Who You Be Interested In Books Written For Vegetarians?

I’m a vegetarian writer I was looking for ideas to put together some ideas for ebooks written for vegetarians. I was thinking of exploring various topics such a natural health, environmentalism, dating/relationships, travel, etc and creating “Vegetarian Guides” some these specific areas. My question is, do you experience challenges in certain areas of your life as a vegetarian/vegan that you’d consider purchasing a book on?

Some of my ideas where…

“The Vegetarian Guide To Improving Your Sleep: How To Wake-Up Eariler and More Refreshed On A Plant-Based Diet”
“The Vegetarian Guide To Traveling Abroad: How To Order Vegetarian Meals In Other Countries”
“How To Find Your Vegetarian Soulmate: The Complete Veggie To Dating”

Any feedback would be greatly appreaticated.

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