Where can I find vegan mozzarella?

Can anyone give me a list of stores that carry vegan mozzarella? I am trying to go vegan but I adore my pizza! Thank you :slight_smile:

Hello, whereabouts are you based? I’m UK-based and I buy Redwood’s ‘super-melting mozzarella’ from Holland & Barratts. It doesn’t have a very strong flavour but I use it on pizzas and it’s the best melting vegan cheese I’ve found so far which is easily available…

In the US, Daiya shredded vegan cheese is what you want for pizza. I also used vegourmet on small pizza bagels, but I forget what the conditions were to get it to melt in the oven, the bagels were mini, and less of the cheese melts easier. Vegourmet melts fine in the microwave if you want mini pizza bagels like that.

IMO, vegourmet tastes better, but Daiya is okay.