Which is safer? Zoom laser teeth whitening or home whitening

Hello friends,

How are you? Well I need opinion that, is it safer to have the zoom teeth whitening with a laser done in the dentist chair, or have the take home one where they take a mould of your teeth and give you a kit to use at home? :drunken:

My teeth are somewhat becoming yellowish…

Any suggestion or help will be appreciated. Thank you for you suggestions and opinions. :cherry:

  • Robin hood.

Try with bicarbonate soda application first.

You should really talk to your dentist about this. There are many home teeth whitening products but if you can afford it then get it done professionally by your dentist.

You can try the first time a treatment at home and see what results you have.Like you i wanted to whitening my teeth and did not know what to choose.I first tried a home treatment like alta white teeth whitening,whit very good results.
It is a very good product and easy to use,but if this is not working for you,then you can try whitening your teeth whit laser.

Dentists just want to make lots of $$$, at expense of patients.

If you do the research you’ll find there are many safe alternatives.
The main thing necessary for healthy teeth, is to have clean teeth.

First it’s best to eliminate plaque producing inputs,
such as refined sugar, tobacco, caffeine tea, coffee, chocolate
cola-soda-pop and other things with large amounts of tannins/acidity.

Then can clean the teeth, either by scraping off the plaque yourself,
or even going to a dental hygienist to do it for you.

Also it’s good to avoid anything that can interfere with tooth-remineralization
avoid any kind of flouride products as flourine can substitute calcium,
impairing the strength of teeth and reducing brain performance.

Do consume things beneficial for the teeth.
Such as sources of calcium and phosphorus.

Xylitol or wood-sugar is nature’s plaque-fighter,
it attracts bacteria, and then starves them to death.
Can be found in many fruits, vegetables, and woods.
It’s important to keep yourself alkaline, including your mouth.
Interesting abrasive foods, like apples, and unripe peaches,
can also clean your teeth while you eat them.

For hundreds perhaps thousands of years,
sailors have kept their teeth healthy,
by rubbing pine-pitch on their teeth,
spruce-sap has similar effectiveness.

Xylitol is also available in a purified form marketed as “xylosweet”,
can use it in combination with perhaps stevia to sweeten your foods/beverages.

Additionally it is best to clean your teeth, whenever you notice any plaque build-up,
this can be done either by brushing, or by using a piece of cloth to wipe it away.
The cloth can also polish or buff your teeth, helping maintain their sharpness.

I have healthy white teeth, and last time I went to a dental-hygenist, they said my teeth were already clean.