Who Sheds a Tear?

Who sheds a tear?
I shed a tear
For all the fear, we have caused you
I have cried
Many a time
For all the hurt we have caused you

Who has wept?
I have wept
For all the souls we are taking
I have screamed
Because it seems
It’s a holocaust in the making

Who’s in despair?
I’m in despair
We torture millions of beings every day
Who really cares?
I really care
I will fight against the suffering today

Who will stand up and fight?
I will stand up and fight
For the suffering voiceless today
Who will stand for what’s right?
I will stand for what’s right
Spread the word, “There IS another way.”

For the millions who have died
Without compassion in their lives
Who sheds a tear?
I do.