visiting a ton of websites. And you must admit sometime it’s take more time to find a recipe in a forum that’s it take to cook it. Or by visiting some old websites are the navigation and user inteface are so unfriendly that it’s take to understand time to understand how to navigate and where are the informations that you need.

That’s why I created, I tried to simplify as possible the user interface and his navigation.
I thought it would be easier if recipes, restaurants and vegetarian stores were all gathered in one website in multi-language (french, english, japanese at the moment). And all searchable with a search engine.

As you know it takes time for new vegetarians to searching for new recipes, or place to eat… and many people give up to be vegetarian because they have to change theirs habits and do more search. I would like to help people to find their recipes and restaurants more easier.

If you like the concept, Regardless of your ethnicy, race, language, country let’s work together and build a Big database for vegetarians people in the world !

I would really appreciate if you would like to share your original recipes or your favorites restaurants or shop on my website :slight_smile:

I know it’s difficult to change people but if anyone of us do just one step. It’s already a Big step for our planet.
(Ps: If you are interesting by the project, exchange ideas, want to help or contribute just send me a message with the contact form on the website)