Why You Need Eyelid Surgery?

Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure which is done to enhance the eyelid appearance by removing excess skin and fat adjacent to the eye. Cleary, it is mostly opted for aesthetic reasons by patients who have droopy eyelids and puffy eyelids. However, nowadays it is also performed both for cosmetic and functional reasons as puffy eyelids may interfere greatly in your vision. The most recent medical advancements in the procedure of eyelid surgery have made it simpler and faster to perform. Dr. Kulbersh, an established eyelid surgeon of Carolina Facial Plastics in Charlotte, is a professional expert when it comes to offering natural-looking result for aging faces and deformed noses. With an increasing age the fatty deposits may accumulate in the lower eyelids, contributing to droopy and puffy eyelids. Eyelid surgery is a brilliant way to revitalize the appearance of the face without the need of a complete traditional facelift. Cosmetic eyelid surgery will leave people trying to estimate your real age. After the removal of excess fat and skin surrounding the eye, you will look younger and more attentive. For a comprehensive treatment, eyelid surgery can also be performed in combination with other procedures, such as a facial filler injections, forehead lift or Botox. Eyelid surgery is quite popular amongst women as the recovery time is much shorter.

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i recently got non-incision type upper eyelid surgery which consists of 3 stitches. about how long til the swelling is gone and wht should i do to help it? thanks!

i think its depends on surgeon experenice and how his hand are expert in his profession.

Nice post! I had it done from CAN from Dr. Solomon, a facial plastic surgeon in Toronto and got great results. Post-op process is a bit hard, really hard to live a life with closed eyes!! But my hubby was there with me every time to look after me. Love him lotzz! Now, a month has passed and a, feeling better. No more puffy eyes!

To enhance your beauty. :slight_smile: