Why has no one considered this vegan product?


I’m currently thinking of a hypothetical diet product that is vegan-friendly and has all the vegetables, fruits, herbs, algae, seaweed, mushrooms and other non-animal organisms that are necessary/beneficial for human health. It also contains beneficial and essential microbes [such as probiotics]. All the aforementioned are in amounts optimum for human health.

This product is completely organic and free of any pesticides, synthetic ethylene and other man-made substances that compromise the health of organisms and their human consumers. In addition, no organisms used in the product are genetically-engineered, pasteurized, or irradiated to any extent. Equally important is the soil and other conditions used to grow these organisms is healthy, organic, and free of pollutants.

All organisms used in this product are raw.

No substance in this product is altered at all. No existing substance in the product is removed. No substance, other than drinking water, is added to this product.

The product has drinking water added to it to make it easier to drink.

This product is in small health-friendly, eco-friendly bottles. Five bottles per day should be consumed. The bottles are in a package and are of different sizes. The biggest bottle should be consumed in the morning. The smallest should be consumed in the evening. In between, are bottles of different sizes. Earlier in the day, the bigger bottles should be consumed and as the day progresses the smaller bottles should be consumed. This routine follows the saying “eat breakfast link a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like a pauper” – except the food is divided into 5 smaller meals instead of 3 bigger meals. This is an extra benefit to diabetes patients who are following this hypothetical diet.

To summarize, the organisms in the product are chopped to the molecular level. Finally, good microbes and drinking water are added.

Why doesn’t anyone make this hypothetical product? It would be of great use to vegans.


Green Xenon

Interesting but… edible? What would this taste like? People don’t like to eat things that taste bad, and they don’t like to eat the same thing five times a day. People like variety, texture, flavour, presentation, etc. That is why we have chefs. :smiley: Making food is half the fun.