Why are you vegan?

By Peter Nagy, Slovak Republic
For the sake of not to feel offended or bored with the same questions and jokes, learn to give surprising answers to the question of why you are vegan:
“It was my grandmother’s last wish on her death-bed.”
“All people are vegan. Some just eat animal products still.”
“I want to get into Guinness’ Records Book with the lowest cholesterol level.”
“My doc advised me to eat this diet in order to live with this bottle of vodka and 60 cigarettes daily, you know.”
“I tried to force my dog not to beg at every meal. And I got used to this diet.”

“I am not vegan because I love animals, it’s because I HATE plants” :wink: hehe
just something my friend told me

Because I’m a zoophile!!! :tongue2:

loools :smiley:

kys, you animal toucher.

go end up like kenneth pinyan, bozo.