What's the best way skin deer?

I know this is a vegan forum. I’m interested in a vegan way of skinning a deer. Is there such a method? The only method I know of is similar to the one on youtube under “how to skin a deer the easy way”.

Thanks for your help.

(P.S. This is all brought about by my wife. She is concerned by my methods, because she is Vegan.)

Well Rhinohide, I have to say your question is an unusual one. As far as I know, there is no vegan way of skinning a deer. However, you may wish to consult the works of Brenda Davis. After all, if you’re going to skin an animal you might as well do it the vegan way. GOOD FOR YOU!

Ok I did what you said and have purchased three of her books now and there is no mention of properly skinning animals. In one of her books, she does discussing the killing of animals and how that isn’t vegan, but it doesn’t say anything about skinning them. Does this mean that skinning them is vegan but killing isn’t? I’m confused!

PS. My wife hasn’t forgotten about this.

Does anyone else have any input? Please help. My wife will not leave me alone.

The opinion that should perhaps concern you most would be that of the deer…