whole milk substitute

Ok, so I just bought the Vitamix Pro750. I did this because I am trying to be more health conscious especially since I have children. I spoke with my stepbrother who is vegan and he was explaining to me that the reason why whole milk tastes so good is because of the fat. I’ve been trying to do done research on milk substitutes to make at home but I haven’t found the answers I’ve been looking for. So here I am. I am hoping that you can enlighten me.

I am a father of 3 children total. They are 13, 2, and 9 mo. old. I an wondering is it possible to make a vegan substitute milk with all the vitamins, minerals, and thickness that whole milk offers. If so please give me some recipes.

Looking for the same thing if anyone has a recipe :slight_smile:. Pretty much sticking with almond milk right now, but would love another alternative.