Why You Need an Expert Eyelid Surgeon?

Eyelid surgeons are extremely popular for performing the most effective and safe surgery. Blepharoplasty is suggested to people who have extreme drooping of skin around eyes. Although sagging of skin mostly occur due to aging, it can also get aggravated because of other conditions such as eye allergies, puffy eyes or oedema. Some people consider having blepharoplasty purely for aesthetic reasons. Such people should first consult a doctor and try having a realistic approach towards the surgery as the results may not be dramatic every time.

Just like other surgeons, the eyelid surgeon in charlotte, ask the interested candidate to inform any health problems prior the surgery as some conditions may not allow you to have blepharoplasty. Heavy smokers are likely to face surgical complications since they do not generally heal quickly. The smokers are asked by the surgeon to quit smoking for at least few weeks before the procedure. You must also inform your doctor if you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned below:
• Thyroid related problems like under or overactive thyroid
• Diabetes
• Graves’ disease
• Cardiovascular disease, hypertension or other circulatory problems
• Any eye related problem like dry eye, glaucoma or retinal detachment

Recovering after the surgery becomes easier if you have a team of skilled and experienced doctors guiding you. In order to reduce the swelling and bruising after the surgery, apply cold packs after every one hour for about 15 minutes at a time. Warmth is known to provide relief to the muscle spasms and so after two days of surgery apply warm compresses as it helps in quick healing. The surgeon will guide you about pain killer medications, if needed. Dry eyes post-surgery which exceeds two weeks is not considered healthy and you should contact eye doctor immediately.

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