Which supplement I can take after my workout?

After my workout at nearby gym, I hardly get time to even tie-up my shoe-lace. Is something there which can save my time, any post workout supplement or nutritional supplements which actually give me some energy and save my time? Any protein-shake?

To get back full on energy after workouts, you can try out some protein bars such as RiteBite protein bars along with your choice of protein-shake.

I would like to suggest you that, just avoid supplements after workout. Its better if you have some proteins and vitamins contained meals instead of workout supplements.

You need to take protein right after workout more than anything. If you have very little time you can try a protein powder. There are many such proteins available. This article could do some help: http://finalreview.hubpages.com/hub/Vegan-Protein-Powder

I think it will e the best if you concern to the experience Nutritionist. or Charles Livingston Review can also help you regarding this. http://www.reviewlization.com/fat-loss-factor-review/

Most creatine is vegan-friendly.
If you go for soy, I recommend fermented soy protein since fermented soy frees up a lot of the nutrients and and deals with the non-digestable phytic acid.

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I am relatively new to the Vegan lifestyle. I found it difficult to find Vegan companies selling things like green drink supplements or pre workout powders. I saw Ora Organic on Shark Tank and gave them a try and I am very impressed. Right now I am using a green coffee bean based pre-workout powder from Ora Organics which I am obsessed with. I like using all natural products with no garbage in it and I like to know that the products I use don’t have animal products contained. This tastes so good. So far I have only tried the Ora Organic Pre-Workout Supplement -Pomegranate & Berry Flavor. It mixes really well and is super tasty. I got it here:


Again, a protein shake that I add sugar to. Sugar after an intense workout helps the muscle fibers repair themselves faster and stabilizes your blood sugar levels. If you don’t take in any sugar post-workout, your body will convert some of the protein you are consuming and turn it into sugar anyway.

You need after you workout even more than you do before you workout.

If you NEED to spend money on a “post-workout” supp, I’ve never used any, but I hear that VPX’s N.O. Synthesize is really good. I’m sure there are plenty more out there, just look around a bit.

Different brands, for example, Vega, Ace Blend, Purition, and so on are accessible in the market. I, for one, am inclined towards Ace Blend over them basically in light of the fact that it is 100% gluten and soy free and does not have any kind of reactions. It is comprised of brown rice, French peas, ashwagandha extract, natural spinach, and tomatoes and has a complete and dynamic amino acid profile. This A grade protein includes stuff that athletes look to enhance their performance. Ace Blend is available in two flavors: 1) Raw Chocolate and 2) Green lime.