World Day for the End of Speciesism

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Invitation to participate in World Day for the End of Speciesism - 22 August 2015

Dear animal advocate,

In our societies our relationship with animals is based on speciesism. By analogy with racism and sexism, speciesism refers to an ideology that considers the lives and interests of animals as insignificant just because they are of a different species.Speciesism is untenable because humans are not the only ones to feel emotions and therefore we have to respect the lives and interests of the other sentient beings who share this planet with us.

Injustices of the past, such as slavery and the low status assigned to women, have been abolished or reduced. They too were so embedded in the collective consciousness that they were thought to be eternal. But history has shown the opposite and we can easily imagine that one day slaughterhouses will be deemed to be a symbol of barbarity. More and more of us are beginning to take a stand against injustice to animals, which has become one of the most important social debates of our time.

We invite you to join the first World Day for the End of Speciesism (WoDES) on 22 August, whichwill take place invarioustownsacross the world.During this international day you can organize marches or otherlarge-scaleeventsinorder to promote realconsideration for animals.

We are working for a world that takes the lives and interests of all into consideration. This world is already on its way. Let’s work together so that it arrives as soon as possible!

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