Why should we behave better towards animals?

“Why should we behave better towards animals than they do towards each other?”
That’s a basic question often given by non vegs - that is quite related to animal rights issue.

Because humans can make decisions about it, but most animals can’t.

And how do you know this, Sergio?
Why do you think animals can’t make decisions?

I’m no biologist, but I used to have a dog when I was little - he seemed to see himself as part of the family, and was very protective of me. The dog would attack animals that he saw as a threat, and would try to hunt certain animals and give them to us (rabbits). But he would not attack all animals, or other humans. Although I don’t think he would have chosen to be vegetarian, he clearly made some sort of choice regarding which animals were food (and it wasn’t as a result of us having trained him).

Maybe he was instinctively aware of a need to keep some sort of natural balance?

And, as an aside, dogs try to kill animals as quickly as possible, with minimal suffering - they do not hunt for pleasure, they do not use traps and they certainly don’t build farms! This is true of most animals, with the exception of domestic cats (who are evil!) and ants (who farm greenfly).

We have a duty to act morally towards others regardless of how anyone else behaves. For example, the institution of slavery in the United States was not in any way justified by the fact that rival African tribes routinely conquered and enslaved one another.

Also, it should be mentioned that the way in which humans currently behave towards animals is actually far worse than the way in which animals behave towards each other.

From Animal Rights and Vegetarian Ethics by Eugene Khutoryansky

Different animals behave differently to each other, why should we choose the worse behavior?

Animals either can make decisions by themselves that’s why they somehow take good care of themselves alone. I have respect to all animals and to their animal rights. We should behave better towards them so that they will also behave well towards us.

I think this would just be a give and take relationship.( but not goes to all of the animals) For example, if a dog feels that you love him and cares for him, in return he will protect you. Just like BigBecka’s dog :smiley:

VERY simply and quickly.

Everyone has different value choices.
There are some inherit value choices to those who aren’t existentially free (most if not all non-human animals).
Suffering is necessarily a negative state of being for any being in it.
Suffering therefore ought to be avoided as it is necessarily negative.

Only moral agents can make moral decisions.
Only moral patients can be a part of moral deliberations (in looking at who is effected).
Holding a baby culpable for crawling and shitting all over the original Mona Lisa is as senseless as holding a dog responsibility for attacking a human.
They show a sense of loyalty, but not one of making moral decisions.
Therefore the only moral agents we know of are some humans.
Thus moral agents (the beings capable of making moral deliberations) ought to take animals into account and aim to avoid causing their suffering).

Also it’s important to bare in mind:
There is no relevant difference between that of a human and that of an animal when deciding who should be taken into account. The only differences are applying what support should be in place.
Some humans have the same capacities as non-human animals, so if you’re against all arguments that push for animals to be taken into account, you must be happy to test on animals AND the marginal cases of humans, and maybe others as well (depending on your view point) although if you are already then this part of the post holds little consequence.

Also bare in mind that there is necessarily a prescription, not just a description, in morality.

Domestic cats are not evil! Maybe mine is the only exception…he is actually half cat, half cushion. :smiley:

I agree that humans treat animals mare badly than animals treat each other. Only humans abuse and cause systematic, ongoing suffering to another living being.

I also love cats Redsunflower and I do agree with you that they are not evil… :wink:

Because we shouldnt have a reason to hurt them in the first place.

“The man who regards his own life and that of his fellow creatures as meaningless is not merely unhappy but hardly fit for life”_ Albert Einstein

I have respect to all animals. Because I used to have a dog. And he was like a family member for us. all animals are intelligent. Different animals behave differently to each other. So please don’t misbehave to any animals.

Why should we? Do they deserve to be stepped on, thrown, beat in the head until they finally die from a pic axe? Do their kind rip the flesh off their bodies when they are still alive? What animals do with other animals is just their behavior. Its in them to protect their young and living space. Why should we behave better towards animals? We are all earthlings and they need respect. No on, animal or human should suffer. When you eat meat, you eat misery…how true that quote is.

Dogs are pack animals. Much as a parent or sibling would be protective of someone in their family so would a dog be of someone in their pack. Domesticating a dog then makes them a part of your “family” or you a part of their “pack”. It therefore makes sense that your dog would be protective of you. The fact that your dog would only hunt certain animals was not a reflection of his “awareness of maintaining a natural balance” it was an adherence to an accepted set of rules and behaviors put forth by the leader of the pack (you).
And animals do not make the choice to kill humanely…they use the most effective and least energy expensive way to do so–which is usually pretty quick.

Animal rights are a complicated dilemma. Many questions must be addressed. Should animals be treated in the best possible way, even if it is not most beneficial for humans? Is it wrong for humans to consume animals? Do these rules apply to all animals? Is it right to violate the rights of an animal if they conflict with the rights of another animal or the rights of human being? The answers to these questions help make up the foundations for the many animal activist groups. Each group holds different beliefs regarding animals. They also possess different methods for making changes. The ethical views and beliefs about animals fuel they way each group functions.

Animals do not have their own voices. It is our job to prevent people from harming innocent animals.

My friend and I believe that the welfare of chickens in caged enclosures is a disgrace. For our school business assignment, we have chosen to develop a free range eggs business with a purpose to educate the consumer to make moral decisions not just financial ones when choosing the food they put on their table. To show your support, please like our facebook page :smiley: You’ll find us on facebook under Eco Eggs.

Animals kill only to eat. Preys live free in the nature before they are catch.

People raise their preys; pigs, cows, chickens… Those animals are never free or happy. They suffer whole lifetime. In this case hunting is more moral if you like to treat animals as they treat each other. Even though an elk or a rabbit does not eat meat at all, so people should not eat them. People should only eat predators.

Very nice topic. thanks for sharing. learn a lot.