Would you eat Anencephaly meat?

Anencephaly is a condition which causes a baby animal to be born without a brain. These animals are blind, deaf, unconscious, and unable to feel pain. When these animals reach maturity they can breed via artificial insemination creating more animals with Anencephaly. Slaughtering these animals wouldn’t have the same ethical implications as slaughtering animals with brains.

Would you consider eating meat if it came from an animal with Anencephaly?

I actually am a vegetarian. So, I did not even eat anything non-veg…

A few points to consider.

  1. Any animal (human or otherwise) born missing large portions of the brain would not have a life span long enough to mature and reproduce. Most might live hours or possibly days. A very few might live a few months.
  2. Attempting to prolong the lifespan of such an animal would be “cruel” and “prolong suffering”. Not to mention extremely expensive making it not very lucrative for a business that only cares about making money.
    3.The question is pointless as you wouldn’t see such a product on the market due to the expense of trying to produce it.

I wouldn’t. First of all if there are still non vegs around it’s better to offer them that meat, we can live without that meat. Second - it’s nasty…