When did Veganism start?

For hundreds of thousands of years our ancestors were dedicated meat eaters. Veganism seems to want to change what humans are. When did it start?

Veganism is as old as humanity. When humans first came into this planet, we ate only fruits. Later, only evil people started meat-eating.
People think veganism officially began in the 19th century. But if you look at Hindu scriptures, some of them support veganism. Many Hindu saints were not just vegans, but they lived only on fruits and water.
I personally don’t believe in the Christian story of creation, but even it says that humans were vegans at the beginning of time. If we look at science, it says that we evolved from monkeys, which also means that we were vegans at the beginning. So, we can come to the conclusion that veganism is as old as we are.

Well hello.

People have been eating vegetables, fruits and meat, like apes. Meat-eating has increase over the decades because it is so easy to grow cattle. Animals suffer more. Also the whole planet is about to collapse. Population is growing and people run out of fresh water. There is a huge problem.

Modern people know more about health and everything then before. We know it is totally safe to become a vegan if you take B12 as a pill. It saved the planet and ends animal-abuse. Intelligent people start to be a vegetsrist. We simply do not need meat or animal products.