Which of these mission statements for a new app inspires you to help you raise your kids vegan?

Hi Vegan Community!

We all want to live in a more vegan world. Our vision is also for children to want to live vegan. That’s why we’re working on an app/platform to make it happen but we would really like your say.

Could you let us know which of these descriptions or ‘mission statements’ INSPIRES you most for our cause:

a) Provides guidance, a sense of inclusion and expert advice to support children on their vegan journey
b) Provides a safe place and supportive environment for children to learn more about veganism
c) Inspires children to express their veganism
d) Hmmmm, maybe something else?

The app/platform will target primary school aged kids.

All children are born vegan. Let’s raise them vegan, too, so we can live in a more vegan world.

Happy Vegan Kids