What would the future be like if everyone was Vegan?

This of course is hypothetical because the chances of the entire world going vegan in the future is impossible. However, if it WAS possible, what do you think would have to happen NOW?

My main concern is how politicians are affected by the beef and dairy and fast food industries. How can the world be educated to know that these industries have perpetuated the myth that consuming their products will make them healthy?

What types of activities or campaigns do you think have the most affect in turning people away from consuming and wearing animals? (slaughterhouse footage? Education about veganism? Education about the environment? Celebrity and other endorsements? Anything else?)

And what do you think the future would be like if everyone was vegan?

What would happen to all the restaurants (fast food and other?)

What would happen to the economy? What industries would disappear and which would flourish?

What would happen to the hunting industry?

What about all the people who are now employed in the business of animal slaughter? (not just slaughterhouse employees, but truck drivers, etc)

What will happen to the crime rates? Will they go down? (would people be less aggressive if they did not eat meat?)

Do you think religious / spiritual people will feel more in tune with their god or goddess or gods because they are finally not taking part in anything that kills another living being?

What do you think would happen to the health industry once people aren’t getting sick and dying from consuming all the meat and dairy?

How else would the world be affected in POSITIVE ways?

Yes there are loads of positives and also negatives…there are always both the sides to a coin.

If this will happen, We might be overpopulated… people might have longer lives… :smiley: