Wild game vs domestic meat?

I prefer to feed my family venison or wild game that I harvest as opposed to store bought meat. I also raise my own chickens, lamb and rabbits for food. This way I know that everything my family eat is healthy and natural. We also have a very large garden and eat fresh vegetables all summer long. We also can alot of our produce so we have plenty to eat all winter long. I find this to be a very healthy way to feed my family and it keeps me Verile and Vigorous! At the age of 41 my wife of 22 and I are expecting our 3rd child and plan on 2 more. We try to live as natural as possible and also home school our kids. How many of you folks live as healthy as we do?


What do you feel when you kill an animal?

I am becoming a vegan because of the way humans are massively exploiting and killing animals in the food industry. I believe it is wrong to kill an animal if it unnecessary and inhumane.

At the end of the day we are omnivores and we need protein in our diets, there are other ways to add protein in your diet than meat from animals. However - do not be ignorant to the world around you. If anything - teach your children to respect life, that exploitation of animals who don’t have a voice is wrong and let them make sensible decisions.

If you are killing animals only when you need to eat, they are not kept in conditions they naturally wouldnt live in then I don’t have a problem with that. There is nothing worse than seeing the pain in the eyes of a suffering animal. When it can’t tell you how it feels.

Respect life.

Can human really eat a rabbit? This really don’t sink in to me. Sometimes it is better to just take good care of animals rather than killing them for food.

Personally, that’s how it should be done. We were not made to factory farm animals. It is possible to exist, as many of us here at VegTalk are doing without any animal products, but personally, I do not have the time, resources, or the correct location to farm my own animals, or to go into the great wild and shoot a deer.

The main aim of veganism, I think, is to reduce suffering on the part of animals that we unnecessarily cause.

That being said, it sounds like you really care about your family and you seem to be doing a great job. Whether or not a person eats meat it entirely up to them.

Personally, I can say that yes. I do live an extremely healthy dietary lifestyle, and my body feels great because of it. :slight_smile:

Whew, I will admit to being a hypocrite and saying that while I generally believe in the dictum,‘each to their own’ (note my responses to the vegans who’ve fallen off the wagon), I find the practice of raising animals to only kill them later for food beyond chilling, as well as heartbreaking. I can better accept indigenous peoples hunting and gathering.

And one can get more than enough protein from a plant based diet. I just don’t get why many people think that they have to eat flesh to meet their protein needs. We don’t need that much of this nutrient, really…

I couldn’t agree more.

which brings us advantage also…

I totally agree :wink:

Is organic cocaine healthy?

They say that cocaine is a cure for toothache and some pope, royalty and prime minister endorse wine with cocaine… Maybe it is but with crack cocaine which is used in making coca-cola…

Then maybe organic meat is healthy too :smiley: People often say that because it’s healthier. But jumping from the top of 5 story building is less dangerous than jumping from the top of 10 story building, so it’s healthy too :smiley:

I don’t know which is which crystal… but for me both are no nos :smiley:

I try to only eat organic meat and I actually harvest my own meat when ever possible.
I was always torn about becoming a strict Vegan but crave fish ,or fowl or game meats at times.I Have been out many times hunting only to end up taking photos. I love animals.I find it hard to “kill”
But last year I came upon a very sad site…a half eaten small Buck Deer that coyotes had eaten obviously while it was living and being torn apart…so I ask myself this question.If I follow the laws of nature -nature in reality can be brutally cruel.What is more humane,
a single well placed arrow or bullet and an instant kill, or an animal suffering through the attack of its prey in nature???
I we live in a society where most of us wear leather and may eat meat of some type , It may be best to avoid “Corporate Meat” IE:factory meat and learn the skills necessary to do our own “harvesting” just as we would do with our own home gardens.
Everything we do in life is a CHOICE, Making the best choice is our responsibility.
Real nature is filled with animals killing other animals in order to survive-“food chain” theory,Darwinism at its finish…just food for thought!

OP, I can tell you’re just trying to rile the vegans, but I am not opposed to how you live.

I think it’s good that you raise your own meat (provided you treat the animals well and slaughter them as humanely as slaughter can be). I don’t think there is anything wrong with eating meat so long as it isn’t tortured before it’s killed (as it is with our main meat sources like in the U.S.A.).

I don’t eat animal products because of how they are treated before/during death. I think being born, raised, and killed to feed us demands a helluva lotta respect. It isn’t given at all. So I don’t eat it. If things were different, I would eat some animal products. But I am not in a position to do what you do. So I am a vegan.

It is an ethics thing for me. I don’t think meat and animal products are unhealthy unless eaten in excess (as are many things).

So, have a good life, I guess.