Will wear Thong for Fur - Protest!

This Friday December 1st at 4:00pm (rush hour) I will protest in only a thong as seen below. It will be cold weather; 6-13c. I plan to turn many heads.

The protest is intended to be peaceful. And I will update you after I have completed it.

Make your own sign and join in with me. The animals would love to know what we’re doing for them.

  • hugs animals *

So did you have any success?

the same qwestion…

Brrr…harsh weather to be wearing only a thong! That is a very selfless act. I admire that :thumbleft:.

I think it could attract more attention if there were no thong at all. :smiley:

Dreamer, mate… did you ever think of going to a gym or something?
It’s in a way bad advertising for veganism…


No comment :smiley:.

:drunken: :bigsmurf:

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Only the above was interesting here.

The rest is just poor lonely people flirty with some skinny idiot not recognizing the practicality of fur for people living in harsh climates. Not to mention its obvious aesthetic appeal.

Amateur :laughing: