"Why Are You Vegan!?"

Right. As a vegan, you probably get questioned weekly, or if not daily as to why that is so. Instead of telling people your emotional reasons for being vegan (which are subjective to you) I suggest you hit them with RAW FACTS and EVIDENCE - This cannot be denied and puts people on their back leg. I find is most effective to get through to people who don’t give veganism a chance. Don’t get angry or agitated, simply provide facts as to how veganism is helping. In my experience, this is what works best. As an effort to get through to non-vegans I’ve made a spoken word video which will give you some of the most shocking facts about veganism - and an easy way to remember them as it all rhymes :wink: - So here’s the link: youtube.com/watch?v=FsYkE9oIXYU, you can also put ‘The Truth That’s Hidden VEGAN SPOKEN WORD’ into YouTube to find it :slight_smile:. I hope this helps. I’d really appreciate any support you can give this video - spread the word! :cheers:

P.S. Tell me if you agree with this method, or if you find something else works better.

how it works for me is being very confident when i explain it. :smiley:
i just shine out that no matter what they come up with they wont be able to rock my boat. what i noticed is when you shine out the right amount of confidence you can even penetrate peoples ego (if you do it not confrontational)
than you can even sneak in some moral arguments :wink:

I am vegan because, on the whole, I like to think of animals as friends, not food.

“Hooray!” – :reindeer: :bunny: :cat: :grommit: :snorting: :duckie: :fish:

Same here, I don’t feel comfortable eating animals .

I am in vegan because wants to share something about my experience which I have got in different places and for getting some suggestion.

I’m vegan because I’m convinced that it is one of the best things that you can do if you want to help save the planet. There’s just too much land being used up for feeding livestock. If the human race is going to survive into the future, then we’re going to have to learn to eat less meat — if we don’t want to start eating bugs, that is. – Yuck!!! :pukeleft:

I am vegan because I agree with the person who I quoted in my signature. I also think peace on earth begins in the kitchen.

I am vegan because I don’t want animals to suffer on my account.

I was a vegetarian all my life and became a vegan last year after I became aware of the cruelty in dairy industries.

This is cool! A Lononder goes around speaking to people across town and comes across Vegan stall called Earthlings


I don’t need to kill other living souls in order to get the nutrition I need. That’s why.

Proud to be a Vegan and loving it…

Hi Dear,
I’d love to know what you reply to people who ask you “why are you a vegetarian?”.

We are so proud to be vegans :slight_smile:

Especially when we are trying to make world better place for a living. All these thing about palm oil free products, 0 miles products or quality foods are really important for us too. If you will looking for organic vegans food or just want to visit us feel free. We are based in London (Islington)

Absolutely, I agree with you guys! Just keep doing good things for the world.

Your Mr Organic

I started a vegan lifestyle due to some health issues. And in just about 2 months, I had never felt better. It’s a little expensive lifestyle but when I look at it in the long-term, I’m saving big on the medical expenses.

I don’t think it’s possible, technically, there are bugs in fruit and so on. But it isn’t all or nothing for me. I try to make up for it by not killing bugs intentionally too.

The living example speaks louder than any other. Live your vegan life, lose the weight, become healthier, become more compassionate and it will be noticed.